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									Created by Sabine Stanley                                    -1-

Copy and paste

To copy and paste, highlight the text you want to copy. Go to Edit
and click onto copy. Now open a Word document either by –
finding the blue      on your taskbar at the bottom of the screen
or go to start, programs and Word
Once your page is open, go to edit and paste. Now you should
have your text on the page. Make sure you save it now or you
might just end up losing it. Give it a clear title like “Nose” so you
can find it again when you need it.

To save

Go to File and save as and click. In the box that comes up now,
click onto
the box next
to file name:
and make
sure it has
file name in
there that
you will be
able to find
again like

Change font style

Highlight your words, letters or paragraphs you want to change.
Now click on the
arrow next to the
Font box in your
toolbar and it will open up.
Now move your mouse down to the font
that you want and click on it. The font
you have clicked on should now appear
in the font box where previously there
was Times New Roman.
Created by Sabine Stanley                                   -2-

To spell check

There are 2 ways to spell check.

You can spell check the entire text by

Clicking on Tools and spelling and grammar and this is what you
will get

                                                   This box shows
                                                you what is spelled
                                                wrong and this
                                                shows you what
                                                the computer
                                                thinks it should be.
                                                This may not
                                                necessarily be
                                                correct because
                                                the dictionary is
                                                American and also
there may be words the computer doesn’t recognise like names
and slang. Once you have decided that the computer’s suggestion
is ok, click on the suggestion and click change. If you find that
the computer has it wrong, click ignore once

You can check individual words

by moving your mouse into the centre of the word and clicking
your right hand mouse button. This will give you a variety of
suggestions. Move your mouse on the one which is applicable and
click your left hand mouse button.

Align Text to…

These are the icons for
aligning text. As you move your mouse slowly above them they
will tell you what they are.
Created by Sabine Stanley                                     -3-

You need to highlight the text you want to change and once you
have found the Centre align box, click on it and all your text will
move to the centre

Change words to bold and Italic

Highlight the text to be changed and click on the B to change it to

Highlight the text to be changed and click on the I to change it to

Highlight the text to be changed and click on the U to change text
to underlined.

Insert page border

Go to Format and Borders and Shading -

This box is now
going to appear.
Make sure you
click on Page

Now click on the
arrow Next to
none in the Art
Created by Sabine Stanley                                     -4-

Insert Bullet points

Make sure that you have a clear line between the lines of text you
want to put into bullet points.
Highlight the text you want to put into bullet points. Click onto the
bullet points icon

        Numbered bullet points      Bullet points

You can change the appearance of your bullet points by clicking
onto Format, Bullets and Numbering

                                                     Here you click
                                                     on the one you
                                                     want to choose
                                                     and click ok
Created by Sabine Stanley                                      -5-

To insert a clipart

Click on Insert, clipart and this is what you will see on the right
hand side of your screen
In the Search text box, delete the word
in there and type in the what kind of
picture you are looking for i.e.
gardening or gnomes

Then click Search

Once you have clicked Search, it will
search for the image you are looking for.
This could take a few moments but
eventually you should then see some
pictures showing up. Decide which picture
you want and click on it. This will put the
picture onto your page. If you can’t find
what you are looking for, click on Modify at
the bottom and you will be able to start your
search again

Once you have your picture on your page,
click on the picture and you should be able
to see a new toolbox.

If you don’t have this toolbar anywhere on
your screen, go to View, toolbars and click
on picture.
Created by Sabine Stanley                                        -6-

                            Your picture will have black boxes around it
                            once you click on it. Now you need to click
                            on the square with the dog in your new
                            picture toolbar and click on the word

                           Once you have done this, the boxes will
                           change to circles. As you move your mouse
                           onto your picture, the pointer will change
                           to a cross. This means that you can click
                           and drag the image to where ever you
                           want to place it and let go. As you are
                           dragging, the picture does not move but a
                           box with a dotted line will follow your
mouse instead. This is your picture and wherever the dotted line
is, your picture will go if you let go of your mouse button.

As you move your mouse into the corner of the picture, the
pointer will change to a double arrow. This means that you can re-
size the picture if you hold your mouse button down. Again, the
picture itself will not get bugger but a dotted line box will appear
and get bigger or smaller when you move your mouse and your
picture will take on the size of the dotted line box as soon as you
let go of the mouse button.

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