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									                        Executive Committee Meeting
                           Friday 5th October 2007
                          Lord Wandsworth College

                            Minutes of the Meeting

   1. Welcome and Apologies

Peter Booth took the chair and tendered apologies from Simon Clements, George
Bayer, Chris Gibbs and Dudley Lewis. He welcomed Clare Datta and Chris
Worsley as new committee members. Also attending were Graham Barnes, Chris
Huffam, Laurence Brown, Pat Partridge and Gill Kelly. In George’s absence, Gill
took the minutes.

Chris Worsley was co-opted on to the Committee, proposed by Laurence Brown
and seconded by Graham Barnes.

   2. Births, Deaths and Marriages

The list of deaths of Sternians recorded since the last meeting were as follows:-

Hugh Swatton 0760 29th April 2007 aged 71
Simon Heaton A748 11th April 2007 aged 56
Ivor Bullock 0417 10th April 2007 aged 82
John Graham 0859 April 2007 aged 69
Nicholas Rook A678 16th March 2007 aged 56
Brian Newbigin 0686 8th December 2006 aged 72

Two births were recorded:

Lela Maddox born 28th May 2007 to Sara Maddox (Gosden 2001)
Thomas Worsley July 2007 to Jon Worsley (Hazelveare 1994)

There were ten Sternian weddings recorded

Jamie MacLeod (Sutton 1998) and Vicky Evans (Gosden 1998) – 24th March 2007
Mike Latter (Sutton 1997) and Nicola – 14th April 2007
Fiona Payne (Gosden 1998) June 2007
Ian Ballantyne (Summerfield 1989) and Rachel – 30th June 2007
Tom Hicks (Summerfield 1997) and Penny – 13th July 2007
Adam Komrower (1994 Sutton) August 2007
Kenny Fish (Sutton 1998) and Katherine Nicholls (Gosden 1999) – 1st September
Clare Smith (Gosden 1997) 8th September 2007
Matthew James (1991 School) and Nicole – 22nd September 2007
Daniel Clark (Sutton 1988)

   3. Minutes of last meeting

These were agreed as a true record of the meeting and duly signed, proposed by
Graham Barnes and seconded by Chris Huffam.

   4. Chairman’s Report

In Simon’s absence, Peter Booth went through the Chairman’s Report which had
been circulated to all members prior to the meeting.

Peter started by saying that Simon is doing an excellent job and that he had
been responsible for many new developments and innovations. Concerns about
the constitution, subscriptions and loan to the Trust Fund had all been
successfully resolved.

All the Sternian sporting events over the past year had gone extremely well, with
the Rugby Sevens in particular, coming on the back of the very successful Cronk
Cunis tournament, a particular highlight. It was agreed that the girls’ netball
would need to be moved nearer the rugby pitches to make it more inclusive.
The next event is the Sternians’ hockey match on 13th January 2008.

Due to Simon’s absence, it was decided to delay discussions about committee
duties until a later date. It was noted that the next Liaison Meeting with the
College would take place on 13th October 2007.

The Summer Reunion 2008 was discussed later in the meeting.

   5. Officers’ Reports

Archivist Laurence Brown raised the question of bookplates for our copies of
magazines, Sternian books etc. He produced a mock up showing the crest and
there was some discussion as to whether this should be used, colour etc. All
agreed they were a good idea and Chris Huffam offered to investigate the
production of them.

It was also agreed in principle that a lockable bookcase be purchased at some
stage to house the bound copies of the Sternian and Sower magazines, John
Gates’ biographical works on the founder and possibly other books written by

Peter Booth mentioned at this point that Charles Elsden had agreed to undertake
work on a photograph archive database, involving the scanning in of
photographs not currently catalogued and to make them accessible via the
Sternians Office.

Treasurer Pat Partridge reported that the funding from the College had not yet
been paid into the account but he assumed with a change of our year end in line
with the College and a change of bursar, this was just an oversight. Gill agreed
to talk to the College accountant to establish a set pattern. There was nothing
else to mention other than the fact that all subscribers had been written to about
the change in funding the Association.

Magazine Editor Gill Kelly reported that the gathering of material for the
magazine was on track but that, as always, articles of interest etc would be

Webmaster Graham Barnes reported the we have moved the website ISP to
Rivanet, whom the College use. This means there will be no password access to
most of the site, apart from to the InTouch LWC network where all personal data
is kept, and hopefully a much better photoboard. The transfer costs were likely
to be less than £1,000. It was noted that the website needs updating and if it
were to take on the look and design of the College website, the College would be
able to donate £2,000 towards the design costs which would otherwise be
considerable. InTouch as a database is working well but there are concerns that
they are still very much a one-man-band and the implications of this.

Gill Kelly confirmed that the company which provide the PASS database network
the College use have now decided to develop an internet access facility and
would be interested in offering this at a greatly reduced rate to the Sternians if
we were prepared to act as initial guinea pigs for its development. Gill Kelly to
investigate with Ron Lafferty, IT Manager.

Peter Booth showed us the Old Brightonians site (Brighton College) and their
business networking section. It was agreed it was something the Sternians
should look into doing, much of the information could be garnered from Who’s

Regalia Chris Huffam showed the meeting a visual of the new rugby shirt we
will be selling, the design of which had been chosen with last year’s 1st XV. It
was agreed that the design would be changed from time to time to keep it fresh.
An initial order of 50 had been placed (13 pre-sold) and a retail price of £35.00
was agreed with numbers and/or names extra plus postage.

The design for cufflinks was shown to the meeting and a 20mm size with
presentation box was agreed, to be retailed at £10.00 a pair. The design could
be used for other items and 50 will be ordered to see how they sell.

We now have two Sternian flag banners to use at reunions and sporting events.
They are very portable and great for advertising and attention seeking!

Chris had recently hosted the annual golf match v the College which the College
won with Jerry Brierley winning the Sternians’ Trophy. He would like to expand
this event and was open to suggestions. A tournament along the lines of the
Cronk Cunis U21 Rugby Tournament may be an idea and it was possible Jerry
could help with organization. Chris to investigate.

Staff Liaison Officer Peter Booth said that there had been a very positive
response to our hosting of the AROPS Conference in May and thanked Ian Ellis
and Malcolm Ruddock in particular for their help on the day. Careers Officer
Cheryl Eysele was using many Sternians for her talks to the Sixth Form and a
careers fair is planned for 2008 when it is hoped many more will participate.

Gill and Kate Chernyshov, Development Director, were in the process of
designing a form which could be filled in online or hard copy to be used to gather
information for the 2008 Who’s Who. It was then envisaged that College gap
students could be used to input the data. Quotes from several printers had been
obtained and were in the region of £10,000-£15,000 for a run of 5000 based on
type setting, layout and printing similar to the current one. This will need further
discussion once some progress has been made.

It was noted that schools numbers should still be included and a double entry for
girls who have married. Data protection is still a major concern and Peter and
Gill would investigate this.

Trust Fund In the absence of Dudley Lewis, Peter Booth (Trust Fund
Administrator) thanked the Association on behalf of the Fund for their generous
donation of £30,000. He said that the Fund was currently supporting one pupil
for this academic year and were underspending. It was envisaged, however,
that in the current economic climate, more applications would soon be
   6. Summer Reunion

After discussion, it was agreed that the Summer Reunion should be brought
forward to Saturday 21st June to link Sternians in to the planned Proms in the
Park event that evening as both audience and participants. The earlier part of
the day should follow the established pattern which keeps the Sternians part of
and linked to the College. The possibility of a cricket match was also discussed
and Peter agreed to talk to those concerned.

Alan Dyson and Tony Woolstone should be invited to lunch and suitable
gifts/tributes to them should be discussed. Jon Worsley and his wine club to be
invited again.

It was very much felt that the forthcoming 20th anniversary of girls entering the
College should be very part of the day/evening. Former staff should also be
invited. Gill to liaise with Clare and possibly Vicky MacLeod on detail.

Graham has made great progress in tracking down and orchestrating various
year reunions for next year and currently has 12 groups who are hoping to
come. This could cause a problem with numbers for catering but this would be
reviewed nearer the time. All would be encouraged to stay on for the evening.

   7. Website

This was covered under the Webmaster’s report.

   8. Any Other Business

Graham mentioned that he had been using Tracesmart as a search engine for
‘lost Sternians’. This worked well, particularly because it included dates of birth.
However, they do not like it being used over 300 times in a month (as Gill and
Kate had also been using it) so he had trialed another product called Erol.
Unfortunately, this does not include dates of birth and is therefore far less useful.
It was agreed to go back to Tracesmart and keep the amount of searches down.

   9. Date of next meeting

Provisionally booked for Friday 7th or Sunday 9th March 2008.

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