(Member of Bowls England & Affiliated to the Home Counties Bowls Association)
             Minutes of the Executive Meeting held at Adur Indoor Bowling Club
                                Monday April 2nd 2012 at 2.00pm
1    President’s opening remarks.
     President Vic Sherwood asked that we remember with a moments silence those who have passed
     on since the last meeting. Fred Brock Middleton BC & SCBA Div.4 VP Controller -, Basil High
     Tarring Priory - Roger Jones Rottingdean - Kevin O’Donnell Burgess Hill – Len Page Henfield -
     Dave Smith Rottingdean, John Wilkins Newick
2    In Attendance.
     Vic Sherwood (President-Chairman - Don Kent (Senior Deputy President) – Colin Morphew (Junior
     Deputy President) - Ross Clifton (Im Past President) – David Bain (Hon Secretary) - Clive Bennet
     (Hon Assist Secretary) - Derek Budd (Hon Competition Secretary) – (Brian Lee Past President,
     B.E. Delegate) - Delegates of 88 clubs plus 26 Past President, Honorary Members or Officers as
     per the attendance register.
3     Apologies
     John Abbott (Hon Treasurer) – Fred Avenall (Past President) - John Barden (Hon Match Secretary – Doug
     Booth (Newhaven BC) –- Allan Hilton (Past President) - John Lowe (Sutton BC) - Derek Marchant
     (Handcross BC) - Mike Newth (Past President) - Harry Payne (Past President) – Paul Pryke (Northiam B.C.)
     - Reg Reeves (Hon Member) - John Rimmer (Storrington BC) - Terence Roden (Southbourne BC) - Chris
     Smith (East Grinstead BC) - Joe Smith (Past President) - Rod Taylor (Past President) - Roy Tuohy
     (Mackie BC) (Northiam B.C) – Ted Hinckley (White Rock BC)
4    Presentation
     Alistair Hollis the Bowls England Development Officer gave an interesting presentation on the
     current activities of Bowls England and pointed out the various ways in which BE could offer
     services to clubs. He then went on to answer some questions from the floor.

     Alistair was thanked for his time and for his excellent presentation

5    The Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 17th October 2011 were signed as a true record
6    Matters arising - None
7    Hon Secretary’s Report.
          The secretary said that he will in future ensure that minutes are published as soon after a meeting
    as is practicable. He said that he had inherited the system of sending minutes out prior to the next
    meeting, however he agreed that they should come out sooner, particularly at this meeting, as the next
    meeting comes after the season has finished.
     Clubs were reminded of the need to collect the County and Bowls England Yearbooks where applicable,
     before they leave, and also the need in some cases to pay for Bowls England Yearbooks. In the event of
     any books being uncollected those present were asked, if possible, to take them and to deliver them on
     behalf of the county.
     Horam BC lost their appeal and the dispute against Paul Martin is now settled.
     Uckfield BC now has a lease of a further 2 years for their green, that may hopefully be extended. The
     secretary made reference to a circular received from Bowls England appertaining to the planning bill
     that has just gone through parliament stating that any Local Council seconding a sports facility must
     make an alternative facility available. The Uckfield delegate said that the club is hopeful of a favourable

      Alexandra Park BC has given notification of being very short of members and not being able to fill posts.
      This has now been addressed but it is indicative of the plight of many clubs the secretary said we do as
      a body need to get recruitment going. Looking through the number of members of some clubs the
      Secretary said it is worrying and surprising how some clubs manage to survive.
      Hose Pipe Ban Bowls England have produced a circular to all clubs but in case this has not filtered
      down to delegates the secretary mentioned it as it concerns the, now in force hose pipe ban. He
      understands that bowls clubs are possibly OK however the advice from Bowls England at the
      moment is if you are worried contact your local Water Authority.
      National Championships Bowls England have stated that Competitors will in future be expected to
      wear a County Shirt in National Finals. Delegates are asked to bear this in mind in order that any
      finalist can obtain a shirt before the final. The County now has a stock of these shirts.
      England Trials Congratulations go to David Hubbard and Aaron Southgate (Sexton) again selected
      for England Trials.
      BE Rules and Regulations         A number of amendments have been made to the Rules and
      Regulations 50-70 booklets 2, issue C Club contacts have been advised by BE and are asked to
      ensure that their copies are updated by club secretaries.
      Development Officer Bowls England are trying to encourage all Counties to appoint a. development
      officer. The Secretary suggested that this is an all-embracing post so we do need someone
      who very keen, to undertake this task. At present there is no job description for such a role but he
      will be urging the GPC to tackle the task of drafting a job description in the very near future. However
      if there is someone in any club who is thought capable and interested in filling this post, the
      County would be pleased to be advised.
8.    Treasurer’s Report Although there was one new club in 2012 the playing membership fell by 69.
      Some clubs have remarked about the amount they pay in subscriptions, a very small amount is
      kept by the SCBA. The bulk of it goes direct to Bowls England. In January we paid them £25,130,
      for their fees and subscriptions. A further £4,552 was paid to them for competition entries.
      There is still have a reasonably healthy balance in the Current account with NatWest of
      £22,812.08, There is a further £20,000 in a bond.

 9.    Hon Match Secretary’s Report – No Report

10.   Hon Competition Secretary’s Report The hand over from Viv Evans took place over two visits. Viv
       had prepared a complete to-do-list for the year and Derek Budd said that he could not have been
       more helpful. He has also been generous in his offer to give any assistance and information as
       Derek may require in his new role.
       The Draw for all the competitions had been made before the take over. This has been used to
       prepare the four Division Booklets which have now been checked and printed.
      A new Trophy for the Two Wood singles competition was displayed. This Trophy was donated by
      Cecil Wadey and John Wilkins and Cecil Wadey went on to say how delighted he was to have his
      name on the same cup as John Wilkins.
11.   Hon Coaches Report       The saga concerning the future of the EBCS is still undetermined. The
      Bowls Development Alliance are busy recruiting coaches and establishing a set of training
      modules and new coaching levels, but due to the reluctance of the EBCS to provide them with the
      names and addresses of current coaches they have not been able to circularise their plans to
      allow coaches to make their own decisions on what, if any, their future coaching involvement will
      be. An offer from the BDA to arrange a meeting between them and the Senior coaches has been
      accepted to try and explain the ‘nuts and bolts’ of their plans and when that has taken place we
      should have a clearer idea of what the future holds.
      The new County Youth Academy continues to go from strength to strength and has seen up to 30
      youngsters attending and gaining their various levels of achievement awards. It operates at
     Worthing Pavilion in the West and Egerton Park in the East. Clubs should contact the County
     Coach or the Ladies County Coach, Wendy Frizelle, if they have any juniors between 8 and 18
     years of age in training so that we can ensure that they are included in the Academy process, this
     is the only way they will be eligible to contest the County EBYDS Finals each year.
     The first County EBYDS Finals for six years were held at Horsham I.B.C. on Saturday 28 th
     January and attracted 10 seniors and 16 juniors. They played a round robin singles in the morning
     and undertook various skills sessions in the afternoon. Points gained in both disciplines were
     added together to identify the semi-finalists in both groups. After some very tight semis and finals
     the best two in each group qualified for the Regional Finals at Horsham yesterday. They were in
     the Senior section, Reece Tugwell (Field Place B.C.) and Emma Cooper (Egerton Park B.C.) and
     in the Junior section, Thomas Gater (Egerton Park B.C.) and Jack Till (Falaise B.C.). The overall
     Champion on the day was Reece Tugwell. All competitors received attendance certificates and the
     trophies were awarded by the County President Vic Sherwood. Everyone seemed to enjoy their
     day, win, lose or draw and Wendy Frizelle must be congratulated for the tremendous amount of
     work she put in to both this event and the Academy as a whole. We look forward to an increased
     participation level next year as the word spreads and the Academy is established as the formal
     means of Junior advancement in the County.

12   Hon Safeguarding Officer’s Report There is little more to report than the last time we met.
     Delegates will know from my previous reports that changes to the Criminal Records Bureau
     checks have been proposed in the Protection of Freedoms Bill 2011-2012. The Bill is still
     progressing through the House of Lords; it is due to have its third reading on 12 th March 2012 and
     then it will move to the Amendments stage. In the meantime delegates are advised to check with
     the County Safeguarding Officer if there are any queries and he will do his best to advise clubs on
     the appropriate course of action
13   Bowls England Delegate’s report        (Appendix i attached)

14   H.C.B.A. Report Don Kent said that there is a popular proposal that HCL matches start at 11am
     but not in 2012. HCL Finals day is often a disappointment as some counties are not sending their
     Champions and it has been proposed that Club’s be allowed to send substitutes,
     The U25’s league is having difficulty in getting registered players, at the moment it would be a
     problem to field an U25’s team. Brian Henty asked that Clubs check their U25 players as the lists
     were completed last October and may have changed.
15   Benevolent Fund        Nothing specific to report so far this year but Gordon Cummings reminded delegates
     that the fund has been set up - and he quoted:- "to assist poor Sussex bowlers in need, who are or have
     been members of annually subscribing clubs affiliated to the County Association and poor dependents of
     deceased members of such clubs" (Page 57 of the year book)
     Please don't hesitate to let him or the other Trustees (Joe Barrass, Joe Smith or Tony Willson) know if your
     club knows of someone who falls into these categories.

16   Unification. A report will be presented to the GPC in two weeks time.
17   Sponsorship Paul Conner MD of Focus Investment the new SCBA sponsor gave a presentation.
     Paul explained that he will be inviting members of clubs to participate in a free draw with prizes of
     £500, £300 and £100. A pack was made available to each club that included a voting box for a
     draw that will take place at the AGM in December. The County will also receive £500 from this

18   A.O.B Robin Shannon expressed some concern at the amount of money paid to Bowls England.
     The secretary replied that with almost 5000 members at £5.00 per head the sum did seem large
     but breaking it down per member over a 5 month season it works out at around 25p per member
     per week, not an exorbitant amount for the work that BE does on our behalf.

   Friends of Sussex       The contributions to this fund set up to help the under 25’s fulfill their
   programme have reduced this year and the President appealed to delegates to encourage their
   clubs to contribute as only £300 has been raised to date this year
   Fixtures    An appeal was made to the Match Secretaries of other Bowling Associations to try to
   avoid the duplication of fixtures that prevent members from playing in some matches.
   Coloured Shirts    These are now worn for County matches and can be purchased prior to the
   game. A debate took place regarding dress code and the members expressed a majority
   preference for Jackets and ties to be worn on arrival and at the meal. This will be discussed at the
   next GPC meeting.
   Second Hand Bowls        Robin Shannon suggested that second hand Bowls could be advertised on
   the County web site with a small contribution on the sale going to the County. There seemed no
   obvious objection to this happening. John Barden to be approached.
    Meeting closed at 3.45pm
    Date of next meeting Monday 15 October at Adur IBC AT 2.30pm


                                                                 Chairman Vic Sherwood (President)


Little Buckland
Fryern road
April 2012


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