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Use A BabySense Monitor to Curb SIDS


Infants are a bundle of joy to every family. They need to be nurtured with love and care.

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									              Use A BabySense Monitor to Curb SIDS

Is it needed to purchase Baby Breathing Monitors?

Infants are a bundle of joy to every family. They need to be nurtured
with love and care. Someone needs to constantly be by their side. It
is common for people especially parents to have a disturbed sleep as
the babies do not sleep through the night and often need to be looked

An important aspect to look into is if the child is breathing normally.
Previously, people who generally tend to look after the baby would
often go near the child to observe his breathing. This is very
significant, but many times in the rush of work or out of tiredness the
parents forget to do this often enough or at the right time.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. So indigenous research has
now come up with a new device as an answer to the prayers of many
parents. The name of this device is the BabySense Monitor. With the
advent of science and technology, other similar devices such as
Infant Monitor and Baby Movement Monitors were also launched with
the aim to aid parents in looking after their baby.
Are Breathing Monitors for babies really useful?

Is It Necessary to purchase a Babysense Monitor?

The mere thought of “Cot Deaths” or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome) is enough to send a chill down the spine of anyone
especially the parents. Therefore it is imperative to monitor the baby
constantly. Often close monitoring also fails as the child may choke in
its sleep while the parent is blissfully unaware of the same. In such
cases, Baby Breathing Monitors have come as a boon. They are
pivotal in raising an alarm as soon as the breathing of the child
becomes abnormal or feeble. Thus timely action can be lifesaving.

Incidentally, many companies have launched their own brands of
Baby Breathing Monitors with varying services, but the underlying
fundamental remains the same. The Baby Breathing Monitor includes
a microphone to raise an alarm in the event of the baby breath to stop
for duration of more than three seconds.

Other Methods to avoid SIDS besides Babysense Monitors

Besides purchasing a Baby Breathing Monitor, here are some special
tips which you can follow to avoid SIDS.

  1. Ensure that the baby does not sleep alone
     Doctors and other professionals recommend that very small
     babies especially those who are not even six months old should
     not be allowed to sleep alone in a room. It is safest to keep the
     baby in a room where there is an adult, preferably a parent to
     monitor it. A baby does not take too well to hot weather.
  Therefore, it is vital that you check the ventilation of your room
  and ensure that the baby is comfortable.

2. Never Smoke Indoors
   If you have the urge or the habit to smoke, there is a word of
   caution. Never do smoke in the house. It is also recommended
   that you change your clothes after smoking before coming
   close to the baby.

3. Check the position of the baby while sleeping.
  Making the baby sleep on his back is the best position. Avoid
  positions which will make the baby face difficulty in breathing.
  Proper air and ventilation is very important to ensure normal

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