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					   Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI)
Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Institute [MSI-CI2]
and CI Empowerment Coalition MSI-CIEC
              October 21 2006

        Geoffrey Fox
      The Demographic Revolution
      Providing a scalable equitable
  mechanism for developing a CI-enabled
   science and engineering workforce
                    Basic Ideas
• Cyberinfrastructure is critical to all involved in
  Research and Education
• Cyberinfrastructure is intrinsically democratic
  supporting broad participation
• MSI’s should lead MSI integration with
• One should guide the projects with experts
• One should aim at scalable (systemic) approaches
• Goal is peer collaborations involving all institutions of
  higher education
    Some Key Institutions/ Participants
• Al Kuslikis: Director of STEM project development at the American Indian
  Higher Education Consortium AIHEC
• Alex Ramírez: Director of information technology initiatives at the
  Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities HACU
• Selena Singleton: Chief of programs at the National Association for
  Equity in Higher Education NAFEO
   – Karl Barnes and Calvin Lowe also help a lot from NAFEO
• Richard Aló: Director of the Center for Computational Science (CCSDS)
  at UHD University of Houston Downtown; PI MSI-CIEC Proposal
• Diane Baxter: Director of outreach and education at the San Diego
  Supercomputing Center SDSC
• Geoffrey Fox: Director of the Community Grids Lab at Indiana University,
  Visiting Scholar for CI Development at the Alliance for Equity In Higher
  Education, and Senior Research Associate at CCSDS UHD.
Example: Setting up a Polar CI-Grid
• The North and South poles are melting with potential huge
  environmental impact
• As a result of MSI-CI2 meetings, I am working with MSI ECSU
  in North Carolina and Kansas University to design and set up a
  Polar Grid (Cyberinfrastructure)
• This is a network of computers, sensors (on robots and
  satellites), data and people aimed at understanding science of
  ice-sheets and impact of global warming
• We have changed the 100,000 year Glacier cycle into a ~50
  year cycle; the field has increased dramatically in importance
  and interest
• Good area to get involved in as not so much established work
• ECSu
        MSI Cyberinfrastructure
    Empowerment Coalition MSI-CIEC
• MSI institution centered with coordinated brokering and support
• MSI capabilities are built around CI delivery to MSI’s
• Program support capabilities such as portal help enable MSI
  Capabilities (Portal not funded)
• There are important administrative and outreach capabilities
  under “Internal and Operational”
• Initial major focus on integrating CI at an MSI with linkage of
  multiple programs at a given institution
   – Modest CI installation at site: local capability and access to International
     CI (MSI CI Operations Center)
   – Institutional activities: executive presentations and campus visits to plan
   – Funding of faculty release time and students
   – Linkage of MSI and National CI research projects
   – Curriculum enhancement
   – Education and Training of faculty, students and CI support staff
• MSI-CIEC can lead or support/advise projects such as advising
  TeraGrid RAT on Campus partnerships
 MSI-CIEC: MSI Cyberinfrastructure Empowerment Coalition
                                            MSI-CIEC: MSI Cyberinfrastructure
                                            Empowerment Coalition Leadership team
                                                  Capability Leaders
                                                  PIs of Projects

MSI-Centered Capabilities                       Operational and Internal                Program Support Capabilities
                                                Capabilities                             Portal, Access Grid, Collaboration tools,
 Links to 3 MSI areas and the Alliance
 CI Linkage                                    • External Relations                    Portal content (Support databases)
                                                • Government, Other MSI                  MSI CI Operations Center
 Capabilities for specific domains such
                                                Projects, Relevant connections           Research programs and opportunities
as Biology for Earth Science
                                                such as TeraGrid, NCSA,                  REU, Fellowships etc. supporting other
 MSI faculty staff student mentoring
                                                SDSC, TACC, SCxx                        capabilities including MSI faculty staff student
and advancement
                                                • Outreach and Meetings                 mentoring and advancement
 MSI Institutional evaluation, planning,
                                                • Evaluation and Internal                Education and Training
                                                Research                                 Specific Programs and Identification of
 MSI Physical resources such as                                                        opportunities
clusters and TeraGrid access                    • Administration & Operations
                                                                                         Social and Behavioral research

                               MSI-CIEC: MSI Cyberinfrastructure Empowerment
                               Coalition Projects with Multiple PI's:

                               These use a selection of capabilities and include cases where
                               MSI-CIEC has a lead or support role

                               MSI-CI2 is first MSI-CIEC project

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