Supplies List Students Entering 8th Grade by hd3hIc57


									                 for Students ENTERING 8th Grade in September

             1 Plastic Expandable Organizer

             3 Small Plastic 3-Ring Binders for Science Math and Social Studies

             3 Packages College Ruled Paper with Holes

             4 Marble Composition Books (No Spiral Notebooks … Please)

             3 Pocket Folders

             1 Pencil Case

             8 Blue or Black Pens

             12 #2 Pencils

             4 Highlighters

             1 Compass

             1 Book Bag / Backpack

             7 Book Covers or Book Sox (3-4 XL Size)

             1 Memory Stick

             3 Boxes of Tissues

             2 Boxes Disinfectant Wipes

             2 Rolls Paper Towels

             1 Ream of Computer Paper for Printer at Home

             Ink for Printer at Home

Hopefully, this list will enable you to do your shopping ahead of time, and perhaps, even

find some of the items on sale. Please bring your supplies to school on the first day. The

list will also be posted to my website: Thank you for your

cooperation. Have a nice summer! - Sincerely,    Mrs. McNamara

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