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					                   KANSAS AIR GUARD CREDIT UNION                                                    Summer 2008

 MANY THANKS!                                                  Our Credit Union recently celebrated 50
 June is our 50th Anniversary & our success                    years of service & value today, our
 is all because of you.                                        original mission statement from June 11,
 We hope you enjoyed our banquet & special                     1958. "Not for Profit, Not for Charity,
 thanks go to Bill Nyquist, Jack Mason &                       But for Service".
 Mark Moulden, who did a great job planning                    With that in mind, make July the time to
 this special event.                                           begin a plan for upcoming holiday & year-
 We thank Howard Steanson & Tom Dearing                        end expenses.
 for their story telling abilities!                            Use the Credit Union Holiday Club
 Like our new logo? Our thanks to Tony                         account as a budget tool. Make a monthly
 DeLeon. You make us proud.                                    deposit through allotment & funds are
 Aboud's provided a wonderful meal & we                        available November 1st. Just when you
 appreciate their services.                                    need it.
 Banquet programs are still available, so let                  It's the credit union difference. We think
 us know if you want one.                                      of you - always. Just when you need it.
 It was a special evening for some very special
 people. Thanks for coming!                                    Joe Montgomery, Board Member

                                   HOW TO SAVE $1.11 A DAY
We live with the daily need to be more frugal. Everything costs more. What else can be done?
Bring your vehicle loan to KSAGCU. Here's why:
Last year 7% was a good loan rate offered by other lenders, on a 2005 vehicle. Refinance with us & get a rate of
4.98%. Your interest savings is $1.11 A DAY! $405 A YEAR! A months supply of gas - FREE!
Just like looking for the best gas price, the smart shopper looks for the best loan rate. KSAGCU loan rates are
listed on the other side. How much could you save?
Other high interest debt? Let us pay that off with the equity in your vehicle. No equity? A minimum 645 credit
score qualifies you for a 125% loan. Be a smart shopper: lower interest = lower debt!
Please come in. We'll work out a viable solution which will SAVE YOU MONEY & that's a very good thing!

 Yet another publication recommends trying a Credit Union
 MADISON, Wis. (5/8/08)--A May 7 article in Investopedia , published by Forbes, recommends that
 consumers who are frustrated with banks should look at credit unions for their financial needs.
 In the article, "Tired of Banks? Try a Credit Union," Certified Financial Planner Mark P. Cussen writes about
 the alternative value of credit unions.
 "Many bank customers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the litany of fees their banks are charging, as
 well as the difficulties often associated with obtaining a loan," Cussen wrote. "Credit unions represent an
 alternative to banks and possible solutions to common complaints about traditional banking institutions."
 Cussen also explains what credit unions are, their history, their regulatory apparatus and environment, the
 credit union philosophy, and how credit unions have higher savings rates, lower fees and better service than
article from Credit Union National Association News Now Publication
  The Credit Union difference is REAL. Please continue to Grow Your Credit Union with loans, savings &
                                     new member REFERRALS.
                               EFFECTIVE 5-15-2008
        YEAR         TERM         CREDIT SCORE OF > 690          689 - 645     644 - 601       < 600
        2008        60 MONTHS                         4.98          5.23           7.98        10.48
        2007        60 MONTHS                         4.98          5.23           8.08        10.58
        2006        60 MONTHS                         4.98          5.23           8.13        10.68
        2005        60 MONTHS                         5.24          5.49           8.24        10.74
        2005        48 MONTHS                         4.98          5.23           7.98        10.48
        2004        48 MONTHS                         5.24          5.49           8.24        10.74
        2003        48 MONTHS                         5.24          5.49           8.24        10.74
        2002        36 MONTHS                         5.24          5.49           8.24        10.74
       < 2001       36 MONTHS                         6.98          7.23           9.98        12.48
Appliance / Electronics*                              8.75         11.75          13.75        15.75
Signature                                             9.75         12.75         14.75         16.75
Share or CD Secured - 2.25 above earning rate of deposit
Home Equity**       5.00 variable 80% LTV or 6.00 variable 90% LTV
Finance < 80% = .25% rate reduction                    1 Yr Shorter Term = .25% rate reduction
Non - Titled / Purchase = add 1.00%                   **WSJP & WSJP + 1.00%, 645 min score required
*New & 2 Yr Maximum Term with $500 Minimum & $2000 Maximum

CREDIT UNION                                                                       KSAGCU
MORTGAGE                                                                           HOME EQUITY
SERVICES                                                                           LOAN
Located at 1080 SW Wanamaker,                                                      Using your home to borrow
is our partner in mortgage lending.                                                for home improvements has it's
Call Andy Homewood 273-9333.                                                       advantages. The interest may
He will prequalify you for a VA                                                    be tax deductible* & the
or conventional loan.                                                              improvements will increase the
Questions before you call him?                                                     value of your home. That's a
We have experience in mortgage                                                     wise investment.
lending & can answer those                                                         A home equity loan can be
questions.                                                                         used to fulfill many needs.
Please come in or call us!                                                         Call us & we'll help figure out
Credit Union Mortgage Services                                                     what's best for you!
interest rates are at                                              *Please consult your tax advisor

KSAGCU Board                                                  KSAGCU Credit Committee
Tony DeJesus, President, 861-4868                             Pete Crabtree, Chairman, 861-4129
Joe Montgomery, Vice-President, 861-4536                      Nathaniel Brown, Member, 861-4120
Teresa Fulton, Secretary, 861-4434                            Lony Lewis, Member, 861-4441
Chris Noe, Member, 861-4846                                   Leroy Wyckoff, Member, 861-4276
Lewis Shedd, Member, 861-4785
Larry Wallace, Member, 861-4610                               KSAGCU Supervisory Committee
Brian Willard, Member, 861-4805
                                                              Ashley Tremblay, Member, 861-4543
Staff                                                         Sherry Hertlein, Member, 861-4521
                                                              Mike Coffin, Member, 861-4420
Becky Razak, manager
Mattie Chiddix, assistant
Kansas Air Guard Credit Union                                            To Set Up An Allotment:
5920 SE Coyote Dr                                                        Routing # 3011-7975-3
Topeka, KS 66619                                                         Your Account Number - Savings
Ph 785-861-4093 Fax 785-861-4096
    k      @ h                                                k              d       t   ti !
                                                 - under construction!

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