FITT PRINCIPLE

(F)requency- how often you work out.

(I)ntensity- how hard you work out.

(T)ime- how long you work out

(T)ype- what kind of workout.

            The Components of Health-Related Fitness

1. Cardio-respiratory Fitness
           The ability of the heart, vascular system and lungs to sustain
           work effectively under stress

2. Muscular Strength
           The ability of a muscle or group of muscles to exert maximal
           force against a resistance

3. Muscular Endurance
            The ability of a muscle or group of muscles to exert force over
            a period of time against a resistance less than the maximum an
            individual can move

4. Flexibility
             The ability of a joint and the muscles and tendons surrounding
             it to move freely and comfortably through its intended range of
             motion (ROM)

5. Body Composition
          The ratio of lean body mass (all tissues fat, such as bone,
          muscle, organs) to body fat, usually expressed in terms of
          percent body fat.
                       Health Triangle\Wellness Information

1. Health: a combination of physical, mental\emotional, and social health.

2. Wellness: Actively taking part in keeping healthy. Doing things to promote physical,
mental, and social health.

                            Health Triangle Information

   1. Physical Health
         a. Staying active and exercising most days of the week.
         b. Eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients.
         c. Getting adequate sleep, 8 hours a day.

   2. Mental\Emotional
        a. Being able to express your feelings and needs.
        b. Having a healthy outlet to reduce stress (example, exercising).
        c. Taking time to learn new things, exercising your brain.

   3. Social
         a. Being an honest, trustworthy friend.
         b. Placing importance in family, and spending time with them.
         c. Balancing social life with the other two aspects of health (physical and
             mental health).

                             Components of a Workout

   1. Warm up-gradually warming up the muscles and cardiovascular system,
      preparing yourself for vigorous excersise. 5-10 minutes

   2. Exercise Phase-a series of vigorous exercise designed to strengthen your cardio-
      respiratory system and muscular system. 30-60minutes.

   3. Cool-down—Gradually tapering off from exercise phase, including walking,
   stretching exercises, etc. 5-10 minutes

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