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									Carolina Productions job description
General Duties and Responsibilities - All members of the Carolina Productions Executive Board shall be
responsible for the following:
    1. Serve as a member of the Executive Board and attend all meetings.
    2. Attend all retreats and training activities planned by the Direct Advisor to the Programming
       Board and staff.
    3. Participate in the planning and implementation of all campus-wide events.
    4. Attend various Carolina Productions programs.
    5. Responsible for orientation of successor upon completion of selection process.
    6. Participate in sub-committee as needed.
    7. Maintain at least eight office hours per week, at least six of which shall be during regular business
       hours. The Executive Board or committee meeting does not constitute office hours.
    8. Establish personal and position goals.
    9. Surrender office keys over summer break.
    10. Be certified to drive Russell House van. Requirements include providing a 10-year driving

Specific Job Functions
             1. Shall assist the president and function in his/her absence as needed.
             2. Shall be familiar with University & Student Government financial codes and guidelines
                 and ensure that all Carolina Productions financial transactions and practices are in
                 compliance with these codes.
             3. Shall develop budget report twice a month for Executive Board to keep them informed
                 of Carolina Productions’ overall financial status.
             4. Shall manage the annual budget preparation process for the organization in conjunction
                 with the Direct Advisor of the Programming Board.
             5. Shall develop and monitor the Executive Board budget.
             6. Shall attend Student Government Treasurer's workshops and relay pertinent
                 information to Executive Board.
             7. Shall represent Carolina Productions committee in any budget hearings, audits, or
             8. Shall serve as member of the Russell House University Union Advisory Board.
             9. Shall maintain and distribute accurate reconrds of all business of the Executive Board
                 including minutes, agendas, calendars, reports.
             10. Shall be responsible for collecting and archiving information about Carolina Productions
                 events during the calendar year.
             11. Responsible for membership retention including planning and coordination of Carolina
                 Productions annual awards program, retreat and general member socials.
             12. Responsible for membership recognition, including member of the month, coordinators
                 of the month, birthday cards, and VIP program.
             13. Responsible for maintaining Carolina Productions awards/plaques to ensure new
                 winners’ names are added in a timely manner.

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