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									*Grade 1 Songs and Games

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T4M means Tools 4 Math activity.
Traditional songs are often modified
to reinforce math content.

P. 1 Ten Good Buddies (chant)
                                          P. 3

                                          Adding Tens to Two Digits (T4M)

                                          Adding Three Numbers (T4M)

                                          Adding Two Digit Numbers (T4M)

                                          P. 4 Addition Facts 2 (Game)

Abra-ca-Rabbits – (Game) find the

                                          Addition Facts to 12 (Game)

P. 2 Adding Groups of Ten ( T4M)

Adding Flowers (Song)

P. 5 Applying Addition Fact
Strategies (T4M)

Area (Game)

                                   Certain or Impossible (T4M)

Basic Facts (Game)

                                   Chicken Corral (Perimeter/Area

P. 6   Bingo (Song)

                                   Compare and Order Numbers (Game)

Bubble Telescope (Graphing Game)

                                       P. 20
P. 7
                                       Counting 1 Less, Counting 1 More,
Comparing Numbers: Greater than,
                                       Counting 10 Less, Counting 10 More
Less Than, Equal (T4M)
P. 8-19      Computation Games (All
                                       P. 21 Counting Dimes and Nickels
are “Speed Games”, increase in skill
                                       Counting Dimes, Nickels and Pennies

                                       Counting Money (Game)

p. 19 Cone Riddle (song)
                                        P. 22 Counting Peanuts (chant)

Cube Riddle (Song)

                               P. 25 Eency Weency Spider ( Song)

P. 23 Cylinder Riddle (Song)

                               Evens and Odds (Chant)

Days of the Week (T4M)

Dino Zoo Data (Game)

Expanded Form (T4M w/ place value   P. 28 Geometry (Game)

P. 26 Fact Families (T4M)

Farmer in the Dell (Song)

                                    Half-Dollar and Dollar (T4M)

                                    P. 29 Hamster Hotel

P. 27 Five and Ten Relationships

                                    Hatchin’ Fractions

                              Make a Talley Chart (T4M)

                              P. 32

                              Making 10 to Add ( T4M)

                              P. 34 Math Facts Practice (Game)

Hickory Dickory Dock (Song)

                              Musical Math (Song)
Hundreds (T4M)

P. 30 Just a Minute (Song)

                              My Mother Gave Me a Nickel (Song)

Likely or Unlikely ( T4M)

P. 31

Make a Picture Graph (T4M)

P. 35 Mystery Numbers (Song)

                               P. 36 Number Line Estimation (T4M)

                               Numbers Made with Tens (T4M)

                               Numbers to 100 (Game)

Number Jungle (Game)

                               Numbers to 12 (Game)

Number Lines (Game)

                                 P. 39 Probability Pond (Game)

                                 Properties of Plane Shapes (T4M)

P. 37 Old MacDonald Had a Farm   Quarter (T4M)
                                 P. 40

                                 Regrouping in Addition (T4M)

                                 Regrouping in Subtraction (T4M)

                                 Snowman Surplus (Game)

P. 38 Patterns

                                 Sorting (T4M)

                                 P.41 Sphere Riddle

                                  Subtraction (Game)

P. 42 Subtracting Groups of Ten
                                  Subtraction Facts to 12 (Game)

Subtracting on a Hundred Chart

                                  P. 44

                                  Telling and Writing Time to the Half
                                  Hour (T4M)

                                  Telling and Writing Time to the Hour
Subtracting Tens from Two-Digit   (T4M)
Numbers (T4M)
                                  P. 45 Temperature (T4M)
Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers
                                  Ten Little Ducks (Song)

Tens and Ones (Tools 4 Math)

Tens and Ones (Game)

                                      The Fearless Flying Fleas
                                      (measurement – Game)

P. 46    Tens Parade (Song – chant)

                                      The Purple Pizza Eaters ( Game)

The Doubles Song

                               P. 48 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

P. 47    This Old Man (Song)

                               Uncle Karl’s Cup – (Rhyme – Adding
                               by Tens)

Time (Game)

                               P. 50 Using Ten to Subtract (T4M)

                               Use Addition Facts to Subtract

                               P. 51 Using Numbers to Add (T4M)

                               Using Numbers to Subtract (T4M)

P. 52 Use Related Facts (T4M)

Understanding Addition (Game)

                                      P. 54 When Cold Winds Blow

Using Subtraction to Compare (T4M)

Using Units to Measure and Compare
Length (T4M)
                                      When Leaves Are on the Ground
P. 53                                 (Poem)

Ways to Make Numbers (T4M)

*The Games and Activities listed in
this document support the
EnVisonMATH program. The
document was created by Riverside
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