First Grade Supply List by r5ryMgN


									             2012-2013 Supply List                       4 hardback composition notebooks,
Kindergarten does not have a reading or supply list.
All necessary materials will be provided.                1 white 1” Binder with a clear plastic front cover, to
Spanish K-3 will use take home folder                    be kept in LA room for scrapbook
4th -8th notebook, suggested Spanish dictionary &        1 pocket folder for take-home
“501 Spanish Verbs” by C. Kendris, and folder            4 book sox – extra large
K-5 Chinese - folder for class                           NO Blinders or Expandables please! They do
K-8 2 boxes Kleenex, 1 Clorox Wipes                      NOT fit in our desks and end up being ruined!

1st Grade
Please have the following supplies for the first day     4th and 5th grades
of school.                                               Expandable folder (accordion style)
2 boxes of crayons (24 or less) send one in now and      NO Trappers - NO Bookbags on wheels
keep the other for later.                                10 spiral bound notebooks, WIDE Rule, please, single
Cloth Pencil Case, Sharpened Pencils                     subject. 5th grade 1 pack loose leaf notebook paper,
Safety Scissors, glue sticks 4, 2 pocket folders         1 composition style notebook (not spiral bound) with
(Label one Take-Home and leave the other blank)          letter-sized paper. This will serve as our lab
Back Pack (Please do not purchase the type with          notebook for the school year. Lab notebooks stay in
wheels)                                                  the science room.
2 book sox (Buy the size for jumbo books)                1 pack dry erase markers(math), Jumbo book sox
Please do not buy colored pencils, rulers, sharpeners,   or book covers, 1 red pen for checking, 2
pencil toppers, or markers                               highlighters, 4 blue erasable pens, 1 pink pear
                                                         eraser, glue stick, colored pencils, markers, crayons,
2nd Grade                                                pencils, scissors, zippered pencil case (no boxes),
Please send only the supplies on the list, and have      clipboard
the student’s name on all belongings.
1 soft zippered pencil bag, which remains in school
5 sharpened pencils, 1 Pink Pearl erasers                5th & 6th Grades Language Arts
1 box of 24 crayons, 1 box of 12 colored pencils         5th- Two one-subject notebooks (includes 1 each for
1 glue stick – Please keep a couple extra at home        English & Reading), pencils, 1 red pen
1 pair of scissors                                       2 thin highlighters, 2 large book cover/sox,
2 composition notebooks, one for Language Arts and       loose-leaf paper, multi-pocket organizer/expandable
one for Science (not spiral bound)                       file NO Trappers/binders
3 pocket folders labeled for subjects: Language          6th – 3 subject notebook with pocket folders (Lit.,
Arts, Take Home Folder, Holding Folder                   Eng., & Vocab.)
3 Book Sox (large/extra large)                           Pencils, 1 red pen, 1 thin highlighter, 2 large book
1 book bag or backpack (nothing on wheels)               covers/sox (Literature and Grammar), 1 small book
For Spanish – One pocket folder with a notebook          cover/sox (Vocabulary)
inside                                                   Loose-leaf paper, 1 pack 3x5 lined index cards
NO binders or Trappers, NO pencil sharpeners,            NO Trappers or Large binders please
and NO Toys.
Please send only the supplies listed above.              Science 6th-8th
Also, please keep a supply of lined paper, pencils,      1 composition style notebook with cardboard cover
and crayons at home for homework.                        (not spiral bound). This will serve as our lab
                                                         notebook for the school year. Lab notebooks stay in
3rd Grade                                                the science room. 1 book cover, 1” 3-ring binder,
1 soft zippered pencil bag,                              loose leaf filler paper, divider tabs optional
24 #2 pencils – Keep 3-4 in a pencil case at all times   8th Grade Science; In addition to above list, one
5 pink pearl erasers – keep one in pencil case at all    set 3 x 5 index cards ( approx 75 cards) and a
times                                                    simple 4-function calculator (primarily for physics-
1 box of 24 crayons                                      must include square root)
2 boxes of 12 colored pencils,                           Health 6th-8th
4 hardback composition notebooks (not spiral bound)      Durable folder, small box colored pencils
1 box colored washable markers, 1 pair of scissors
1 package of Bold dry erase markers – to be held by      Math 6th-8th Grades
teachers                                                 Pencils, pens, spiral notebooks, ruler, graph paper,
12 glue sticks – keep one in pencil case at all times,   book cover, colored pencils, markers, scissors
bring 6 in for the teachers to hold for refills. (We
really use these a lot!)                                 Social Studies 6th-8th Grades
12 inch/30 centimeter ruler                              Book sox, loose-leaf paper, 3 x 5 index cards, 5 x8
Multiplication & Division flashcards (keep at home       index cards (7th & 8th grades), pens, pencils
for practice)
Binder with loose-leaf paper and pockets for
handouts (preferred), or notebook for class notes
and folder for handouts, Report covers and poster
board as needed for projects
6th grade colored pencils or thin markers or
twistable crayons (for labeling maps)

Lang. Arts 7th & 8th Grades
Spiral notebook, loose-leaf paper, 2 folders (English
& Literature) colored markers or pencils, black/blue
pens, pencils, 3 book covers/sox , glue stick, 5 x 8
index cards
8th grade spiral notebook for Religion

Computer 4th-8th grades
A memory stick is suggested for students who wish
to store files for any class that requires computer

Religion 4th grade 1 spiral notebook

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