Minutes of a Selby district Community Safety Partnership Executive by 4hRKVe0C


									 Minutes of a Selby district Community Safety Partnership Executive board meeting
                               held on 31, March 2010


Dave McCabe                                 North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
Chief Inspector Richard Anderson            North Yorkshire Police
Councillor Karl Arthur                      NYCC representative
Paul Kirkham                                Community Safety Manager
Gill Cashmore                               Selby AVS
Gina Allen                                  NYPA
Kay Ritchie                                 NYCC
Phil Austin                                 YOT
Jane Dolling                                NHS North Yorkshire and York
Judith Luscombe                             Selby Magistrates
Kath Cooper                                 Probation


Louise Marsay                               YJS
Allan Pitt                                  NYCC
Councillor Brian Percival                   Community Safety Champion

1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 24, February 2009 were accepted as an
accurate record.

2. Matters arising from the last meeting

a. Partnership meeting

Mr Kirkham stated that a date had not been set for a meeting with Alan Pitt and
himself. He would expedite this matter.

b. Prevent strategy

Mr Kirkham stated that Neil Skinner had received comments from partners about the
Prevent strategy document. These had been forwarded to North Yorkshire County

Action: Mr Kirkham is to inform Chief Inspector Anderson whether Inspector
Abbott had responded to the request for comments about the Prevent strategy

c. Joint Commissioning groups

Mr McCabe informed the meeting that the Alcohol Joint Commissioning group will
shortly cease to exist. It will be amalgamated with a Joint Commissioning group
dealing with Violent Crime and the Night Time economy.

d. Extracting Alcohol related crime statistics from violent crime statistics

Mr McCabe informed the meeting that at present it was not possible to extract data
for Alcohol related crime from the Violent Crime statistics. Jane Dolling stated that
work was being undertaken to record the alcohol related statistics from Accident and
Emergency admissions.

e. Night Marshals

Mr McCabe stated that he had raised the issue of funding of Night Marshals with
partners. There will be restricted funds for provision of Marshals over the next year
and therefore the Marshals may be withdrawn. This item has been added to the Risk

Action: Mr McCabe is to arrange a meeting with Selby District Council to
obtain further funding for the Night Marshals programme.

3. Community Partnership Plan 2010 / 2011

The meeting agreed to sign off the Community Partnership Plan. Chief Inspector
Anderson stated that it is a very good plan. Mr McCabe informed the meeting that a
Road Safety plan is in existence, but has not been included in this plan. All other
CDRPs have a similar format for their plans

Chief Inspector Anderson asked how the board would manage this plan. Mr Kirkham
stated that each lead has responsibility for a specific priority. The Plan will develop
on a month-by-month basis. The Plan is an operational tool to help the strategic
leads. Mr Kirkham will manage the plan. It will be sent out every two months to
partners. Ms Allen stated that the information held on the plan would make it more
likely to get funding for projects. Ms Ritchie stated that there is a need for milestone
notes to be added to the plan in order to give detailed evaluation of projects. Key
Performance Indicators need to be identified.

Mr McCabe stated that the plan gives the Selby CDRP more value than it had in the
past. It gives the opportunity to see what actions are working or not. He also
informed the meeting that for the plan to work, it needs the involvement of strategic
leads to feed back information to the group. Strategic leads will be chased up where
performance is in the red or amber. Mr McCabe thanked Mr Kirkham and Emily
Murphy for the work that they had undertaken in compiling the plan.

4. Performance Indicator Update

Mr Kirkham gave a presentation about performance since the last meeting.

Generally the crime figures are very good. Chief Inspector Anderson informed the
meeting that there has been a 20% reduction in crime in the Selby district and that
there has been a 12.5% crime reduction in North Yorkshire. The sanction detection
rate for Selby is approximately 31%. Two people have been charged for robbery of a
post office in the Selby district. Officers from North Yorkshire Police have visited

Post offices in the Selby district to provide reassurance. Reductions in crime are due
to the strong ethos of partners working together.

5. Any other business

a. Consequences day

Mrs Luscombe informed the meeting that Selby Magistrates would like to hold a
‘Consequences Day’ in which young offenders and their parents would be invited to
see the potential consequences of their offending.

Action: Mrs Luscombe is to speak to Emily Murphy in order to organise the
Consequences Day.

b. Alcohol related crime scheme

Kath Cooper informed the meeting of a project that has been undertaken to deal with
alcohol related crime. Offenders would be referred to the scheme by the local
Magistrates courts. Presentations about the scheme have been made to
magistrates. Financial approval has been given for it. The scheme will start when
there are sufficient referrals to make it viable to run it.

Ms Cooper stated that she was moving onto a secondment project for 12 months and
therefore would not be able to attend further meetings. A replacement for her post
has not been announced.

c. Good News

Mr Kirkham informed the meeting of the following good news

i. A ‘Get Out’ brochure has been issued to the area by the Youth Service. The CSP
have funded this brochure and there is a small acknowledgement in the brochure
stating this.

ii. A ‘Chill Pod’ will been installed in Tadcaster bus station. Funding for the pod had
in part been received from local businesses. The CSP contributed a significant
amount of funding to this pod. The project has been generally well received by the
local Community Engagement Forum.

iii. A local dealer of Methadrone has been identified through the Pub Watch scheme
and was reported to the police. He has been banned from public houses that are
part of the scheme. This is a good example of partnership working.

6. Date of the next meeting

The next meeting will be held at 2pm on Wednesday 19, May 2010.


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