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									                                              Bobbin Flower

Got bobbins that don't fit your machine(s)?
Grab some fabric scraps & make some flowers!

Materials Needed:

Metal Bobbin
Pin Back
Hand Needle
Matching Thread – Heavier is better
Glue Gun or Craft Glue
Pinking Shears or Rotary Cutter with Pinking or Scallop Blade*
Measuring Tape or Measurements on Cutting Mat
Martelli's Sew Mate or Stiletto-type tool
Optional: Iron, Sewing Machine, Cutting Mat, No Slip Ruler

*Both the front and back of fabric will show so choose accordingly. Choose a fabric where the back is as
pretty as the front. Batiks work well.
You can complete these flowers by hand or sewing machine. Attaching can be done with a hand needle or
glue or glue gun. After you make 1 or 2, you'll find what works best for you!

Making the Flower

Cutting Fabric: This can be done with pinking shears or a cutter with a pinking/scallop blade*
    Cut a strip of fabric measuring around 3” x 10”. Measurements don’t have to be exact; after you
      make 1, you’ll know what look you like.
    Fold fabric up lengthwise in 3rds so that 2/3rds of your favorite side is showing.
    This will be your stitch line, so finger press, iron or mark with a pen so that there is a line or crease
      that you can follow. (You can use any pen as it won’t show.)

Gathering Stitch: This can be done either by hand or with your sewing machine.
    Using either a hand needle or a long stitch length on your sewing machine; take gathering stitches
      on the folded line. If sewing by hand, leave the needle attached.
   Note: Whether sewing by hand or by machine, leave a tail on one end and lock the
          stitches in on the other end so that stitches won't pull out as you gather.
    After stitching, fold fabric as you did earlier and finger press again.
    With fabric folded, begin gathering up the fabric by pulling on the tail end.
    Take bobbin and place fabric inside to see how tight to gather.
    Continue gathering and play around a bit with the fabric to get a pleasing look.

Securing Fabric: Use a glue gun or craft glue, or a hand needle or a combination of these.
    If gluing with craft glue or a glue gun, use your Sew Mate or stiletto-type tool to position
      your fabric in a pleasing way. Glue in place, using the tool to hold until it's secure. Glue
      the ends together.

      If using a hand needle, thread the tail end with a hand needle if you did your gathering
       stitch by sewing machine. The Sew Mate is great to position your fabric in a pleasing way.
       Take several stitches in and out of the bobbin to secure and to get the look you want.
       Sew the ends together.

      Using craft glue, a glue gun, or a hand needle, attach the Pin Back on the back side of the

   Wear to your next gathering and be prepared to get lots of compliments!
              Additional flowers; some with a twist on this technique...
                ~Red/black - 2 pieces each with a gathering stitch.
                ~Yellow/pink & orange/black at top -1 piece of fabric folded wrong
                  sides together with a gathering stitch on non-folded edge.

**The Martelli Ergo Cutter was not designed to hold a pinking or scallop blade but here's what I do....

Since I do lots of projects with decorative edges, I bought an extra Ergo Cutter dedicated just for this.
I purchased blades from JoAnn Fabrics when they were 50% off. Insert this blade in the same way you
would a Martelli blade. Once this blade is in, the blade cover won't close so keep it in a
place where it won't do any damage.

Note:    If the blade has notches rather than a circle in the center, it will eventually eat
        away at the bolt that holds the blade in place. You'll know this when you start
        to see silver/gray 'dust' on your fabric! If you have a choice, find a blade with a
        circle center...

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