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THAD 205 – Makeup for the Performer


									Approved by Faculty Senate March 30, 2009
THAD 205 – Makeup for the Performer
Tuesday 11-12:20
PAC B4 (Dressing Room)
Theatre Majors/Minors must also register for THAD 090 Showcase

Instructor: Peggy Sannerud
         Office: PAC 235 Phone: (507) 457-5247
         Office hours: M 11 & 2; T 1-3; W 11 & 1; Th 11 & 1-3; F 11and by appointment

Required Text: Stage Makeup: The Actor’s Complete Step-by-Step Guide… by Laura Thudium,
BackStage Books.

Also required: Ben Nye Theatrical Crème Makeup Kits

Course Objective: By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following:
        Analyze facial shapes and features for corrective makeup
        Develop facial schematics for makeup design
        Use common theatrical makeup materials according to design
        Reproduce makeup designs of a number of traditional and nontraditional sources
        Create a life mask and use it to develop simple prosthetics

Class Method: This class is almost entirely based on the preparation and completion of a number of projects. To
receive a passing grade, students must:
               Complete ALL projects
               Attend ALL 14 class meetings
Exceptions to the attendance policy must be arranged in advance.

The Peggy Policy: If you are unhappy with your performance on any project, you may redo it, and I will re-evaluate
it. To be eligible for re-do, the project must have been completed on time to begin with. No re-do of late work will be

Late Work: Because of the project nature of the class, late work will prevent you from keeping up with the syllabus.
Keep up and be prepared for each class, or you waste everyone’s time. If a project is not completed on time, the maximum
grade possible will be a C.

Projects –
  1. Face schematics (2)                      50 points
  2. Corrective design (2)                    50 points
  3. Gender switch                            50 points
  4. Aging                                    50 points
  5. Life Mask                               100 points
  6. Wounds, scars and burns                 100 points
  7. Period face                             100 points
  8. Animal face                             100 points
  9. Final – Celebrity                       150 points
  10. Photo Album                            100 points
  11. Class Journal                           50 points

University Studies -
This course satisfies the Fine and Performing Arts Core of WSU’s University Studies program. It includes requirements and
learning activities that promote students’ abilities to…
           a. explore the language, skills, and materials of an artistic discipline;
           b. use the methods of an arts practitioner to actively engage in creative
                  processes or interpretive performances;
          c. understand the cultural and gender contexts of artistic expression:
          d. engage in reflective analysis of their own art work or interpretive
                  performance and respond to the work of others.

Class Calendar:

Sept 4 – Develop face shape schematics for self and partner. Hand in at end of class.
         Before Class: Read Chapter 1 – Getting to Know Your Face
                       Read Chapter 2 – Your Face Shape Schematic

Sept 11 - Foundations, Skin care and Makeup Care. Need kits by this date.
        Before class: Read Chapter 4 – Foundation and Skin Care

Sept 18 – Exercises in Chapter 5 – corrective makeup
         Before class: Read Chapter 5 – Highlighting and Shadowing
                       Read Chapter 6 – Corrective Makeup

Sept 25 – Corrective makeup (2)
         Before Class: Read Chapter 8 – Facial Stoutness and Slimness
                       Prepare design schematic of corrective makeup for two classmates

Oct 2 – Playing with Facial Hair – do partner’s
         Before Class: Read Chapter 14 – Facial Hair, Wigs, Hairpieces

Oct 9 – Gender switch – do your own
         Before Class: Read Chapter 13 – Gender reversal
                       Bring a photo of a face of someone the opposite sex. Prepare a schematic.

Oct 16 – Aging Techniques – do your own
         Before class: Read Chapter 7 – Age Makeup
         Bring a photo of an aged relative – same sex
         Bring prepared Aging Schematic of your own face

Oct 23 – Life Mask
        Before Class: Read Chapter 15 – Making a Life Mask

Oct 30 – Life Mask, continued

Nov 6 – Wounds, scars and burns
        Before class: Read Chapter 9 – Wounds, Scars, Burns
        Bring photo source of scar, bullet wound, knife wound

Nov 13 – Wounds demo – alternate methods; blood recipes

Nov 20 – Period faces
        Before class: Read Chapter 10 – Period Makeup
        Bring Period research

Nov 27 – Animal faces
        Before class: Read Chapter 11 – Stylization
        Bring photo of animal face, full front, the same size as your face schematic. Get this OKed by Peggy before class!
Dec 6 – Final Time – Dec 13, 1:00 – Celebrity Look-Alike - During the Final, use everything you’ve learned to make
yourself look like a chosen celebrity (Get instructor’s approval for source). Turn in photo album of work with sources and
research material. Majors – add commentary to turn this album into a journal!

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