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Title:     Creating the Greenest County Delivery Partnership – Executive Group

Date:      Tuesday 21 July 2009

Place:     Lecture Theatre, Mid-Suffolk District Council Offices, Needham Market

Time:      14:00 – 17:00

Members:   Alison Collins, Natural England
           Brian Holder, University Campus Suffolk
           Bryn Griffiths, Suffolk County Council (Chair)
           Chris Fry, Mid Suffolk District Council
           Edward Martin, Suffolk County Council
           Ernie Botley, Audit Commission
           Jennifer Forest, National Trust
           Jeremy Schofield, Suffolk Coastal District Council
           Jim Brown, Suffolk Tourism Partnership
           Jonathan Thompson, Environment Agency
           Katharine Smith, Forest Heath District Council
           Malcolm Firth, Babergh District Council
           Marcus Sibley, Environment Agency
           Matt Hullis, Suffolk County Council
           Matthew Ling, Ipswich Borough Council
           Nigel McCurdy, Forest Heath District Council
           Peter Holborn, Suffolk County Council
           Sandra Pell, St Edmundsbury Borough Council
           Simone Bullion, Suffolk Wildlife Trust
           Stephen Archer, Waveney District Council
           Steve Hyde, Mid Suffolk District Council
           Tony Curd, Waveney District Council
                         ITEM                          Estimated   Attachments        Lead

1.   Welcome and Apologies                              5 mins                   Chair

2.   Minutes of Last Meeting Monday 27 April 2009       5 mins       Paper A     Chair
     and Matters Arising

Part 1: Major discussion items

     Presentation and discussion of the report from
     the Local Area Agreement Scrutiny Panel
        o   Tony Sheppard (Chairman of LAA joint        30 mins      Paper B     Tony Sheppard
            scrutiny panel) & John Levantis                                      & John
            (Chairman of Greenest County scrutiny                                Levantis
            sub group) will introduce the content of
            the independent report prepared by the
            Scrutiny Panel

     Delivery Partnership Strengths Weaknesses
     Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis of the
     Creating the Greenest County Delivery
        o   Iain Dunnett the Creating the Greenest
            County Delivery Partnership Manager
            will lead a SWOT analysis of the            30 mins                  Iain Dunnett
            Delivery Partnership. This will be our
            opportunity to set out out view of the
            current position to accompany the
            scrutiny report when it is taken to the
            Suffolk Strategic Partnership.

     Suffolk Landscape Character Assessment

5.      o   Edward Martin and Peter Holborn will
            present the Landscape Character                                      Edward Martin/
            Assessment and explain how it can be        25 mins                  Peter Holborn
            used by the Partnership to protect and
            enhance Suffolk’s natural and historic

Part 2: Report back items

6.   Suffolk Climate Change Partnership structure
     and governance, and introduction to Project        5 mins       Paper C     David Walton
7.    LAA target lead reports

         o   NI 186 - per capita CO2 emissions                     Paper D       Iain Dunnett

         o   NI 188 - planning to adapt to climate                 Paper E       Iain Dunnett
         o   NI 193 - percentage of municipal waste    15 mins     Paper F       Sandra Pell
         o   Local Target 3 – a policy framework                 Verbal update   Phil Gore
             for the coastal zone of Suffolk (Jeremy
         o   Local Target 8 - Increase the % of                  Verbal update   Peter Holborn/
             County Wildlife sites under active                                  Simone Bullion
             conservation management

8.    Adaptation Conference                            5 mins                    Anna

9     Funding Opportunities
.        o Performance Reward Grant                    10 mins     Paper G       Iain Dunnett
         o Draft European Regional Development                     Paper H
            Fund – Project Concept Form

10.   Delivery Partnership Communications Plan         10 mins      Paper I      Anna

12.   Healthy Ambitions Partnership linkage            5 mins                    Iain Dunnett

13.   Forward agenda plan and future items - Food      5 mins      Paper J       Iain Dunnett
      Hub/Green Building Network/New

14.   Any Other Business                               5 mins                    All

15.   Dates of Future Meetings:                        5 mins                    All
         o Monday 12 October 2009, 14:00 –
             16:00, National Trust, Westley
         o January 2010 - TBC

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