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									                                 Guide to Exhibitors

A.   Timetable of installation, exhibition and withdrawal
                                           Time for           Exhibition
                   Period                                                               Accessible to
                                        Exhibitor Entry     Opening Hours
                             Feb 1
                                              08:00           08:00—17:00      Decorating firms and exhibitors
                             Feb 2
      Preparation                             08:00           08:00—17:00      Decorating firms and exhibitors
                             Feb 3
                                              08:00           08:00—17:00      Decorating firms and exhibitors
                             Feb 4                                             Hall 1: Professionals
                                              09:00           10:00—18:00
                       (Wednesday)                                             Hall 2, Hall 3: General public
                             Feb 5
                                              09:30           10:00—18:00      General public
                             Feb 6
                                              09:30           10:00—22:00      General public
                             Feb 7
                                              09:30           10:00—22:00      General public
                             Feb 8
                                              09:30           10:00—22:00      General public
                             Feb 9
                                              09:30           10:00—18:00      General public
         Pre-                Feb 9
                                                              18:30—24:00      Decorating firms and exhibitors
      withdrawal         (Monday)
                            Feb 10
      Withdrawal                                              24:00—02:00      Decorating firms and exhibitors

B.   Rules and regulations:
     I.       Overtime
              Under no circumstances shall an Exhibitor work overtime. TWTC will disconnect light and
              power supply at the exact closing time. All Exhibitors are required to finish job by that hour.
              In case of overtime, any expenses occurred shall be responsible by the violator.

     II.      Vehicle control
          1. During the six-day exhibition period (February 4-9, 2009), there will be traffic control on the
             Shifu Road, Songshou Road, and Songzhi Road. Any vehicle that needs to gain access to the
             Site shall show the “Exhibitor’s Pass,” otherwise will be asked to detour.
          2. During the installation/withdrawal period, all vehicles must enter the Site through the designated
             entrances of the respective zones. (Please see the floor plan in the attachment.)
          3. All vehicles shall leave the Site within one hour after entrance to ensure traffic flow. The
             Management will register the license plate and time of entrance of the vehicle and collect
             NT$1,000 as a security deposit. Such fee is fully refundable shall the vehicle leave the
             premises on time. Vehicles that have parked for over one hour will be charged an hourly
             parking rate of NT$200, and it will be deducted from the deposit.
          4. For vehicle loading during the Exhibition period, please use the B2 Unloading Zone on Shifu
             Road. Each vehicle will be charged a NT$500 security deposit (NT$2,000 for a container
             truck). Maximum standing limit is 1 hour in case of a truck, 30 minutes in case of a van and
             20 minutes in case of a compact car. Overdue standing shall be subject to forfeiture of the
             security deposit.
     III.     Nameplate of the booth
              In accordance to the Terms and Regulation 12.1, the Foundation will produce a standard
              nameplate that carries your company name in Chinese/ English with the booth number. The
              nameplate will be posted on the side panel and, attached vertically to the passageway.

     IV.     Construction at booth
          1. Booths shall not exceed 2.5 meters in height. Billboards of corporate/ exhibition titles may
             be up to a maximum of 4 meters tall (In Hall 3, billboards shall not be exceeding 2.5 meters
             in height).
          2. Official permission from the Foundation in advance shall be obtained for construction higher
             than the standard.
          3. The height limit must be pursuant to TWTC’s guidelines for construction, All Exhibitors are
             advised to remind designated decorating contractors to inspect measurements on the site
             for more accuracy.

     V.       Waste cleaning
          1. All waste shall be cleaned and moved out of the Site on a daily basis. Please do not place in
             the passageway to avoid jeopardizing traffic and safety.
          2. Exhibitors shall withdraw and clean away all exhibits and decorating materials within the
             specified time limit. The Foundation assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen materials.
          3. Any objects left on the Site will be considered waste and will be cleaned away by the
             Foundation. The Foundation will photograph it as evidence and charge to the Exhibitor for
             such cleaning expense. Should an Exhibitor fail to pay, the fee will be deducted directly from
             the Exhibitor’s security deposit.

     VI.      Time for withdrawal
          1. During the six-day exhibition, Exhibitors are prohibited to close booth ahead of schedule.
             The Foundation assumes no responsibility of missing objects under such circumstances.
          2. Exhibitors may start taking down exhibits for withdrawal at 17:00, February 9, 2008
             (excludes decorating materials of the booth), but should not start the actual withdrawal until
             18:30. TWTC will disconnect power supply at the given time.

     VII.     Passes
          1. Throughout the exhibition period, all staff shall wear the official pass bearing the staff’s
             name. Anyone without the badge is prohibited from participating in any sales or service
             behavior on the Site. Any offender of such regulation will be expelled from the Site by the
             Foundation’s authority.
          2. Four passes will be issued for each booth. If you need more passes for additional staff,
             please file the “Provisional Work Permit” application to the Foundation. Each exhibiting
             company will be given no more than four Provisional Work Permits per day.
          3. The pass is valid only from February 1 to 10, 2008.

C.   Online registration
     Exhibitors are advised to take the initiative to use the Exhibitor’s ID and Password and to register in
     the official website of the Fair: Registration deadlines are listed as below:
     I.       Company data
              Please fill out the Exhibitor’s company data for the “Exhibitors’ Catalogue” in print. All
              Exhibitors are advised to complete such registration by December 10, 2008. Any late
              register will not be accepted.
     II.      Copyright related data

              This function allows you to upload information on books for online promotion. Please fill out
              the book title, summary of contents, authors and any relevant information for copyright
              sales no later than January 16, 2009.
     III.     Your on-site activities:
              It is a good opportunity to publicize your on-site activities online to the interested public.
              Please fill out the event title, time and place, event description, and such relevant
              information no later than January 16, 2008.

D.    On-site Service:
     I.       Information Center (Hall 1 facing Xinyi Road; Hall 2 facing Songlian Road; Hall 3
              facing Songshou Road)
          1. Chinese/ English consultation service for all Exhibitors concerning the Exhibition.
          2. Six-day multi-entry passes for publishing professionals. The pass exchange service is only
             available during 10:00-18:00 on February 4, 2009 at the Information Center in Hall 1.
          3. Special ticketing service for the elderly and the impaired.
          4. Consulting service from the Fair’s official contractor.

     II.      Publishers’ Corner (Hall 1)
          1. Rights Center: To serve domestic and foreign Exhibitors’ need of copyright talks. (For
             further information, please contact Ms. Michelle Tu of the International Division of the
             Foundation, E-mail:
          2. Information Center: Copyright sales updates, consultation, copyright table reservation, etc.
          3. Business Center: To provide Xerox, fax, Internet access and phone service, etc.

     III.     Press Center (Halls 1, 2, 3)
          1. To provide related news concerning the Exhibition, updates of Exhibitors’ activities, and
             assist in the arrangement for interviews.
          2. The center is equipped with desks, computers, Internet access, fax and phone service for
             the convenience of the press.

     IV.      Foundation’s Office/ Medical Center
              TWTC Hall 1: Beside the Information Center at Xinyi Road Exhibition Entrance.
              TWTC Hall 2: Beside the Information Center at Songlian Road Exhibition Entrance.
              TWTC Hall 3: Beside the Information Center at Songshou Road Exhibition Entrance.

E.    Peripheral services

     I.       Banking service
          1. Banks and post offices are located at the Xinyi Road entrance of Hall 1, and the TWTC Plaza
             of the World Trade Building on Keelung Road.
          2. ATM machines are also available on the both sides of Hall 2’s entrance, and the Songshou
             Road entrance of Hall 3.

     II.      Food & drink service
          1. Sandwich venders and vending machines for soft drinks are available in both Hall I and Hall
             2. A convenient store and restaurants are also available on the second floor of Hall 1.
          2. Restaurants are located on the second floor of Hall 1, and the second floor of Taipei
             International Conference Center.

          3.    A simple snack bar is located on the first floor of Hall 3.

     III.      Transportation
          1. Free shuttle bus is provided between TWTC Halls 1, 2, 3 and MRT’s Taipei City Hall Station at
             a 8~10 minute interval at peak hours and a 10-15 minute interval at regular hours.
          2. Parking: parking lot is located next to TWTC Hall 2.      Also parking spaces are available in the
             underground parking garage of Taipei City Hall.

     IV.       Courier service
               Courier services are provided in TWTC Halls 1, 2, 3.

F.    Printed materials

     I.        Exhibitors Directory
               Provide brief introduction to domestic and foreign Exhibitors and general information on the

     II.       TIBE Visitor’s Guide
               Introduction to the Exhibition, reports on special topics, floor plans, and program of activities
               in each exhibition hall during the Exhibition.

     III.      TIBE Visitor’s Map
               Floor plans, along with listing of activities during the Exhibition in each exhibition hall.

     IV.       Bulletin for TIBE
               Provide the schedule of events in every hall and the daily report about activities from every


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