T-Shirt Design Competition by 4hRKVe0C


									                             T-Shirt Design Competition

1)   Closing date is August 31, 2005.

2)   One winner will be announced at the end of the AAPS-NUS Student Chapter
     Inaugural Symposium on September 16, 2005.

3)   Rules

     3.1) Participants can be individuals or team.

     3.2) Essential: Blue in color and white in symbols. AAPS logo, NUS. The design
          must be simple and looks energetic.

     3.3) Optional: Student Chapter and other symbols.

     3.4) Accepted formats include, .jpg, .tiff, and scanned drawings in such formats.

4)   The winner will receive a cash prize of S$100.

5)   The winner’s design will be used to print T-shirts for chapter members.

6)   The Chapter Executive Committee may alter the winner’s design.

7)   T-shirt Design Poster

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