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					Halo Group Exercise
Class Descriptions
          Class                                        Description                                  Level                   Notes
         20/20/20             A fun high-low energy class with a little for everyone. 20mins   Moderate (but all     Some choreography
                                    Aerobics, 20mins Step and 20mins Conditioning                welcome)                    used
    50+ High Energy                A class for the more active over 50s followed by an         Active over 50s       At Hereford Leisure
                                    opportunity to play racket sports or use the gym                                Centre only. Workout
                                                                                                                       may use the step
     50+ Keep Fit/             Exercise to music class with a focus on mobility, strength            Low              Instructor will give
50+ Mobility/ Low Intensity                          and flexibility                                                options where needed
       Keep Fit
       Aerobics                  Exercise to music class with a focus on aerobic fitness           All levels       High and low intensity
                                       through simple choreography to fun music                                         options given
  High Energy Aerobics
     Ante-natal Aqua                   Water-based exercise for pregnant women                  All levels pre-    At Hereford Leisure Pool
                                                                                                      natal                  only
      Aqua Aerobics             Water-based exercise to music which removes stress to              All levels      You do not need to be a
                                        joints while providing a good workout                                      strong swimmer to take
       Aqua Fit
   Aqua Bums &Tums            An Aqua aerobics session with a focus on strengthening and           All levels      You do not need to be a
                                                       toning                                                      strong swimmer to take
      Belly Dancing            Belly dance techniques to music to create a fun alternative         All levels          Run at Hereford,
                                                         class                                     welcome              Leominster and
       Body Attack               High intensity dynamic conditioning and aerobic class         Moderate to high    Lower options given but
                                                                                                                       caution with joint
                                                                                                                      problems. Run at
                                                                                                                     Leominster Leisure
                                                                                                                    Centre and Bridgend
                                                                                                                   Recreation Centre only.
                                                                                                                     Must be 16 yrs. + to
                                                                                                                   participate at Bridgend.
                              Combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates sequences set to            All levels        See Fitness staff for
                               music with relaxation session to finish. Aims to improve                            advice if you suffer from
                                                strength and flexibility                                           health or joint problems
     Body Blitz         A resistance based exercise to music class for full body         All levels       A Wellness key is
                                               toning                                                   required to attend this
                                                                                                         class at Ynysawdre.
                        Group resistance training with barbells set to motivating        All levels       For over 16s only
  Boxercise/BoxFit        Non-contact boxing techniques and circuits, great to           All levels    Early morning option at
                            improve stamina and strength and reduce stress                             Hereford Leisure Centre
   Cardiac Class      A specialist class for people who have been referred by their        Low
                         GP. It is aimed at helping those with heart conditions to
                             improve their overall and cardiovascular fitness.
      Circuits          Brings the gym into group exercise with combinations of          All levels
                       cardiovascular and strength exercises for total conditioning
                             with variety while able to work at your own pace
 Core Conditioning
    Cross Box            A mixture of high intensity body weight training and pad        All levels
                          work. These things combined will get you lean, fit and
                                       definitely reduce stress levels
 Dance For Fitness       Uses modern and contemporary dance techniques and               All levels      Some coordination
                                   routines for fun and aerobic exercise                               useful but not essential!
    Dance Mats         A fun, interactive session (as seen in games arcades etc!)       All ages and   Classes for under 16s,
                                  which does not require any dance skills                   levels       families and adults
 Deep Water Aqua        A slightly more challenging aqua class working in deeper         Moderate
                           water but this does also mean less impact on joints
       Fitball        A fun class using stability balls to focus on core strength and    All levels    Speak to instructor if any
                                    stability and all round conditioning                                    back problems
   Gentle Mobility       Mostly chair-based. This class aims to improve balance,           Low          Generally referred to
                       strength and mobility for those facing challenges with daily,                     from LIFT exercise
                                             functional activities                                         referral scheme
 Gentle Joint Aqua
  Heart Function           Specialist class for clients referred for heart failure         Low            Referred by heart
                                                                                                            specialist team
   Junior Circuits       Combination of cardiovascular and endurance and fun             Moderate              8 -16 yrs.
    Kettle Bells      One of the most effective and exciting ways to train. Anyone        High           Must be 16 yrs.+ to
                      who is serious about getting in shape should be training with                     participate in Bridgend
                       them. The ultimate in functional training and probably the                               County
                                        best fat loss tool available.
   Line Dancing        Get a great cardio workout while dancing and exercising to        All Levels
                       music you will love. If you like to dance but not so keen on
                                  exercise then this is the class for you.
 Low Intensity Aqua     A less intense aqua aerobics class aimed at beginners,              Low         You not need to be a
                           older adults or those less accustomed to exercise                           strong swimmer to take
Legs, Bums and Tums   20mins low impact aerobics followed by toning exercises for        All levels
                                        legs, tums and bums!
MS Well Being Class
   Muscle Max             Barbells and adjustable weights are used to tone and         Moderate - High
                          condition muscles. High repetition weight training and
                        aerobic conditioning helps you to lose weight and change
                        general body shape in a short space of time. Excellent for
                       those wishing to increase lean body mass, improve muscle
                                  tone and definition, but without bulking.
Over 50’s Aerobics       Ideal if you are new to exercise or prefer to keep it low          Low
                           impact. Classes are aerobic based but include body
                        conditioning, core strengthen, co-ordination, balance and
                           moves designed to increase cardiovascular capacity
   Peak Energy          Hi-energy, hi impact cardiovascular workout for improved            High            Caution with joint
                                        fitness and calorie burning                                            problems
      Pilates          A technique of physical movement designed to strengthen,           All levels
                      lengthen and balance the body working against body weight
  Post-natal Aqua       Water-based exercise for new mums, a great introduction           All levels     Must be at least 6 weeks
                                 back to exercise from 6 weeks post-natal                                after pregnancy with no
Senior Move/Active
                        A group cycling class set to music to create a dynamic            All levels      Can be challenging but
                            cardiovascular training and fat-burning session                              able to work at own pace
                                                                                                                 and level
       Step           An aerobic based class working up and down from a step for          Moderate          Some coordination
                                      fitness and calorie burning                                           required but lower
                                                                                                               options given
     Street Fit       Learning dance moves incorporating high intensity fat burn            High
                                    and muscle toning workout.
  Studio Circuits       A more intense and smaller group version of Circuits           Moderate - high      Can be adapted for
                                                                                                         lower levels as can work
                                                                                                               at own pace
      Tai Chi          From an ancient Chinese form of non-contact martial arts,             All
                       aims to improve all round health creating calm and flow to
                                             mind and body
   Teen Dance             A version of dance for fitness aimed at 12-16years                 All             Under 16s only

       TRX            Suspension training using bodyweight exercises to develop           Moderate
                      strength/balance/flexibility and core stability simultaneously
     X-Biking         A high intensity group cycling class set to music to create a         High                16 yrs. +
                        dynamic cardiovascular training and fat-burning session
       Yoga               A system of exercises for control of mind and body,                All         Seek advice if any joint
                                  improving breathing and alignment.                                       problems or health
   Youth Circuits       A fun multi-skills session to develop endurance, speed,              All              8-16yrs only
                                         strength and motor skills
   Fusing hypnotic Latin rhythms & easy to follow moves.             All      Parental consent
Routines feature interval training sessions where fast & slow              required for under 16s.
rhythms & resistance training are combined to tone & sculpt                  Not recommended
                your body while burning fat.                                  during pregnancy

Zumba Fitness – combines Latin and international music
with a fun and effective workout system. With classes and
instructors worldwide anyone can join the Zumba party.

Zumba Gold – uses Zumba formula and modifies the
moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older
participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit
and healthy lifestyle.

 Zumbatomic – 8-16yrs, zumbatomic classes are rocking,
     high energy fitness parties packed with specially
 choreographed, kid friendly routines and all the music kids
      love, like hip hop, reggaeton, cumbia and more.

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