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									Dear Sir,

Town and Country Art League is proud to present our new TCAL Mentoring Program designed to help students
pursuing a career in the arts. We believe this is a great opportunity for young artists to learn about the artist
community, various mediums and techniques through the eyes of seasoned professionals to help students
flourish and grow into the best artists they can be.

Town and Country Art League has been a respected art group for over 36 years in our community. We are a
not-for-profit corporation and promote all artists’ interest and growth of its members. We also provide the
means for mutual improvement in the fine arts through demonstrations, workshops and exhibits, while
contributing to the culture of the community. Everyone is welcome to share in our creative endeavors,
especially individuals who want to grow as an artist, expand their minds’ and experience different aspects of art.

                                      Student Member Benefits include:

-      Artistic Scholarship of Excellence Award $500. We will choose the person whom we deem displays the
       most potential, talent, drive and artist integrity.
-      Reduced Student Rate of only $20 per year
-      Monthly meetings, demonstration of various mediums and critiques by professionals.
-      A means to network, learn new techniques and ask fellow members questions.
-      Hands on workshops, field trips, plein-air painting and paint-outs.
-      Members artwork critiques and exhibition opportunities. We currently have numerous different venues
       to display our work. We are seeking for more places to show our members artwork to local community.
-      Mentor program. Each student will be assigned to a TCAL member in his/her field. The mentor will
       help the student with any art questions and pass along their extensive knowledge of relative information.

Meetings are the 1st Wednesday of every month. A tentative schedule for our 2009 group includes: Mixed
Media, Oils, Professional Critique, Pastel, Photography and Watercolors.

Town and Country has numerous advantages, including a mentor program, reduced student rates, Artistic
Scholarship of Excellence Award, a group of knowledgeable artists, the perfect compliment to any resume and
so much more. If you would like to become a member or would like additional information about Town and
Country Art League please call Cari at 708/ 254-0920 or check out our website.


Cari Lynn Kennedy
Town and Country Art League

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