Cup exercise and johari�s window by aT10o94U


									Cup exercise and johari”s
  Demonstrating participation
 How to do it group one
• Using the pictures, answer the following

• How do you view the community in which
  you are operating?

• How does the community view you?

• What needs to be changed?

• How can you change this?
• To understand what blocks communication
  between external and internal people.

• To understand how we can better improve
  communication for more effective stakeholder
• To demonstrate how we can enhance
  participation for ground water management
         Joharis window


HIDDEN              UNKNOWN
         Joharis window

        OPEN        CLOSED

        HIDDEN      UNKNOWN
       Stakeholder participation
• There is information known to self and not
  known to others and this information if not
  shared will not enhance participation. This is the
  closed window
• There is hidden information usually by insiders
  from outsiders and this hinders participation.
• There is information that may not be known by
  both the insiders and outsiders and gain this
  hinders participation.
• Stakeholder participation will be enhanced by the
  open window. Where information ios known to
            The Cup Exercise

• All sets have seven cups & instructions and an
  action to take with each:
             Instructional steps
•   Fill the cup to the brim with hot black coffee
•   Fill the cup with hot coffee
•   Fill the cup with coffee
•   Fill the cup with some liquid
•   Put some liquid in the cup
•   Put something in the cup and use it as you see
In your groups follow the instructions below:

1. Arrange the cups from the most controlling to the least

2. Show the cup that best represents the way you having
   been working in your districts

3. Show the cup you wish to use in the future

4. Justify your choice
               Cup exercise
• The purpose of the cup exercise is to
  demonstrate the degree of control implicit in

• The tool helps us assess the approaches being
  used in dvlpt or humanitarian interventions
    What the tools demonstrate?
• The community’s capacity is dvlpd through
  strengthening & protecting a community’s
  abilities to take control of its own destiny & to
  manage & direct its own dvlpt process.

• People can not be dvlpd but they dvlp

• Community capacity dvlpt is facilitated to ensure
  that the community is able to undertake its own
  assessment, analysis & action on issues faced by
  the community.

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