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									Exhibitor Company Name          VINCENT SHEPPARD

Long Point Exhibiting Site

Permanent display or Just For   PERMANENT DISPLAY
Long Point

Exhibitor Contact Address       IJZEREN BAREEL – INDUSTRIEPARK 5
                                8587 SPIERE

Exhibitor location Postcode
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Exhibitor Contact Tel           0032 56 46.11.11

Exhibitor Contact E Mail

Exhibitor Contact Person        Greg Littlewood mob . 07841 817 707

Summary of Company              Vincent Sheppard is a modern company producing the finest Lloyd
Product / Services              Loom furniture. With a nod to the past and its traditions but with
                                its feet firmly in the twenty first century we strive to be the best at
                                what we do. Vincent Sheppard is totally vertically integrated and
                                one of the world’s leading Lloyd Loom producers. Headquartered
                                in Belgium with the main manufacturing in Java at Vincent
                                Sheppard Indonesia, where 350 skilled workers hand make our
                                furniture on a state of the art 25.000 sqm site, with the furniture
                                being exported to over forty countries.

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