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									      Washington State Arts Commission  Arts in Education Program
Roster of Teaching Artists  RENEWAL APPLICATION FORM  Deadline: April 25, 2011

Email Address                                                    Website

Primary Contact Phone:       Home      Cell    Business          Secondary Contact Phone:     Home         Cell   Business
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Home Address                                              City                      State   Zip               County

Mailing Address (if different from Home Address)          City                      State   Zip               County

What is your primary artistic discipline? (Check ONE area)
  Dance          Literary Arts           Music        Theatre               Visual Arts
List your primary area(s) of specialty within this discipline: (maximum of three)

If you work within additional artistic disciplines, check those disciplines and list areas of specialty:
    Dance          Literary Arts          Music          Theatre          Visual Arts
Area(s) of specialty:

Biographical Statement - 125 words maximum (this box will expand as you type)

Work Sample Description - 100 words maximum (this box will expand as you type)

Application Agreement
My signature below certifies that I have read and understood the application guidelines for the WSAC Roster of
Teaching Artists, and that all information contained within my application to this roster is accurate and truthful.
I understand that acceptance to the roster is neither a contract for nor a guarantee of employment, that the
roster is of limited duration, and that the Commission can eliminate an artist from the roster.

Signature of Teaching Artist (please sign in blue ink)                   Date

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      Washington State Arts Commission  Arts in Education Program
Roster of Teaching Artists  RENEWAL APPLICATION FORM  Deadline: April 25, 2011
Areas of Experience and Expertise
   Please check one of the first four columns for each item, using the following scale:
    o Level 1 = No Experience
    o Level 2 = Limited to Moderate Experience / Beginning to Moderate Level of Expertise
    o Level 3 = Significant Experience / Solid to Strong Level of Expertise / Highly Competent
    o Level 4 = Extensive Experience / Master Level Expertise / Can train others in this area
   Place a check in the final column to indicate the groups with whom you would most like to work.
   Please note that these designations will be reported on the Roster website for accepted applicants.

                                             Level    Level     Level    Level
                Category                                                               Areas of
                                               1        2         3        4
College Level
Public School
Private School
Arts Organization Programs (courses
offered through a museum, theatre, etc.)
Community School of the Arts (an
independent, extra-curricular arts school)
Community Center (i.e. YMCA, after-
school clubs, etc.)
College / University
Literacy / Reading / Writing
History / Social Studies
Other Arts Disciplines
Leading classes for Teaching Artists
Leading classes for K-12 Teachers
At Risk
Incarcerated Individuals
Special Needs / Disabilities
Hospital / Health Care Groups
English Language Learners

* Please give a more specific description of any specialized populations you’ve worked with

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      Washington State Arts Commission  Arts in Education Program
Roster of Teaching Artists  RENEWAL APPLICATION FORM  Deadline: April 25, 2011

Recent Teaching Artist Experience

Please use a simple bullet-point list to fill in the boxes below, as applicable to your work.
Include only experiences that have occurred in the last 12 months.
It is not required that you have something to add to each box, and we don’t need a
comprehensive list of everything you’ve done – a maximum of 3-4 highlights in any of the
categories that apply to you is sufficient. No narrative descriptions, please, just a listing.

Recent Teaching Artist Experience – K-12 Public Schools
(Include name of school, name of teacher, grade level(s) taught, topic(s), length of workshop)

Recent Teaching Artist Experience – Other settings: after-school, private schools, arts
organizations, prisons/hospitals, etc.
(Include setting, ages/grades taught, topic(s), length of workshop)

Experience Providing Professional Development for Classroom Teachers or Teaching Artists
(Include organization/ location, # and type of participants, topics addressed)

Recent Experience/Accomplishments as an Artist
(Include name/location/scope of exhibitions, performances, awards, etc.)

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      Washington State Arts Commission  Arts in Education Program
Roster of Teaching Artists  RENEWAL APPLICATION FORM  Deadline: April 25, 2011


Please respond to the following questions on separate sheets of paper. Your responses must be typed,
and printed on single-sided, 8½” x 11” white paper. Please use a standard, easy-to-read font in 11pt. or
larger, and leave a 1” margin on all sides of the paper. Please include your name at the top or bottom of
each page, and please begin each response with the question number or a summary of the question as a

Please use 2-3 pages to respond to the five questions below.

1. Describe your work as an individual artist. Describe the media/formats in which you most
   commonly work, and your level of mastery, experience, and/or professional success in these
   areas. What aspects of your art form are you most drawn to, and most passionate about?

2. Describe your work as a teaching artist. Explain your evolution as a teaching artist, and your
   personal philosophy regarding your approach and your purpose as a teaching artist. What age
   groups and what teaching environments are you most drawn to, and why? Has anything about
   your work as a teaching artist changed since you first applied to this roster, 3 or more years ago?

3. Why are you interested in working with K-12 public school students and teachers? Briefly describe
   one teaching artist experience you’ve had in the previous year (ideally but not necessarily in a K-
   12 school) and what were one or two key areas of success and/or challenges.

4. Elaborate on the following aspects of the lesson plan you’ve submitted with this application:
      a. What strategies did you use to engage students in experiential learning during this lesson?
          When have you found it difficult to engage students, and what did you do?
      b. How do you assess student work and how do you enable students to reflect on their own
          work or the work of their peers? How do you use the assessment results?

5. Describe and discuss one or more professional development activity* in which you participated
   within the last year. What skills or knowledge did you gain? How did it (or will it) impact your work?
   What other kinds of professional development do you want to pursue in the coming years?

* For the purposes of this discussion, “professional development activity” can be any experience pursued with
the intention of improving your work as a teaching artist, including, for example: attending a training, workshop,
or conference for teaching artists or related to arts education; taking classes to improve or expand your practice
as an individual artist; observing or assisting another professional teaching artist; or reading books or scholarly
articles related to arts education practice.

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