LSM510 startup instructions by r5ryMgN


									                                    LSM510 Meta

                            START UP INSTRUCTIONS

1.   Turn on HBO (Fluorescence) lamp. Wait for a minute for the lamp to start.

3.   Turn remote control switch to on.

4.   Start computer with silver button.

5.   Log in as “Administrator”, with no password ( press Enter or OK          when this
     window appears.) or, with password and user name set up.

6.   On the desktop, double click on “LSM510 Meta” icon to start software. For
     acquisition, select Scan New Images Mode. (Existing Images Mode is for image
     handling alone), and "Expert Mode".

7.   When the control window comes up, click the laser icon. Here, the lasers can
     be turned on that will be used. The Argon laser is turned on by first clicking
     standby, and then when it shows ready, wait for 5 minutes, and then click "on"
     and slowly bring the laser up to 50-60%. Other visible lasers can just be
     switched to on.


1.   Do not switch HBO lamp on when the computer is already on and running. The
     lamp can be switched off at any time. Wait 30 minutes after switching off to turn it
     on again (check log sheet to verify when it was last turned off).

2.   Do not turn lasers off and back on without a minimum of 30 minutes cooling time
     (check log sheet to verify when they were last turned off). It is recommended
     that if the Argon laser is to be used again within 3 hours, leave it on rather than
     going through the startup process again.

3.   Do not turn the microscope’s on-off switch off. The switch should be kept at the
     on position and the power will actually be turned on or off at the remote control

4.   Do not use immersion oil other than the ZEISS oil (others tend to precipitate).

                                 LSM510 Meta NLO
                            SHUT DOWN INSTRUCTIONS

1.    Turn HBO (fluorescence) lamp switch off (this can actually be done at any time,
      but it’s a good idea to do it at this point to avoid forgetting).

2.    Exit software. When turning off software, turn the lasers to off.

3.    Shut down Windows from the Desktop.

4.    Clean excess oil or water from lenses by gently dabbing with lens tissue.

5.    Turn remote control switch to off after the fan on the Argon laser stops.

6.    Cover the microscope with the blue cover to protect from dust.

Power arrangement:

In case of a power outage, go through the shut down sequence to avoid a power surge
when power is restored.

Contact Information:
Mr. Rob Mihalik:
   Cell phone:    239-269-3477
   Voice mail:    800-543-1033 x 7009

Zeiss Hotline:      914-681-7320

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