Accommodations and Modifications Checklist

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					                                ACCOMMODATIONS & MODIFICATIONS
An accommodation provides equal access to the learning environment. A modification alters the work required in some way
that makes it different from the work required of other students in the same class. Some intervention tools might be seen as
either an accommodation or a modification depending on the situation or on the implementation.

ACCESS/USE OF THE FOLLOWING:                                       CONTENT AREA:
   word processor/computer                                             provide copy of notes/study guides
   use graphic organizers to organize thoughts                         preteaching vocabulary and basic concepts for
   use concrete manipulatives                                          content area
   use number charts, multiplication charts, graphs,                   give short, concise directions
   and calculators                                                     repeat, or reword directions as needed for
   use graph paper for math                                            understanding
   large print                                                         present information visually
   spell-checker (as provided by family)                               pair information visually and orally as much as
   extra set of books for home                                         possible
                                                                       provide immediate feedback
TESTING ACCOMMODATION:                                                 increased modeling for verbal expression
   small group setting                                                 use drill & repetition
   continue to work as long as productively engaged
   reader to read assessment items verbatim                            peer tutor/helper
   allow student to read directions aloud                              check work frequently to ensure understanding
   isolate portions of assessment page to focus                        reduce length of assignments
   attention                                                           reduce number of problems
   answer orally, point or sign response                               alternative assignments as appropriate
   computer/word processor for recording responses                     modified work for amount and content
   scribe                                                              additional time if student effort is shown
   allow freedom to move or stand as needed                            break material into manageable parts

ORGANIZATION:                                                          reader to read material/tests to student
   school/home communications system                                   allow extra time to respond
   agenda book                                                         allow student to give oral responses
   frequent grade checks/progress reports                              accept close approximations
   repeated reminders
   task/assignment sheet                                           BEHAVIORALLY RELATED:
   give student a copy of his/her schedule                             preferential seating near students with good
                                                                       executive functioning skills
GRADING MODIFICATIONS:                                                 adult proximity
   alternative to tests (i.e. projects, differentiated                 positive reinforcement management system
   products)                                                           study carrel/eliminate distractions
   modified learning targets                                           isolated area
   modified tests/exams based on modified learning                     encourage student to sustain effort and
   targets                                                             remain on task
   weight of class/course tests/exams                                  opportunities for physical education and extra-
   alter weight of class/course components                             curricular activities such as sports



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