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									                                            Exhibitor Prospectus
                                                    April 29th 2011
                                             Earle Brown Heritage Center
                                              Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Exhibit Agenda
Show Hours:                            Set-up                                  Tear Down
7:30am-3:00pm                          7:00am-7:30am                           3:00pm-4:00pm

Booth rental includes:
    Event registration for one staff member from your organization
    Standard 8’ x 2.5’ skirted table with two chairs
    A listing of names, titles and addresses of all participants at the conference
    The opportunity for the event registered staff member to attend educational programs and social events
        (including lunch) for no additional cost

Booth Price
Non-Profit or For Profit Organizations/Agencies

Premier Placement      Early bird rate $500.00 (before March 5th 2011)
                       Regular rate    $590.00 (after March 5th 2011)

Preferred Placement    Early bird rate $ 360.00 (before March 5, 2011)
                       Regular rate $ 450.00 (after March 5, 2011)

Deluxe Placement       Early bird rate $ 260.00 (before March 5, 2011)
                       Regular rate $ 340.00 (after March 5, 2011)

Standard Placement     Early bird rate $ 155.00 (before March 5, 2011)
                       Regular rate $ 230.00 (after March 5, 2011)

Conference Sponsor                                     Exhibit Location
Minnesota Gerontological Society                       Earle Brown Heritage Center
PO Box 24562                                           6155 Earle Brown Drive
Mpls, MN 55424-0562                                    Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 55430
Phone: 952-829-5937x3                                  763-569-6300
E-mail: mgs@mngero.org

Payment Options:
Checks made payable to: Minnesota Gerontological Society or MGS and mailed to: Lyn Schroeder, MGS
Operations Support, PO Box 24562, Mpls., MN 55424-0562.
Purchase orders: send to above address
Credit Card online only at: www.mngero.org
                                                             Exhibit Rules and Regulations

1. Booth Space                                                                  and all claims and demands on account of any injury, death or damage to
All booth requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis          property which occurs in or upon the exhibitor’s booth space or because of
determined by date of receipt of contract and $75 deposit or full               the acts of the exhibitor or her/his employees, servants, agents, licensees or
payment. No telephone reservations will be accepted. MGS                        contractors, and the exhibitor agrees to and shall indemnify and hold
reserves the right to restrict entrance into the conference of any              harmless MGS from and against any and all liability, claims or demands that
exhibitor that it deems is not in the best interest of the event as a           may arise from or be asserted in connection with the forgoing undertakings
whole.                                                                          and responsibilities of the exhibitor.

2. Booth Fees and Cancellation Policy                                           Neither MGS, its service contractors, the management of the Earle Brown
No booth space will be reserved without a $75 deposit or full payment           Heritage Center, their agents, servants, contractors or employees are or
of a booth. If exhibitor cancels reserved space before March 1, 2011 a          shall be liable for injuries to any person or for damage to property owned or
full refund will be given. If exhibitor cancels reserved space after March      controlled by the exhibitor, unless caused by or resulting from negligence of
1, 2011 and before March 15, 2011 the $75 deposit will be retained by           MGS, its service contractors or the management of the Earle Brown
MGS. If reserved space is canceled after March 15, 2011, all monies             Heritage Center.
paid will be retained by MGS. Checks should be made payable to:
Minnesota Gerontological Society or MGS and should be mailed to:                In case any part of the exhibit hall is destroyed or damaged, preventing
Lyn Schroeder at PO Box 24562, Mpls, MN 55424-0562.                             MGS from permitting an exhibitor to occupy space during any part of the
                                                                                whole of the exhibition period, or in case occupation of space during any
3. Subletting of Space                                                          part of the whole of the exhibition period is prevented by strikes, acts of God
Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or apportion to others the whole or           (including weather), nation emergency or other cause only for the period
any part of the space allotted, and may not advertise or display goods          space was or could have been occupied by the exhibitor, the exhibitor herby
or services other than those manufactured or sold by them in the                waives any claim against MGS, its directors, officers, agents or employees
regular course of their business. Any exhibiting company violating this         for losses or damages that may arise in consequence of such liability to
rule will be asked to correct the violation or will forfeit their booth space   occupy space.
without any refund of monies paid whatsoever.
                                                                                8. Special Visual and Sound Effects
4. Care of Exhibit Space                                                        Audio visual, other sound/attention getting devices and effects will be
Exhibitor shall be fully responsible to pay for any and all damages to          permitted only in those locations and such intensity as in the opinion of
property owned by MGS and/orEarle Brown Heritage Center, its                    MGS do not interfere with the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Exhibitors
owners or managers, which results from any act or omission of                   are responsible for paying any licensing fees for music played in their booth
exhibitor. Exhibitor agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless              that is not in the public domain. Operational equipment demonstrated may
MGS and theEarle Brown Heritage Center, its owners, managers,                   not create noise levels of objectionable to neighboring exhibitors.
officers or directors, agents, employees, subsidiaries and affiliates
from any damages or charges resulting from exhibitor’s use of                   9. Other Activities
property. Exhibitors liability shall include all losses, costs, damages or      All activities of each exhibitor must be confined to the exhibitor’s allotted
expenses arising from or out of or by reason of any accident or bodily          space. If food samples are to be distributed, MGS asks that you provide
injury or other occurrences to any person or persons, including the             “trial” size portions to reduce the possibility to spills and littering in
exhibitor, its agents, employees, and business invitees which arise             surrounding vendor booths. No liquor is to be served on the exhibit floor by
from or out of the exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition              any exhibiting company or representative.
premises, the Center or any part thereof.
                                                                                10. Violations
5. Exhibitor’s Representatives                                                  Violations of any of these regulations on the part of the exhibitor or the
Each exhibitor must provide a representative(s) within the exhibit              employees or agents of the exhibitor shall, at the option of MGS, annul the
space during the open hours of the exhibits. All representatives                right to occupy space and/or be fined, and such exhibitor shall forfeit to
must appear on the company’s official payroll and must wear a                   MGS all monies paid.
badge and be in attendance during scheduled hours. MGS expects all
representatives to provide a professional atmosphere, helping                   Upon evidence of a violation, MGS may re-enter and take possession of the
participants see and understand the exhibitor’s products and/or                 space occupied by the exhibitor may remove all persons any goods at the
services. MGS allows each exhibitor one (1) representative to staff             exhibitor’s risk. The exhibitor shall pay all such expenses and all damages
their booth.                                                                    that MGS may incur and shall for forfeit all monies paid or due MGS on
                                                                                account thereof. The exhibitor waives any right to service or written notice of
6. Attendance                                                                   MGS’s intention to terminate this agreement and repossess space occupied
The exhibit is limited to individuals, business firms, manufacturers and        by the exhibitor.
dealers who have contracted and paid for the reserved space or who
are conference sponsors. Representatives of non-exhibiting firms will           11. General
not be admitted to the exhibit floor or conference site without payment         All matters and questions not covered by the regulations are subject to the
in full of the exhibit fee by their firm.                                       decision of MGS. These regulations may be amended at any time by MGS,
                                                                                and all amendments shall be equally binding on all parties affected by them,
7. Liability, Security and Cancellation                                         as are the original regulations. In the event of any amendment or additions
Each exhibitor must make provisions for the safeguarding of goods,              to these regulations, written notice will be given by MGS to such exhibitors
materials, equipment and display at all times.                                  as may be affected by them.
The exhibitor must surrender space occupied in the same condition it
was at the time of occupation. To the extent permitted by law, the
exhibitor is responsible for all damage to the exhibit hall and for any
                                                       Exhibitor Registration Form
                                                      Minnesota Gerontological Society
                                                          Friday, April 29th, 2011

Please print or type



City______________________________                               State________ Zip Code_________________

Contact Name_______________________________________________________________________

Phone number___________________ Email address ________________________________________________

Please indicate booth size selected:

Premier __          Preferred __          Deluxe __        Standard __          Total Cost: Before March 5 th________ After________

Please include a brief description of the products and/or services that your organization offers: (use a separate sheet of
paper if necessary).

For name badge purposes

Name of employee staffing booth:_______________________________________________________


Special Dietary Needs (one lunch is included with exhibit registration). Please check one:
       None                                                       Diabetic
       Vegetarian                                                 Other—Specify:___________________________________

Detach the above portion and return to:
Minnesota Gerontological Society                                                               Tentative Conference Agenda
PO Box 24562                                                                           7:30-8:15       Registration and Exhibits
Minneapolis, MN 55424-0562                                                              8:15-9:45      Welcome and Keynote Speaker
                                                                                      9:45-10:15       Break and Exhibits
Payment Options:                                                                     10:15-12:15       Concurrent Sessions
Checks payable to: Minnesota Gerontological Society                                   12:30-1:00       Lunch, awards and Speaker
Purchase orders – send to address above                                                1:00-2:15       Dessert, Poster sessions and
Credit Cards Online only at: www.mngero.org                                                            Exhibits
                                                                                        2:15-3:15      Concurrent Sessions

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