EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
Horace Mann Educational Associates (HMEA) is a large, multifaceted, nonprofit organization offering a
broad range of services in the areas of residential, day, and employment supports to adults and children
with' developmental disabilities. Funding is provided through contractual agreements with the Department
of Developmental Disabilities (DDS), the Department of Education, and the Department of Medical
Assistance. The organization's residential, day and employment services funded through the Department of
Developmental Services were subject to this licensure and certification review.

HMEA's organizational culture strongly emphasized working in partnership with a broad range of
stakeholders who shared an interest in advancing its mission to 'affirm and promote the values, dreams,
and potential of people with developmental disabilities through education, support and life experiences.'
Since its last licensing review, HMEA had established a 'Family Action Council' to encourage collaboration
and support between family members of individuals receiving supports through HMEA. The agency
fostered collaborative, working relationships with other organizations. For example, HMEA had partnered
with two other DDS provider agencies to share resources, expertise, and cost sharing through the
elimination and streamlining of duplicate systems while continuing to provide high quality services and
supports to individuals. Also evident was the agency's fostering of relationships with local businesses and
corporations, resulting in mutually beneficial sponsorship arrangements and employment opportunities for

The agency placed a strong emphasis on the importance of having a well-trained and competent workforce.
In addition to providing core trainings to staff, the agency offered a variety of trainings such as diversity,
fostering community connections and professional interactions. The agency's workforce committee had
been instrumental in the development of a thirty-one hour core training program for new supervisors
within the organization. Staff at all levels of the organization and across all service models were well
trained which translated into quality services for individuals.

Another defining strength of the organization was the clinical services that were available to individuals
across all service models. Clinical supports were highly individualized arid focused on assisting individuals to
be successful at home, work or in the community. Clinicians worked closely with staff and individuals in
their respective homes and work settings to develop behavior plans and strategies that were designed to
address each person's unique needs. In addition to being comprehensive, behavior plans included
mechanisms for collecting data that was provided to respective clinicians for analyzing the effectiveness of
the interventions. Survey findings revealed that staff had received the necessary training and that behavior
plans and strategies were being consistently and safely implemented.

Overall, findings indicate HMEA is providing high quality residential and day/employment supports.
Individuals served by the agency have had opportunities to lead successful; fulfilling lives…

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