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									                                     RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE

                 Notes for Guidance on the Completion of Form

This application form should be used for the recruitment of Interns into the Metropolitan Police Service.

Applicants must have completed their university course in the last 12 months, and have received a
minimum of a 2:1 class degree to be eligible for this Internship Programme.

All applicants are required to complete:
      Personal details
      Previous work experience
      Educational and professional qualifications
      Training courses attended
      Evidence of behavioural competencies
      Why they are suitable for the role

It is recommended that the applicant carefully read the Information Pack, which is provided alongside this

After reading the Information Pack the applicant should indicate one or more directorates they are
interested in working in. If they are applying for more than one position then it should be indicated the order
of preference (1= most desired).

The boxes in this form cannot be expanded. If an electronic form is being submitted Arial font should be
used, no smaller than size 10.

When completing the questions on the core competencies please refer back to the student pack for an
outline of these competencies. Examples can be from University, work, placements or other areas of life.

The applicant is then required to sign and date the application form confirming they have read the ‘Data
protection statement’ and the ‘Applicant Declaration’. If the form is being submitted via email then the typed
name and covering email is taken as confirmation that these sections have been understood.
                                          RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE
                                                                                                         Adapted Form 7305

                                                                                                    Ref. No.

                                                    Application Form
Part 1  To be completed by the applicant

Role applied for:

Surname:                                                                                   Title:


Home                                                                           Tel. No.:

                                                                               E-mail Address:


and Degree

Please refer            Talent                    Social Media(002)               Finance                  Customer
to the list of      Management(001)                                             Support(003)             Commercial(004)
in the student
pack and
order of
(1 = top              Environment               Specialist Crime(006)
choice).            Sustainability(005)

If selected for interview, please list dates to avoid for the next 3 months:

For Internal use only

Sifted to Department:                      TP                 DOR                 DPA                    HR
                                        RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE

Selected for further recruitment        YES                         NO

Please complete the table below regarding you previous work experience (paid or unpaid), beginning
with the most recent.
  Company Name                     Job Title      Start/End Date         Responsibilities
                                  RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE

Please state any educational qualifications you have gained.

* Please include your university degree mark, A-Levels and GCSE’s
                                    RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE
   School and       Qualification            Subject           Grade   Date Passed

Please also state any training courses you have attended.
                                  RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE

Please indicate how this placement will relate to your degree. Within your answer, please identify your
preferred directorate and why you want to be placed in this area of work.
* Think about relevant modules you have undertaken, what skills you believe are transferable and
what you hope to gain out of a 12 week placement.
* All evidence should be provided within the space allocated. Do not extend the box below. All typed
application forms should use Arial Font no smaller than size 10. Any evidence beyond the specified
space will be disregarded.
                                        RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE
Using the Skills Profile within Information Pack for guidance, please provide examples that best
demonstrate your ability within the following competency areas.
* All evidence should be provided within the space allocated. Do not extend the box below. All typed
application forms should use Arial Font no smaller than size 10. Any evidence beyond the
specified space will be disregarded.
Behaviour/Activity: Planning and Organising - Give an example of how good planning and organising on your part has
yielded positive outcomes. How did you prepare and prioritise? How did you identify and meet deadlines or tackle

Behaviour/Activity: Team Working – Can you give an example of a time when you worked as part of a team? What was
your role or responsibilities? What worked well or not so well? How did your actions impact the team as a whole?

Behaviour/Activity: Personal Responsibility - Give an example of how you took personal responsibility for a task or
situation that challenged you. What were the problems? How did you overcome them?
                                         RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE

Behaviour/Activity: Problem Solving – Give an example of a time when you had to use your skills, knowledge and
creative thinking to solve a problem. How did you decide on the best solution? What would you do differently next time?

Behaviour/Activity: Effective Communication – Give an example of a time when you had to use your communication
skills in a clear and concise way. How did you use language and a style of communication that was appropriate to the
situation and people being addressed? How did you make sure that others understood what is going on?
                                 RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE

Why you would like to take part in the Internships scheme and what you think you can offer the MPS?
                                     RESTRICTED WHEN COMPLETE
Data Protection
Any data relating to you will be treated in the strictest confidence. It will be held and processed in
accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. All data relating to unsuccessful candidates will be
securely retained for 12 months, after which it will be destroyed.

If you do not consent to the retention of your data for this period, you must notify the unit in writing,
with this application.

            Applicant declaration

            I confirm that the information given in my application is true and complete.

            I am aware that if I have failed to follow the application requirements, have provided
            inaccurate, false or misleading information or withheld information, this may result in
            my training contract being terminated if I have already commenced the contract. I am
            aware that if any information declared and subsequently found to be false the
            Metropolitan Police’s Talent Management Team reserves the right to withdraw my
            application if already offered an appointment.

            I state that I know of no reason in relation to my professional or ethical standards why
            I should not work with the Metropolitan Police.

            I understand that the Metropolitan Police expects the highest ethical and professional
            standards and that they will make appropriate enquiries to verify information I have
            provided. I consent to such enquiries being made.

            Signature of Applicant: _________________Date: _____

            Printed Name: ____________________________________

       Metropolitan Police (HR) retains the right to reject any application without giving a reason

Please forward your completed application via email to:

                                                                          Received via email

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