FITNESS FOR LIFE / P.E. – 7*8*9
                                   MRS MARTIN

        This semester class will help students develop all areas of fitness: strength,
flexibility, and endurance. Students will also acquire the skills and knowledge needed to
participate in such team sports as softball, flag football, soccer, ultimate frisbee,
volleyball, and basketball. 8th and 9th grade students will also learn the basics in such
“lifetime sports” as golf, badminton, tennis, and bowling.

        Each student should have a white t-shirt and blue or black shorts or sweat pants.
Shirts and shorts are to be worn as gym clothes only and not to school. Names should be
put on both shirt and shorts. No levi shorts allowed. Each student should also have socks
and gym shoes that are specifically for P.E.
        Clothes are to be taken home each Friday to be washed and brought back clean on
Monday. Please remember that being dressed in the proper uniform and ready to
participate is worth 30-40% of each student’s grade. 10 points will be given each day for
proper dress. The following points will be deducted for improper uniform:
        Improper shirt, shorts, or shoes….3 pts.each    Uniform not clean…..5 pts.

        Each student should actively participate in class each day. 50-60% of each student’s
grade will be determined by their daily participation in class. If a student cannot participate in
class because of serious illness, a written note should be brought from their doctor. The note
should state how long the student cannot participate and why.
        Students will lose participation points for any of the following: improper exercise, not
following instructions, improper use of equipment, any form of harassment, unsportsmanlike
conduct, and non-participation.

        Each student will be assigned a locker to put their P.E. clothes in. They will also be
issued a lock from the school that they can use through the semester. If the lock is lost or
damaged, the student will have to pay a $5.00 fine in order to get a new one. It is critical that
students make sure their locks are put back on their lockers each day and are locked tight!

       Absences- when a student is absent, it is their responsibility to do a 30-60 minute
workout on their own at home. The workout should include 5-10 minutes of warm-up and
stretching, 40-50 minutes of aerobic activity, and 5-10 minutes of cool-down. Some excellent
aerobic activities are running, bicycling, hiking, speed walking, swimming, and cross-country
skiing. Dance. soccer, basketball and at least a half day of skiing or snowboarding can be
used for make-up as well.
Students should bring a detailed note of their activity with a parent signature within three
days of their absence. If a student misses class because of their participation in a school
sponsored sport, they will receive credit for P.E. for that day.

         Tardies- will follow school attendance policies. Please refer to the student handbook.
To avoid tardies, each student should be in the P.E. hall when the bell rings and to assigned roll
call lines within five minutes following the tardy bell.
        Truancy- Students should remain in the gym area or outside playing fields unless excused
by the teacher. After students are dressed and ready for their next class, they should remain in
the P.E. hall until the bell rings to end class. If a student leaves early or is not where he/she
should be, a truancy will be recorded.

        There is no written homework for this class, but there will be some “physical homework”!
Each student will be expected to participate in some type of physical activity for a minimum of
4 hours per week outside of class. For students who are already involved with sports or dance
outside of the school day, it will just be a matter of keeping track of their hours. For those students
who are less active, I would suggest they exercise 40-60 minutes a day for at least 5 days/week.
Their activity could even include such things as shoveling snow, mowing the lawn (not on a riding
lawnmower!), lifting weights, etc. Students will be given an exercise chart that they will keep at
home and record their daily exercise on. At the end of each week, they should get a parent initial on
their chart. I will collect the exercise charts at mid-term and at the end of each quarter. For
their physical benefit: parents, please make sure students are honest in recording their
exercise and activity. We are trying to develop a healthy lifestyle for all.

     Dress…………………35%                  (10 pts. each day)
     Participation………….45%            (12 pts. each day)
     Tests (written-rules) …10%       (80-100 pts. / qtr.)
     Exercise Charts……….10%           (80-100 pts. / qtr.)

       Grading Breakdown

       94-100 = A                                 73 - 76 = C
       90 - 93 = A-                               70 - 72 = C-
       87 - 89 = B+                               67 - 69 = D+
       83 - 86 = B                                63 - 66 = D
       80 - 82 = B-                               60 - 62 = D-
       77 - 79 = C+                               Below 60 = F

        Citizenship grades – will be earned according to school citizenship policy. A copy of this
policy is found in their student folder.

     -Respect other student’s property, privacy, and potential
     -Respect our school grounds, equipment, and P.E. facilities
     -Respect the teacher- (listen when she speaks, follow instructions immediately)
     -Respect yourself- (be on time, dress each day, participate, and give your best!)

    Parents will be notified when a student:
           -has received three or more tardies
           -has had three or more “no dress’s”
           -is continually disrupting class in any way

Compliance with class rules and overall cooperative behavior will earn students good citizenship and
academic grades, and will help them develop better fitness which will benefit them throughout life.
                                FITNESS FOR LIFE/P.E.
                                     7th / 8th / 9th

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I have reviewed Mrs. Martin’s disclosure statement for P.E. – 7th , 8th , 9th . I am aware
of, and will support the academic grading standards, citizenship grading standards, and
class policies and expectations as described. I am keeping the descriptive portion of the
statement for future reference.

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