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Bryan County by hd3hIc57


									                              City of Richmond Hill
                            Comprehensive Plan (1993)



Economic Development

   expand its job market to accommodate the needs of its residents.
   consider the need to install a bus system to Savannah to operate at least during rush


Natural and Historic Resources

   Floodplain development
   Maintain integrity of scenic areas
   encroachment of commercial activity into the historic areas of the City.
   need to coordinate the local government’s wetland permitting program with the
     federal EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers “Section 404” program
   identify all point source and non-point source environmental pollution hazards,
     unplugged wells and other potential pollutants of groundwater recharge areas (into
     the shallow aquifer)
   adopt local remedial programs and pollution control regulations.
   examine sign controls in Richmond Hill to preserve the view quality of many of the
     historic commercial structures along Route 144.

Community Facilities

   Water supply and sewerage systems need to be upgraded to meet future population
   traffic volumes in the Richmond Hill vicinity are increasing to levels beyond the
     capabilities of the roadways.
   Overcrowded schools

Land Use

   need to continue conserving, protecting, and managing its land use resources for
     optimum public benefit.
 need to continue improving and implementing all land use control regulations.
 need to continue monitoring land development activities to ensure that compatible
   and balanced community-wide land use patterns are being maintained.

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