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					                                               Job Description
Position          2nd Vice President
Term              Elected 1 year                             Co- Chair Allowed      No
Oversight         President                                  Successor              Appointment
Committees        Charitable (C)
(C)=Chairperson   TSVC & Budget
Voting Rights     Yes
Funding           Bonded / may co-sign                      Annual Budget Max       none
                                            Administrative Duties
Continuity Binder :
 Must include: Job Description; Procedures; Chain of Command; Board Roster; Constitution; Bylaws;
  Calendar; Current and Previous year's monthly agendas, budgets, reports and minutes
 Submitted to the Parliamentarian following the May BOG Meeting or upon resignation/termination
 Monthly reports and requests for addition to the agenda must be submitted, in writing, to the President,
  no less than 72 hours in advance
 Term end report and budgets are due to the President in May or upon resignation/termination
 Attendance at BOG monthly meeting is required
 Contact Parliamentarian 24 hours in advance if unable to attend
 Three or more unexcused absences may result in termination of BOG position
 BOG Member attendance at General Membership meetings and Special Events is strongly encouraged
 BOG Members are representatives of the MSC and expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and
  respectful manner
 Duties will be fulfilled in good faith, absent malice and knowingly false information
 BOG Members will respect member privacy and will not perpetuate gossip and/or rumor
 Subject matter and discussion at meetings declared 'Executive Session' by the President are confidential
  and not subject to public dissemination
 Evidence of impropriety should immediately be reported to the President
BOG Members will maintain compliance with the MSC Constitution, By-Laws and Policies, Moody AFB, USAF,
State and Federal regulations, to include: AFI34-223, Private Organizations (PO) Programs; Internal Revenue
Service Tax Code as it applies to a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4), Non-Profit Organization; Robert’s Rules of Order,
revised, current addition.
Additional Information:
 President's approval required for all information intended for public dissemination
 Prior approval and receipts are required for non-budgeted reimbursement
 Robert's Rules: Motion - Second - Discussion - Vote
 Expenditures over $300. , change to Constitution /By-Laws requires General Membership Vote and only
  after notice has been posted at least 10 days
 Quorum for any meeting = 2/3
 Never state nor imply the MSC is an official Air Force agency
 Consult the MSC Constitution and By-Laws
 BOG Members will perform other duties deemed necessary by the President
                                      Second Vice President
Regular Duties:
   Assumes the duties of 1st Vice President during absence
   Assumes the duties of Parliamentarian during absence
   Facilitates and assumes the duties of vacant Committees and/or Chairs designated
  “Charitable” to include: Welfare; Thrift Shop Member at Large; Scholarship; Auction;
  Airman Cookie Drive; Charitable Committee
   Attends Thrift Shop Volunteer Committee Meetings
   Acts as MSC Representative to Air Force Village or may appoint a Executive Board
  approved representative
   Chairperson of the Charitable Committee to support the Welfare Chair's research and
  recommendations provided to the BOG regarding charitable requests received by the
 Serves on the Budget Committee to create an annual budget and presents for vote at the
May General Membership meeting

   Although not part of the primary duties, all finance related positions should assist , if
  possible, the Operational Treasurer, Thrift Shop Bookkeeper, President, Welfare Chair
  and approved financial advisers to ensure MSC compliance with all base, state and
  federal financial requirements

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