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									Day 1                  Day 2                Day 3               5:00 warmup              Day 5     Day 6
Warmup run 10:00 /                          5:00 warmup jog     stretch                  5:00
stretch                Run 1 mile/stretch   stretch                                      warmup
                                                                Run 2 miles              stretch
                                                                                                   Run 2.5
Pullups 2,4,6,8,10 -   Special USNA         3-4 mile timed
stretch legs to prep   Summer Seminar       run                                                    miles
for run in between     Workout this AM                          Repeat 3 times
sets.                                       Swim workout:                                mile
                                                                Pullups - max                      Obstacle
                       Pushups:                                 TRX atomic pushups -     run
Repeat 4 times         5,10,15,20,25,       500m warm-up        max
                       30,35,40,45,50       any stroke          TRX Rollouts - 10-15     or        Simulation
Run 1 mile                                                      situps - 1 min                     Workout:
                       In between each      5 x 100m            flutterkicks - 1 min               *8 count pullup
Pullups - max          pushup set above     hypoxics at                                  1 mile    workout - go til
Situps 50              do:                  4,6,8,10,12         Run 2 miles              swim      you fail at pullups
                                            stroke per breath
Swim PT:               Squats 10-20                             Repeat 3 times                     or if you have
                       Situps 20-40         Repeat 5 times                               or
Repeat 5 times                                                  Pullups - max                      access to an
Swim 100m timed        flutterkicks 20-25   25m underwater      TRX atomic pushups -               obstacle course -
Rest with 50 abs of                         25m easy stroke     max                      20        do a max pullup
                                            / catch your
choice                 Once done do one                         TRX Rollouts - 10-15     mile      set then run the o
                       extra set of 25                          situps - 1 min                     course. Repeat
(if no pool -          pushups to get
                                            rest 30 -45
                                                                flutterkicks - 1 min     bike      as many times as
replace with 100m      300 total reps                                                              you can - we did
running sprints or                                              TRX exercises on video             4-5 times today
2 min fast bike)                            Run - 2-3 mile
                       1 mile easy run
                                                                                                   Run 2.5 miles

                                                                                                   Day 7 Day off or
                                                                                                   make up day

TRX – info: www.stewsmith.com/linkpages/TRX2.htm
Day 1                  Day 2                 Day 3                 Day 4              Day 5                    Day 6
2 mile run / stretch   Run 1 mile            Run 2 mile /          Your choice        Run and Leg PT           Run and Pullups
                       Stretch               stretch               of cardio                                   Day
Warmup with:                                                       day:               Track Workout:
                       Repeat 5 times        8 count BB
repeat 10 times        Run 200m fast                                                                           Pullups 2,4,6,8,10 -
                                             pullup / pushup       45-60              Repeat 8 times           stretch legs to prep
jumping jacks 10       squats 50             pyramid:              minutes of:        1/4 mile at 90 seconds   for run:
pushups 10             Run 200m fast                                                  - rest 45 seconds
                       lunges 25/leg         go until you fail     running,
Pullups 2,4,6,8,10 -                                                                  Repeat 25 times:         Repeat 5 times
                                             at pullups - if you   biking,
stretch legs to prep   Run 1 mile                                  swimming,          50m jog / 50m sprint     Run 1 mile
                                             can get 1 to 20                                                   Max Pullups
for run:                                                           rowing,            - pick any exercise
                                             that = 210 eight
                       Swim with fins        counts and            elliptical etc..   from below and do 25
                       2000m                 pullups!!!                               reps in between each     Swim Workout:
Pushups 2 min                                                      If you need a      50/50m                   500m timed
rest 2 min                                                         non impact
Situps 2 min           Run 2 miles or        Swim:                                                             5 x 100m hypox at
                                                                   cardio day -       Pushups (any type)
rest 2 min             ruck with 25# for 2   500m timed                                                        8-10 stroke per
                       miles                 5 x 100m CSS          take it...         Situps
Pullups - max                                                                         crunches (any type)      breath
Rest 10 min                                  paced at goal
                                             500m pace                                                         5 x 25m
                                                                                      leg levers
1.5 mile timed run                           10 x 50m CSS at                                                   underwaters
                                             least 50 seconds                                                  - rest 20 seconds
                                                                                      TRX - any exercise
500m swim any                                - rest 20
                                             seconds per set                          squats, lunges, heel
stroke:                                                                               raises                   Repeat 5 times
                                                                                      KB swings                25m freestyle no
Repeat 5 times                               2 mile run                               woodchoppers             breaths - stop and
25m underwaters                                                                       8 count pushups          breathe (10-15
- 25m CSS easy                                                                        burpees...etc.etc        seconds) on the wall
- rest 30 seconds                                                                                              THEN swim 25m
                                                                                      1 mile swim with fins    underwater
Day 1                Day 2                  Day 3                 Day 4         Day 5     Day 6
Run and Pullups      Run 4mile timed        Run 2 mile /          Military      Day off
- Swim and                                                                                Run 2.5 mile run
                     run                    stretch               Triathlon
                                                                                          Rope climbs - 10
                     Swim 1 mile swim       8 count BB            5 mile run              times - rest with
Pullups 2,4,6,8,10   with or without fins   pullup / pushup
- stretch legs to                           pyramid:              1 mile swim             odd sets - 50 abs
prep for run:        Optional - 3 mile                            with fins               even sets 10-15
                     run or ruck with       go until you fail                             pullups
Repeat 5 times       50lbs                  at pullups - if you   5 mile ruck
Run 1 mile                                  can get 1 to 20       with 50lbs              run 2.5 mile run
Max Pullups                                 that = 210 eight
                                            counts and
Swim Workout:                               pullups!!!                                    * if you do not have
250m timed                                                                                a rope to climb do 5
- Pt of pushups,                            - every 5th set                               more sets of pullups
                                                                                          - max reps or towel
situps, dips 25                             you have to do
                                                                                          pullups gripping the
each                                        50 atomic
                                            pushups using                                 towel / rope over the
                                            the TRX                                       bar...
Repeat 5 times
25m freestyle no
breaths - stop and                          Swim:
breathe (10-15                              500m timed
seconds) on the                             5 x 100m CSS
wall THEN swim                              paced at goal
25m underwater                              500m pace
                                            10 x 50m CSS at
_ pt of pushups,                            least 50 seconds
dips, situps 25                             - rest 20
each                                        seconds per set

Cool down                                   2 mile run
500m swim
Day 1 - warmup        Day 2                 Day 3            Day 4                  Day 5            Day 6
with 1.4 mile run /
stretch               Run and Pullups /     Easy Day         Run / Pullups /        Day off or       1 mile run warmup /
                      Pushups                                Pushups / Abs          make up day      stretch
Run 1.5 mile timed                          Run or swim                             for any of the
run                                         only                                    workouts you
                      Pullups 2,4,6,8,10                     Pullups 2,4,6,8,10 -                    8 count pushups /
                      - stretch legs to                      stretch legs to prep   missed this      pullup - workout til
Repeat 4 times                                                                      week..
                      prep for run:         4 mile run for   for run:                                you fail at pullups then
jog 50m
                                            time or                                                  repeat in reverse
sprint 100m
                      Repeat 3-4 times                       Run 1 mile warmup                       order.
squats 20
                      Run 1 mile            2000m swim for   stretch:
Repeat 4 times        Max Pullups           time                                                     If you can make it past
jog 50m               Max Pushups and                        Repeat 3-4 times                        10 pullups on the
sprint 100m           1 min situps or                        max pullups sets                        pyramid - keep going
lunges 20 steps =     TRX atomic                             until you get 25-50                     til you fail and do not
10 per leg            pushups - try to                       pullups OR do                           worry about repeating
                      double your pullup                     2,4,6,8,10 - up to                      in reverse order.
                      reps each set                          you...                                  shoot for total reps of
Repeat 5 times
                                                             Pushups 1 min                           at least 100 pullups / 8
50m hypox at 8-10                                            Situps 1 min OR                         count pushup...
stroke per breath     Ruck or swim with
                      fins option - total                    TRX Atomic
- rest 30 secs
                      time 30-45                             pushups - max reps                      our group will shoot
                      minutes - your                         RUN 1 mile for time                     for 1-20 pullups and 8
Repeat 5 times
25m freestyle no      choice                                                                         count pushups which
breaths - stop and                                           Swim Workout:                           equals 210 pullups / 8
breathe (10-15                                               Swim 100m for time                      count pushups...
seconds) on the       Lower back Plan                        / pushups
wall THEN swim                                               Swim 200m for time                      1 mile cooldown run
25m underwater                                               / pushups
                                                             Swim 300m for time
Repeat 10 times                                              / pushups
50m CSS at sub
50 seconds                                                   - how long it takes
- rest 30 seconds                                            you to swim
and focus on                                                 100,200, 300m -
getting each lap in                                          then do pushups for
as few strokes as                                            that long each set
possible. See     Lower back Plan
CSS for details
Day 1                  Day 2                   Day 3               Day 4                  Day 5     Day 6
                                               1 mile jog -                               Day off
Warmup with            Warmup / Stretch        warmup / stretch    Cardio of your                   Build your own PFT:
2,4,6,8,10 pullups /                                               choice - work on                 Non impact cardio:
stretch legs / arms:   Repeat 4 times          Repeat 3 times      your weakness                    500m swim, 10 mile
                       1/4 mile at goal pace   1 mile run fast -   1-2 mile swim with               bike, 2000m row
repeat 4 times         for your timed run      shoot for 1 mile    or without fins                  Pick 2 upper body:
1 mile run - timed     distance -              run time above                                       pullups, pushups, TRX
2,4,6,8,10 pullups -   recommend 90            - pullups           4 mile timed run                 atomic pushups,
any grip               second 1/4 mile         - pushups           any non impact if                bench press - max
pushups 25-50          pace / stretch          - situps            you need a rest from             reps bodyweight,
Abs of choice 25-50                                                impact of running
(use TRX atomic        Run workout called      Get numbers                                          Pick 1 ab exercise:
pushups as option      50 - 50s                above any way                                        situps, crunches,
for both pushups /                             you can.                                             flutterkicks, Army
abs each set - max                             Swim:                                                rower aka (atomic
                       Repeat 25 times         repeat 5 times                                       situp)
reps *if you have a
                       - 50m jog               250yd using                                          Pick 1 fast run:
                       - 50m sprint or fast    freestyle or CSS                                     100m sprint
                       run                     - rest with 50                                       300m sprint
SWIM:                  rest with 25 reps of
Repeat 5 times                                 flutterkicks and                                     120yd shuttle run
                       abs or leg exercises    50 leg levers                                        (4x30)
250m timed - any       like:
stroke                                                                                              1/4 mile sprin
                       squats, lunges,                                                              IL agility test
pushups 1 min          crunches, leg levers,
flutterkicks 1 min                                                                                  Pick 1 longer run:
                       flutterkicks, broad
                       jump(10 reps), TRX                                                           1.5 mile timed run
Lowerback Plan         legs, ski exercises -                                                        2 mile timed run
                       recommend to pick                                                            3 mile timed run
                       5 sets of different                                                          4 mile timed run
                                                                                                    *rest in between as
                                                                                                    long as you need
Day 1                Day 2                Day 3                      Day 4        Day 5               Day 6

Navy SEAL PFT        1 mile warmup jog    Build your own PFT:                     Do in as few sets   Weekend off - prepare
                     or 5 min bike                                   Cardio of
                                                                                  as possible:        for change in routine -
                     stretch                                         your
500yd swim                                Non impact cardio:                                          next week will start
                                                                     choice -
rest 10 min                               500m swim, 10 mile                      100 pullups         the addition of weights
                                                                     work on
pushups 2 min        1 mile timed run     bike, 2000m row                         200 pushups         / shorter faster runs
rest 2 min                                                                        300 situps          but still good mix of
situps 2 min         Repeat 12 times      Pick 2 upper body:                      100 dips            swim and pt...
rest 2 min           1/4 mile at goal     pullups, pushups, TRX
pullups - max                                                        1-2 mile
                     mile pace (ie 6      atomic pushups, bench                   alternate max
rest 10 min                                                          swim with
                     min mile = 90 sec    press - max reps                        reps sets of each
read PFT                                                             or without
                     1/4s)                bodyweight,                             exercise -
transition                                                           fins
                     - rest with 20                                               keeping track
1.5 mile timed run   leg/ab exercises     Pick 1 ab exercise:                     each cycle of
                                                                     4 mile
                     of your choice:      situps, crunches,                       total reps - stop
Go back to pool                                                      timed run
                     squats, lunges,      flutterkicks, Army rower                when you reach
                     heel raises,         aka (atomic situp)                      all the goal
5 x 100m swims at    flutterkicks, leg                               any non      numbers - no
goal pace (ie 50     levers,                                         impact if    rest other than
second 50m for                            Pick 1 fast run:           you need a   sips of water /
500m) rest 30 sec                         100m sprint                rest from
                     ***option for                                                stretch
10 x 50m at goal                          300m sprint                impact of
                     1/4s**               120yd shuttle run (4x30)
pace for 500m                                                        running
                     if you are getting   1/4 mile sprint
                     ready for fall       IL agility test
                     sports - jog the
                     corners of the       Pick 1 longer run:
                     track / sprint the
                     straights (100m
                                          1.5 mile timed run
                     sprint/100m          2 mile timed run
                     jog/100m sprint /    3 mile timed run
                     100m jog)
                                          4 mile timed run
                                          or 6 mile ruck with 50#
Day 1            Day 2                     Day 3            Day 4                    Day 5                  Day 6

Non impact       1/4 mile warm up -        Long Run         1/4 mile warm up         Non impact cardio      Run 1.5 mile
cardio workout   stretch                   Day              squats 20                workout options:
options:                                                    1/2 squats 20                                   Do in as few sets as
                 Repeat 12 times           Run for 60       lunges 10/leg            Swim Workout:          possible:
Swim             1/4 mile at goal mile                      butt kickers 30          500m, 400m ,
Workout:                                   minutes - how
                 pace (ie 6 min mile       far do you       seconds                  300m, 200m, 100m
500m, 400m ,                                                                                                100 pullups
                 = 90 sec 1/4s)            get? If you      leg swings 10/leg        - rest as needed in    200 pushups
300m, 200m,      Pick 1 leg exercise                                                 between sets -
                                           have to walk                                                     300 situps
100m - rest as   plus 1 ab exercise                                                  focus on goal pace.
                                           some that is     Repeat 25 times                                 100 dips
needed in        in between each
between sets -                             OK..             Jog 50m
                 1/4 mile:                                  Sprint 50m 100%          Bike Workout:
focus on goal                                                                                               alternate max reps
                                                            pick 1 exercise in       Pyramid - Each
pace.                                      or Bike and                                                      sets of each
                 NEW weights:                               between sets (repeat     minute make            exercise - keeping
                                           Swim combo:
                 power clean 5reps,                         same exercise up to      resistance higher by
Bike Workout:                                                                                               track each cycle of
                 hang clean 5 reps,                         5 times only) : do 25    2 levels for 15
Pyramid - Each                             30 minute bike                                                   total reps - stop
                 dead lift 5 reps,                          reps of (your choice)    minutes - then
minute make                                30 minute                                                        when you reach all
                 thrusters 5 reps                           pushups, situps,         repeat in reverse
resistance                                 swim - how far                                                   the goal numbers -
                 - rest with 20 leg/ab                      flutterkicks, pullups,   order                  no rest other than
higher by 2                                do you get?
                 exercises of your                          TRX atomic                                      sips of water /
levels for 15    choice: (such as)                          pushups, squats,         Elliptical - Same      stretch
minutes - then
                 KB swings, ,                               lunges, frog hops,       pyramid as
repeat in
                 squats, lunges,                            burpees, box jumps,      above...               Run 1.5 mile of
reverse order
                 heel raises, flutter                       KB swings, etc...no                             400m and 200m
                 kicks, leg levers...                       limit to what you can    Rowing - 2000m         intervals - rest 50%
Elliptical -                                                do here...               row for time           of time it takes you
Same pyramid     Swim cool down -                                                                           to run distance.
as above...      1000m with fins                            Swim or bike 30          Select 1 or 2
                                                            minutes: - Every 5       methods of cardio
Rowing -
                 ***non-impact                              minutes stop and         today
2000m row for
                 option for running -                       do: max pushups,
                 fast bike or elliptical                    flutterkicks 1 min
                 or rowing machine                          each...Do pullups
Select 1 or 2    for 2 minutes each                         max reps if you have
methods of       set***                                     available
cardio today
Day 1            Day 2                    Day 3                Day 4                     Day 5                 Day 6
                                                               1/4 mile warm up
100 pullups      1/4 mile warm up -       PT Day               squats 20                 Non impact cardio     Run 1.5 mile
anyway you       stretch                                       1/2 squats 20             workout options:
can throughout                            PT pyramid           lunges 10/leg                                   Do in as few sets
the day          Repeat 12 times                               butt kickers 30           Swim Workout:         as possible:
                 1/4 mile at goal         Pullups -            seconds                   500m, 400m ,
Swim             mile pace (ie 6 min      1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,   leg swings 10/leg         300m, 200m, 100m
Workout:                                                                                                       *100 pullups
                 mile = 90 sec 1/4s)      max...repeat in                                - rest as needed in   200 pushups
10 x 50m at 50   Pick 1 leg exercise      reverse              Repeat 4 times            between sets -
seconds using                                                                                                  300 situps
                 plus 1 ab exercise       order...rest with    1/4 mile run at goal      focus on goal
the CSS - rest   in between each          abs of choice for    pace for 1.5 mile         pace.
20 seconds                                                                                                     alternate max reps
                 1/4 mile:                10 -20 reps each     timed runs - rest
                                                                                                               sets of each
                 NEW weights:             set                  with 25 abs of            Bike Workout:
Repeat 5                                                                                                       exercise - keeping
                 Woodchopper                                   choice                    Pyramid - Each        track each cycle of
times            squats, lunges                                                          minute make
                                          if you can do to                                                     total reps - stop
Hypoxic free     - rest with 20                                Repeat 4 times            resistance higher
                                          level 10 and back                                                    when you reach all
styles 100m      leg/ab exercises of                           1/4 mile of jog           by 2 levels for 15
                                          down that is 100                                                     the goal numbers -
followed by      your choice:                                  curves / sprint           minutes - then
                                          pullups!!                                                            no rest other than
50m CSS          KB swings, squats,                            straights on track or     repeat in reverse     sips of water /
                 lunges, heel             no cardio day        (100m jog / 100m          order                 stretch
OR               raises, flutter kicks,                        sprint x 2) - rest with
Elliptical -     leg levers...                                 buttkickers or leg        Elliptical - Same
                                                               swings                                          *use pulldowns or
pyramid -                                                                                pyramid as            bench press when
each minute      Swim with                                                               above...              you fail at pullups /
gets tougher                                                   Repeat 16 times
than the         Fins 1000m                                    100m sprint - build       Rowing - 2000m
                                                                                                               crunches / plank if
previous                                                       up to full speed at       row for time          you fail at situps...
                 ***non-impact                                 the 50m mark - rest
Rowing -         option for running -                          with 20 pushups /         Select 1 or 2         Run 1.5 mile of
2000m row for    fast bike or                                  20 squats or lunges       methods of cardio
time             elliptical or rowing                                                                          400m and 200m
                                                                                         today                 intervals - rest
                 machine for 2                                 Swim or bike 30
                 minutes each                                                                                  50% of time it
Select 1 or 2                                                  minutes: - Every 5
                 set***                                                                                        takes you to run
methods of                                                     minutes stop and
cardio today                                                   do: max pushups,
                                                               flutterkicks 1 min

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