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									                After Work Sports League (AWSL)
             Registration Form - Softball League 2012
Spring is now almost here and the Blue Jays are in Dundine and our softball season is
                                once again upon us!

When:           Tuesday evenings 6:15 pm ~ 8:00 pm
                May 8th – September 18th
                Tournament: Saturday Sept. 22, 2012

Where:          Hidden Valley, LaSalle “A” and LaSalle “B”

Who:            ABB Employees, friends, and relatives are welcome
                Commissioner and Captains are responsible to set teams and league rules.

Cost:           $65 per player

                   After Work Sports League (AWSL) Softball Sign-up Form


Phone #:


Burlington Resident                Yes                     No

Position                         Infield             Outfield

NOTE: The $65 cost does not include a shirt and entrance to the year-end banquet. Tickets
for the banquet will be sold separately.

        Checks to be made payable to AWSL.
        Return Registration forms by April 9, 2012 to Charles Simpson.
        During the draft the total number of players in a group will be limited to 3 or 4 persons.
        Draft will be held approximately the week of April 30th or sooner.
        Payment must be received by June 12, 2012.
Please read before signing:
I, the undersigned, hereby release and forever discharge for any and all action, causes of action, causes and
demands for upon or by reason of any change, loss or injury to ourselves which may result from our
participation in activities of the AWSL Organized Softball League during the calendar year of 2012. And for our
being allowed to participate in AWSL Organized Softball League I, the undersigned, agree not to make any
claim or take any proceeding action against AWSL or any member of the executive or captains with respect to
the activities of AWSL Organized Softball League.


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