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The Quintessential Business Intelligence Software


The Cognos software from IBM is one of the most renowned and used business intelligence software in the world and more than 23000 firms around the globe are currently employing it.

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									The Quintessential Business Intelligence Software

Len Biel
The Quintessential Business Intelligence Software

The    Cognos software from IBM is one of the most renowned and used business
intelligence software in the world and more than 23000 firms around the globe are
currently employing it. These performance management software are ideal for cutting
costs, reducing employee workload, stream lining data, database management and
performing a variety of other functions.

Moreover, each and every department in the company can use business intelligence to
improve their functionality and each variation of the Cognos comes with different
features. Originally, the company was based in Ontario, Canada and was founded in the
year 1969.

It was acquired by IBM in 2008 and has since functioned under the same name. IBM has
retained the name and branded the software as its own since the acquisition. Some of
the different options available to you include Cognos 8, Cognos 10, Cognos Express,
Cognos Axiant 4Gl, and so on.

The Product Line

The Cognos product line is composed of more than 30 different software options.
However, Cognos is known primarily for its excellent business intelligence software. In
order to use Cognos effectively, one has to take some form of formal training. Moreover,
each department will require a specific set of skills and this can be acquired.

The Cognos 10 is an integrated product which combines the usefulness of Cognos with
other IBM products. Lotus Connect and SPSS Predictive Analysis is embedded in it.
This expands the scope of the software manifold and it is an ideal tool for business
forecasting, market analysis, and other predictive studies.

The Cognos Express is relatively new software which has been designed specifically for
medium sized firms. Basically, the Express is an extended version of the Cognos 8 with
additional features such as forecasting, budgeting, planning and so on. For smaller
firms, cost cutting and proper forecasting of sales targets and revenue targets is crucial
and this is where the software comes in handy.

 The brand consistently features as a leader in many business intelligence lists and has
won several awards in the same category. The Cognos 8 has won awards such as the
eWeek Excellence Awards in Analytics and Reporting,

Tech Target’s Search CRM product of the year award and many more. Under IBM, it
continues to be placed in Gartners Magic Quadrant for BI software.
Reducing Managerial Workload
These days most managers are over worked and employees face burn out from the
constant stress and pressure. In such a scenario, the efficiency of any manager will drop
and this can be disastrous for the company. Working long hours, especially during the
month ends can be tough. With the help of options such as Cognos Express, and
Cognos 8, managers can now reduce their stress levels and work much more efficiently.


Software related training can be obtained as per your convenience and your employees
will be all set within a few days of on the job training. The flexible schedules enable you
to work around your office timings, without interrupting the normal work routine.

The author is a business analyst who uses cognos products on a daily basis. He also
undertakes presentations and training sessions. His personal blog is filled with
interesting tips and ideas on how to use the Cognos line effectively.

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