Present:        Mark Overton (Management Lead, Bettina Rigg (Lay Lead), Kate
                Devlin (Co-ordinator), Dorcas Cowan (Shadow Co-ordinator)


1.       Actions arising from last meeting (12 June 2009) not covered elsewhere on
     -   KD to liaise with E&D Groups and NH re their views on what should be
         included in student targets – KD to ensure this is included on agenda for next
         E&D Groups meetings during November.

     -   AM to meet with MO to discuss how to involve senior management decision-
         making processes in EIA process – AM and MO had a very productive
         meeting. AM to work closely with Gillian Weale on this issue and submit paper
         to VCEG.

     -   Approval of revised employment target for female professors as suggested by
         Russell Seal to be sought from Stephen Cooper – revised employment target
         for female professors agreed (percentage of female professors to be within the
         upper quartile of the Top Ten Comparator Group).

     -   Consider actions required in preparation for Equality Bill – agreed that although
         the Bill may not now be passed, it may still be useful to identify examples of
         good practice which we can adopt.

2.       E&D Annual Operating Plan (first draft circulated with agenda):-
     -   DC circulated a second draft of the AOP incorporating amendments suggested
         by PK and CG. Further minor amendments were agreed (Action: DC to confirm
         final version with CG).

     -   Reporting & Data gathering: Incidents of Discrimination & Harassment
         It was reported that new Harassment Advisors have been recruited and trained
         for ‘09/’10 and new promotional material has been published.

     -   E&D Employment and Student Targets
         It was reported that focus groups are due to be held during October to agree a
         strategy for progressing the employment targets. With regards student targets,
         initial meetings have been held between KD and the Planning Team.

     -   Implementation of Equality Impact Assessment process
         It was reported that the pilot scheme is currently underway within the Exeter
         campuses (Action: KD to investigate opportunities for conducting pilot within
         Cornwall). Timescales for this target as detailed within the Annual Operating
         Plan to be reviewed with a view to bringing them forward if possible (Action:
         MO to meet with AM to review dates).

     -   Implementation of E&D Communications Strategy
         It was agreed that ‘Events’ e.g. Black History Month, Exeter Respect Festival,
         etc should be included within this target.

     -   Establish coherent strategy around social class of students
         Further work is required in this area (Action: MO to discuss with Emma

     -   Internationalisation
         (Action: KD to meet with Sean Curtis (new Director of International Exeter) and
         discuss ways to ensure ‘joined up’ working).

3.       E&D Employment Targets Update (report circulated with agenda):-
         This report provided an update on the University’s current position in terms of
         the new E&D employment targets and the HESA data for ‘07/’08 (obtained from
         HESA July 2009).

4.       Equal Pay Audit 2009 (paper circulated prior to meeting):-
         It was noted that one of the key issues this report highlights is the number of
         female staff at senior grades, notably within Grade H which has half as many
         females as males. This paper is due to be considered by the HR Dual
         Assurance Partnership at their next meeting, at which BR will raise this
         particular issue.

5.       “One World” event (Emma Thomson visit):-
         A draft timetable of events during Emma Thomson’s visit was circulated The
         timetable is still to be confirmed, but currently includes drama workshops,
         student discussions, creative writing sessions, etc (Action: KD to advise BR of
         agreed timetable once confirmed). It was reported that KD and Sam Miles will
         meet with Sarah Hoyle next week to discuss press and PR for the event.


        DC to incorporate final amendments and confirm final version of E&D Annual
         Operating Plan with Cate Gleed.

        KD to investigate opportunities for conducting Equality Impact Assessment
         pilot within Cornwall.

        MO to meet with AM to review timescales for implementing Equality Impact
         Assessment process as outlined on the E&D Annual Operating Plan.

        MO to discuss the development of a strategy around social class of students
         with Emma Stephenson.

        KD to meet with Sean Curtis (new Director of International Exeter) and
         discuss ways to ensure ‘joined up’ working between both teams.

NEXT MEETING: 7 December 2009

Dorcas Cowan
Personnel Policies Officer
October 2009

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