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It appears that 2008 has started with a bang and so many people are struggling with their
emotions. Feelings of irritability, anxiety and even depression are affecting many individuals.
Are you someone that is suffering from depression and don’t know what to do to get

Dr Tanith Davidson uses a combination of treatments to help individuals who are experiencing
depression. As there are many causes of depression the treatment will depend on the
individual, here are some examples:

      In many cases an imbalance in the brainwaves can be causing feelings of depression.
       Neurotherapy helps to balance these brainwaves in the desired areas to help elevate the
      Chemical imbalances can also be affecting the mood and there are a number of natural
       supplements, which can be used to help correct these imbalances without any side-
      If the depression is caused by tension, stress or a traumatic life event some stress
       management techniques may be what is required to help one cope with the issues at
      Physical problems such as thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiencies, mononucleosis,
       endometriosis, allergies, hypoglycaemia, poor diet and lack of exercise may also be
       causative factors. In these cases the cause can be treated directly.
      Heavy metal toxicity also has a big effect on emotions and anxiety levels. Tests can be
       conducted to check for heavy metal toxicity and the correct treatment then considered.

Lifestyle choices are always taken into consideration and altered if it will benefit the individual.
The correct diet, regular exercise and avoidance of drugs, alcohol and stimulants often have
more of an impact than people realize. Good nutritional support is essential in these times so
make sure you are taking good quality supplements. If you are unsure about what to take Dr
Davidson will be able to advise you.

Basic Guidelines

      Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods.
      Avoid artificial sweeteners and diet sodas.
      Avoid fatty, fried foods.
      Avoid sugars and sweets.
      Eat raw fruits and vegetables with seeds, nuts, legumes and other complex
      Get enough sleep and exercise.
      Omit wheat products from the diet.

For more information regarding depression or to book an appointment with Dr Davidson please
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