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									                                    DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES
                                               PO BOX 700
                                          TRENTON, NJ 08625-0700
CHRIS CHRISTIE                                                                    JENNIFER VELEZ
   Governor                                                                          Commissioner

Lt. Governor


                                          November 30, 2011
                                     JOB OPPORTUNITY #232-11
                                     SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE
                       (Functional Title – Director of Community Operations)

NOTE: If you are a candidate for a position that involves direct client care in one of the
Department of Human Services’ hospitals or developmental centers, you may be subject to pre
and/or post-employment drug testing/screening. The cost of any pre-employment testing will be
at your expense. Candidates with a positive drug test result or those who refuse to be tested
and/or cooperate with the testing requirement will not be hired. You will be advised if the position
for which you’re being considered requires drug testing and how to proceed with the testing.

Location –    Division of Developmental Disabilities/Central Office
              Community Operations
              5 Commerce Way
              Hamilton Township, NJ 08691

The Senior Executive Service (SES) Classification is composed of those positions in New Jersey State
Government with managerial, policy executing, and/or policy influencing responsibilities. SES
positions are designated by the departments with the advice and consent of the Chair of the Civil
Service Commission and approved by the Merit System Board. These positions have significant
influence on the department’s/agency’s direction, mission, priorities, major goals and objectives
and most commonly, have significant control over substantial resources and/or responsibility for a
major program operating organizational unit.

This SES position will report directly to the Assistant Commissioner, Division of Developmental
Disabilities and will be responsible for providing direction, supervision, and leadership to four
Regional Administrators, and the following programs: Community Services, Adult Day Services,
Self-Directed Services, Family Support Services, Constituent Services, Office of Autism, Children’s
Placement Enhancement Project, Purchase of Care and the Return Home New Jersey Initiative.

                                 New Jersey Is An Equal Opportunity Employer

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. An advanced degree in
management, administration, or other related areas is a plus.

Five (5) years of supervisory/managerial experience with a variety of managerial and
organizational responsibilities relating to the position.

Successful completion of the Certified Public Managers (CPM) Program may be a factor in

Evidence of major professional accomplishments is required, as is demonstrated ability in
communication and leadership skills. Demonstrated managerial skills including such factors as
interpersonal skills, decision making, problem analysis and creative thinking, administrative
judgment, delegation, managerial or financial control, interdepartmental cooperation/liaison,
development of subordinates and organizational awareness are required.

Salary is commensurate with education and experience.

Send resume and a contact list of three (3) professional references by December 7, 2011 to:

Division of Developmental Disabilities/Central Office
Office of Human Resources
PO Box 726
Trenton, NJ 08625
Attn: Lisa Monahan

Or send email to: ddd.resumes@dhs.state.nj.us


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