Turnpike Gallery Exhibitions by q4U295


									Main Gallery Application Form
1. Contact Details

       Contact Name:



  Telephone Number:


2. Your Proposal
i) Applications for the Main Gallery programme will be assessed on the content and quality of the
artwork and will also need to demonstrate how they meet the strategic objectives of the Turnpike
Gallery as set out in the Exhibitions Policy. In the box below please explain how the exhibition you
are proposing will meet these objectives.
ii) Please describe in more detail the content of the exhibition you are proposing including the
type(s) of work you would like to exhibit (e.g. paintings, drawings, sculptures, film, etc); the number
of pieces you would like to exhibit; and the sizes of the pieces (where applicable).

3. Supporting Material
Please include the following items with your completed Application Form:

                      10-15 images of your work on disk, photographs or colour copies only
                       (please do not send images via email)
                      An up-to-date CV including past exhibitions
                      Copies of any catalogues of your work
                      Copies of any press features or reviews of your work
                      Your web address (if applicable) and links to any other relevant websites

4. What next?
Please send your completed application form and supporting material to:

                       Visual Arts Officer
                       Turnpike Gallery
                       Civic Square
                       WN7 1EB

Applications are received all year round and are assessed on a quarterly basis. The deadlines for
submissions in 2012-13 are

                       30 June 2012 (selection meeting on 3 July)
                       30 September 2012 (selection meeting on 2 October)
                       30 December 2012 (selection meeting on 4 January)
                       30 March 2013 (selection meeting on 4 April)

You will be contacted within 10 working days of the selection meeting and provided with feedback
from the meeting. If your application is unsuccessful your supporting material will be returned to you.

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