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					       Summer Reading 2008
              Mr. Cabana
       Social Studies 7th - TAC
    Sign of the Beaver, Liz Speare
Directions: Please answer all of the questions
in complete sentences (just like you were
taught during the year). You MUST type your
answers and turn this assignment in on
Friday, August 22, which is the first Friday of
the new school year. Good luck and have fun!

                            Chapters 1-5
1. When was Matt's father planning to return to Maine?
2. What craving caused Matt to pull a chunk of bark from a hole in
a tree?
3. What source of meat made up most of Matt's diet?
4. After Matt returned from fishing, what did he discover?
5. What other item did Matt's father leave behind for his son?
6. What special gift did Matt's Pa give his son just before departing
for Massachusetts?
7. While a delicious rabbit boiled in Matt's kettle, who visited his
cabin one night?
8. How did Matt's father teach his son to keep track of time?
9. How did the "uninvited visitor" get into the cabin?
10. What did he lose in the muddy pond?
11. Who caused the cabin's destruction?
12. Where was Matt carried?
13. Where did Matt run in hopes of getting relief?
14. What two pests threatened the growth of the corn?
15. Where had Ben come from?
16. What advice did Matt's father give his son about meeting
17. Why did Matt's father return to Massachusetts, leaving Matt
18. What year was it as the story opened?
19. When Matt awoke the next morning, what two things were
20. Why had Matt and his father traveled from Massachusetts to
Maine territory?
                          Chapters 6-10
1. How did Saknis solve Matt's boot problem?
2. Explain the agreement between Matt and Attean.
3. What caused Attean to get angry and leave the cabin before the
first reading lesson was over?
4. How did Matt manage to catch a fish?
5. How was Matt able to continue fishing after losing his hook?
6. How did Matt make Attean's second reading lesson more
7. Why did Matt have only one boot?
8. Who accompanied Saknis to Matt's cabin the following day?
9. What useful tool had the two brought for Matt to use?
10. What did Attean bring with him to his first reading lesson?
11. What activity did Attean suggest they do after the fourth day's
12. What gift did Matt try to give Attean in return for Saknis's
13. What happened when Matt tried to spear a fish using Attean's
14. What words did the Indian use to introduce himself to Matt?
15. How did the Indian foresee that Matt was going to be stung by
the bees?
16. What did Attean use to get a fire going?
17. What had Attean applied to his body to ward off mosquitoes?
18. What did Saknis leave on the table for Matt to eat?
19. What was Attean's fishing tool?
20. What lines from Chapter 10 suggest that Attean and Matt were
improving their relationship?
                          Chapters 11-15
1. What was wrong with the pet's nose?
2. Why did Attean conclude that a white man paid a bad Indian to
set the trap?
3. To Matt's astonishment, what had Attean been doing with their
Robinson Crusoe lessons?
4. Who had cut the trees?
5. What was Attean's pet?
6. What compliment did Attean give Matt?
7. How many arrows did it take to bring the bear down?
8. What weapons were used after Attean's arrows?
9. How were Matt's reading lessons going?
10. What was Attean's trick for marking his trail?
11. What did Matt infer was the reason behind Attean's command?
12. What was the problem with using spruce root for the
13. As the boys climbed the bank to return home, what did Attean
order Matt to do?
14. What interrupted the boys' visit to the beaver dam?
15. Who was Gluskabe?
16. How did Matt react to Attean's command?
17. Why was Matt confident he could shoot with a bow?
18. How did Matt successfully distract the bear for a moment?
19. List three items Matt used to make his own bow.
20. What book did Matt read to Attean once Robinson Crusoe was
                           Chapters 16-20
1. What caused the disagreement between Attean's grandparents?
2. What action followed Attean's storytelling?
3. What would happen once Attean successfully found his
4. Why did Matt mistake Attean for a stranger?
5. List two entertainment activities of the village boys.
6. How did Attean's village appear to look by daylight?
7. After Saknis and Attean took turns sharing a long pipe, what did
Attean do?
8. What caused Matt to be overwhelmed by the noisy, giggling
children gathered at the feast?
9. Where were all the men of the village?
10. List two tasks Matt observed the women of the village perform.
11. What is a manitou?
12. Why had Attean come to Matt's cabin?
13. How did the arrival of autumn weather seem to affect Attean?
14. Why didn't Attean accompany the others on the deer hunt?
15. Why couldn't the girls summon Attean or Saknis?
16. What did Attean do while Matt ate a bowl of delicious bear
17. What caused the death of Attean's mother?
18. When Attean came a week later for his reading lesson, where
did he tell Matt he'd been going?
19. Who greeted Matt upon his arrival at Attean's village?
20. Why did Matt have feelings of content while returning alone
through the forest to his cabin
                          Chapters 21-24
1. What body signals told Matt that Attean had indeed found his
2. What item proved to give Matt freedom in the snow?
3. On the day of the first snowfall, what image did Matt use to
describe the color of the sky?
4. What did Matt spot moving along the frozen creek?
5. What caused Matt to turn down Saknis's invitation?
6. What gifts did Matt make for his sister Sarah and the new baby?
7. List three gifts Matt made for his mother.
8. What foods had Matt gathered besides harvested corn?
9. What did Matt make from rabbit skins?
10. What had happened to the baby?
11. What had caused the delay in their joining Matt?
12. What did Matt catch in his first deadfall?
13. What precious gift did Matt give Attean in return?
14. What gift did Attean give Matt?
15. What gifts did Attean bring Matt from his grandparents, four
days later?
16. What material did Matt use to create a shovel?
17. Who came with Attean to Matt's cabin, days after Attean had
gone to find his manitou?
18. Why did Saknis invite Matt to come along on their hunt North?
19. What got Matt's attention three days later, while he was
gathering firewood?
20. What news did Attean give Matt?

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