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									                                                                                                         Race Equality Scheme

                                       Race Equality Scheme Action Plan 2010/11
                                                  Revised May 2010
1. Accountability / Strategy
       Action                                       Outcome                   Responsibility             Timescale
1.     Publish and Promote the full Race            RES is formally           Diversity Lead             Completed
       Equality Scheme revised 2008                 approved by the Board
                                                    of Directors and widely
2.      Develop detailed equality objectives        RES reflection local      Diversity Lead             Ongoing
        prioritised with targets, resulting from    service needs in          Head of Business
        focus group responses, staff survey         relation to gender        Development
        responses and national priorities           equality
3.      Ensure that in all areas the requirement    Race Equality is          Head of Business           Completed
        of the Race equality duty is achieved       integral within all       Development
        through the Equality Impact Assessment      relevant day to day       Diversity Lead and General
        Programme                                   activities, departments   Managers
                                                    service and
4.      Explore the use of existing mechanisms      Utilise current           Head of Business           Ongoing
        in prioritising / setting targets and       mechanisms to provide     Development
        monitoring.                                 report on race equality
                                                    Improved data on
        Explore systems nationally and locally to   health inequalities
        gather information on health inequalities
        / outcomes by Race
5.      Develop robust equal opportunity            Demonstrate diverse       Director of Strategy and   Completed
        monitoring process for Foundation Trust     and representative        Service Development
        Membership                                  membership
6.      Revise Race Equality Scheme                 Promote best practice     Diversity Lead, Head of    Completed
                                                    to meet the RES           Business Development

                                                                                                         Race Equality Scheme

7.      Publish the employee relations              Provide monitoring        Equality and Diversity Lead Completed
        information to the equality and diversity   information and
        group                                       highlight any areas for

2. Communication, Information and promotion
1.    Investigate how to communicate with   Increase usage of                 Head of Business           Ongoing
      specific groups                       services by targeted              Development /
                                            groups to improve                 Communications Manager
                                            health outcomes

3. Recruitment
1.     Continue links with local employers to       To become an              Diversity lead             Ongoing
       promote Trust as an employer of choice       employer of choice and
       and to help attract underrepresented         increase representation
       groups by participation in local events      of minority groups in
       e.g. career fairs                            the workforce
2.     Participate in events that promote race      Increase race diversity   Diversity lead             Ongoing
       equality, leadership and management          in applications and
       opportunities across staff groups            appointments to
                                                    positions across the
                                                    Trust in particular
                                                    senior positions
3.      Participate in career events for 14-19      To become employer of     Diversity Lead             Ongoing
        year olds in partnership with Education     choice.

4. Development and Training
1.     Continue with Training and Development Increase staff                  Diversity Lead / Head of Ongoing
       of all staff in Promoting equality and awareness                       Education/Communications

                                                                                                             Race Equality Scheme

         diversity                                                              Manager
2.       Review awareness training focussing         Increase awareness of      Diversity Lead and Head of   Ongoing
         specifically on race issues                 Race equality issues       Education

3.       Review Recruitment guide and training       Employing diverse          Diversity Lead               Completed
         focussing on benefits of employing          workforce
         diverse workforce
4.       Raise awareness of zero tolerance on        Improve reporting, and     Diversity Lead               Completed
         Harassment and bullying and ensure          reduce harassment and
         staff know how to raise concerns,           bullying incidents
5.       Roll out impact assessment training to      Increase number of         Diversity Lead               Completed
         key managers                                managers trained
6        Continue to review the appraisal process    Increase number of         Diversity Lead, Head of      Completed
         to ensure fairness and consistency to all   people having              Education
         employees                                   appraisals
7.       Promote and increase number of work         Improve access to          Diversity lead               Ongoing
         placements and apprenticeships within       employment
         the workplace                               opportunities

5. Work Life Balance
1.      Continue to raise awareness of various       Increase flexible          Diversity Lead / General     Completed
        working patterns available to all            working opportunities      Managers / Heads of
        employees irrespective of race               within Trust               Department
2.      Continue to raise awareness of flexible      Increase flexible          Diversity Lead / Pension     Completed
        retirement options and work life balance     retirement opportunities   Officer
3.      Promote subsidised nursery provisions ,      Promote childcare          Childcare Co-ordinator       Completed
        alternative childcare provisions available   options
4.      Monitor and evaluate employee                Measure effectiveness      Diversity Lead / General     Completed

                                                                                                        Race Equality Scheme

         awareness and take up of flexible          of awareness raising      Managers / Heads of
         working                                    initiatives via staff     Department

5.       Review work life balance policies          Ensure up-to-date,        Director of Human         Completed
                                                    relevant and promotes     Resources
                                                    best practice

6. Monitoring Employment
1.     Monitor employment and workforce             Address specific areas    Diversity lead            Completed
       profile data by gender, age, ethnic origin   of need to ensure
       and disability                               diverse and
2.       Revise Ethnic Monitoring form to include   Provide monitoring        Diversity Lead            Completed
         sexual orientation, religion and belief    information and target
                                                    areas for improvement
                                                    to ensure diverse and
3.       Review Ethnic Monitoring information       Ensure equality of        Diversity Lead, Head of   Ongoing
         held on Employees records                  access to training,       Education
         Review information requested when          development and
         applying for access to Training and        promotion opportunities
4.       Ensure Directorates/Departments use        Improve recruitment,      Diversity Lead, General   Ongoing
         workforce profile monitoring data          training and              Mangers
                                                    development and
                                                    retention of staff at a
                                                    local level

                                                                                                   Race Equality Scheme

7. Policies, Procedures and Processes
1.      Undertake Equality Impact Assessments       Improved processes   Diversity lead            Completed
        on recruitment and selection policy         consistent with
2.      Undertake Equality Impact Assessments                            Diversity lead            Completed
        on all HR policies including Discipline
        and Grievance, and Harassment and
3.      Undertake Equality Impact Assessments                            Head of Education,        Completed
        on appraisal process, training provisions                        Diversity Lead
        and work placements
4.      Develop process to embed Equality                                Diversity Lead            Completed
        Impact Assessments within HR functions
        and policies

8. Engagement and Involvement of local people
1.     Develop and undertake ongoing            Measure effectiveness    Head of Business          Ongoing
       engagement, involvement and              of RES and action plan   Development
       consultation with stakeholders
2.     Maintain regular meetings with other     Share learning           Head of Business          Completed
       statutory partners e.g. DMBC and PCT’s                            Development / Diversity
       to monitor/review actions and share best                          lead
3.     Establish public sector organisations    Share learning and       Head of Business          Completed
       forum for Bassetlaw                      monitor efficiency of    Development/Diversity
                                                RES and action plan      Lead


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