for the
                           ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA

                                             Revised 1/27/12

Freshman students who have qualified for induction into the OU chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta may
apply for any officer position for the following academic year.

All students making application for an office must be present to be inducted into membership in the OU
chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, at the first induction ceremony.

All officers must continue to hold a minimum 3.5 OU GPA during their time of service.

Each officer applicant must be available to serve for the entire following academic year. Those members
who expect to study abroad during cannot be considered.

All officers are considered to be members of the Executive Council of the OU chapter of ALD.

All officers must attend regular Executive Council meetings, twice monthly or as scheduled by the
President. If an officer misses three meetings during the academic year without an official excuse given
by the President or Chapter Adviser, that officer is required to relinquish the position immediately and a
replacement is to be appointed by the President with advice and consent of Executive Council.

Each officer or co-chair is responsible not only for specific duties assigned to that office or co-
chairmanship, but also for chapter scheduled events. Each officer is expected to participate actively in at
least three chapter events per semester.

Officers will be assigned in teams of two or three to check-in duty at certain chapter events. These
officers must be on time, stay until the completion of the event or activity, and record all members who
participate for service points. Within 24 hours after the event or activity, the names of those who earned
service points must be sent electronically to the web-master for posting.

Officers/Chairs are expected to uphold standards of conduct that reflect not only the ideals and purposes
of Alpha Lambda Delta, but also those of the University of Oklahoma. Consequently, any officer/chair
who is found guilty for any campus or community offense shall immediately relinquish that office/chair
by notifying the Chapter Adviser.

Officers should expect a minimum average of three hours work weekly for the OU Alpha Lambda Delta
chapter events and activities. The President should expect a minimum of ten hours work per week for
chapter events and activities.

Minimal expectations of duties of specific officers/chairs are defined below:
                Shall act as the presiding officer of the chapter for Alpha Lambda Delta
                Shall direct the activity and event planning for the chapter for the year in consultation
                   with the Executive Council and the Chapter Adviser.
                Shall attend, at chapter expense, the annual Alpha Lambda Delta fall National Leadership
                   Workshop held in October of each year.
                Shall make a report of the national workshop activities and events to the Executive
                   Council no later than two weeks following the national workshop.
                Shall, during the regular academic terms, hold a minimum of two regular meetings of the
                   Executive Council each month and shall send a written agenda of each meeting at least
                   24 hours in advance to all officers and the chapter adviser.
                Shall maintain efficient and timely communication among officers, advisers, and
                Shall respond promptly to all requests from national office and local adviser.
                Shall help to create interest in ALD among alums, current members, and prospective
                Shall work closely with both vice-presidents to ensure that the local chapter constitution
                   meets guidelines for UOSA.
                Shall be aware of duties for all officers and ensure that those duties are performed in a
                   timely manner.

1st Vice President:
                Shall collaborate with the President in overseeing the work of the Service and
                   Scholarship Chairs, meeting with each of these committees on a regular basis.
                Shall attend, at chapter expense, the annual Alpha Lambda Delta fall National Leadership
                   Workshop held in October of each year.
                Shall collaborate with the President in the organization of events and in the insurance of
                   proper administration of officer and member tasks.
                Shall assist the President in duties as requested/be able to take over the President’s
                   responsibilities in the event that the President is unable to do so.
                Shall respond promptly to all requests from the President and Chapter Adviser.

2nd Vice President:
               Shall oversee the work of the Publicity and Elections Chairs, meeting with each of these
                  committees on a regular basis.
               Shall report the actions of the Publicity and Elections Committees to the President in a
                  timely manner.
               Shall confer regularly with the Historians to ensure that the chapter scrapbook is updated
                  regularly and conclusively illustrates all chapter events and activities.

Recording Secretary:
              Shall take minutes of all Executive Council meetings and submit them electronically to
                 all officers and advisers within 48 hours of the meeting.
              Shall prepare copies of all minutes for inclusion in the scrapbook in time for
                 consideration in national awards.
              Shall communicate all dates of chapter activities and events that are confirmed at
                 Executive Council meetings to Publicity and Service Chairs.
Corresponding Secretary:
             Shall take minutes of all Executive Council meetings in the absence of the Recording
             Shall write congratulatory notes on behalf of the OU chapter for various national events
                and activities, and outstanding chapter member and faculty member accomplishments
                as directed by the Executive Council or as noticed in announcements and articles in the
                Oklahoma Daily student newspaper.
             Shall update chapter e-mail distribution lists regularly.

             Shall make a monthly report of the status of the chapter financial accounts to the
                Executive Council, including projected budget amount for incidental upcoming
             Shall attend all UOSA meetings required for budgetary processes and present the ALD
                requests for annual and supplemental funding as available.
             Shall be attentive to new prospective sources of funding for the chapter (other than fund-
                raising events) available from UOSA, including Coke funding sources.
             Shall work with the President to ensure that ALD remains an officially recognized
                student organization by the UOSA and Division of Student Affairs.
             Shall work with the chapter advisers to prepare the annual budget report to the national
            [One of the co-treasurers shall be appointed to continue as a financial adviser through fall
            semester of the second officer year to assist the new treasurers in budgetary information
            and budget processes.]

Service Events Chairs:
              Shall work closely with the Publicity Co-Chairs to ensure the adequate publicity of
                 service events and the proper appointment of service point credit to participating
                 members in a timely fashion.
              Shall work closely with the President to ensure that two or three officers are present for
                 each service event to record attendance and service point credit.
              Shall endeavor to provide a wide variety of service events, both on campus and in the
                 Norman and Oklahoma City communities.
              Shall arrange monthly services events in which chapter members can participate for
                 service points.
              Shall organize no less than two (2) service events per calendar month

Elections Chairs:
              Shall review annually (in January) procedures for chapter elections with Chapter Advisor.
              Shall communicate results of this review to Executive Council for their approval.
              Shall set dates for all election procedures and work with Publicity Chairs to arrange
              Shall work with Executive Council to ensure that there is a quorum for each election
                  interview and that the President and relevant Officers are present at all interviews.
              Shall report to the Executive Council the results of the officer selections and shall notify
                  all candidates of the results within three days of the final interviews.
              Shall collect, organize, and present the annual chapter scrapbook for submission to
                 Nationals by the deadline date.
              Shall ensure that pictures are taken at every ALD event for scrapbooking purposes.
              Shall consult previous chapter scrapbooks and chapter officers who attended the fall
                 national workshop for contemporary ideas and regulations.
              Shall work to be as creative and efficient as possible in presenting chapter and member
                 accomplishments in the most outstanding of manners.
              Shall work within budget constraints as assigned by the Executive Council.
              Shall work with the President to submit an annual article to the Flame, the national
              Shall attend all ALD events to ensure proper cataloging of such events.

Publicity Chairs:
               Shall arrange timely publicity for all chapter events and activities.
               Shall serve as active liaisons between ALD and student media as well as the Division of
                  Student Affairs.
               Shall be familiar with all OU policies regarding publicity for student organizations.
               Shall arrange for cost-efficient publicity to highlight major chapter and member
                  accomplishments, working with the Treasurers and Chapter Advisor to confirm
                  budgetary constraints.
               Shall update social media to coincide with chapter announcements, activities, and events
                  (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
               Responsible for organizing ALD members to chalk chapter announcements, activities,
                  and events on campus grounds

Scholarship Chairs:
              Shall work closely with the chapter adviser to annually review the chapter scholarship
                 offerings and procedures for applications.
              Shall work with the chapter adviser to select the committee of faculty and students to
                 review applications and submit recommendations.
              Shall review annually the amounts to be offered to chapter sophomores and juniors as
                 well as quantity of scholarships in each class.
              Shall work with the adviser to ensure that all scholarship winners are present at the spring
                 initiation to assist with induction procedures and to be recognized as chapter
                 scholarship recipients.
              Shall consult with the chapter adviser to promote and receive applications for national
                 Trow and Graduate Fellowship applications.
              Shall consult with the chapter adviser to select the committee to review and select the
                 Trow applicants from the local chapter that are to be forwarded to National.
              Shall work closely with the Publicity Chairs to advertise both local and national
                 scholarship opportunities.
              Shall work closely with the New Sooner Convocation committee to present national
                 awards at the annual fall New Sooner Convocation ceremony.
               Shall make a preliminary report to Executive Council regarding amounts and number of
                  local scholarships.
               Shall make a final report to Executive Council regarding dispensation of local

               Shall possess qualifications necessary to upgrade and maintain the Chapter website.
               Shall communicate with the national office regarding website maintenance as needed.
               Shall post service points in a timely fashion.
               Shall revise and upgrade the chapter website at least once per semester.
               Shall upgrade the website calendar of chapter events and deadlines as needed.
               Shall link the OU ALD website to the National ALD website and to the ACHS website.
               Shall post chapter meeting minutes online in a timely fashion.

Junior and Senior Advisors: (appointed positions)
              Shall aid the administrative and faculty advisors in the operation of the chapter
              Must have served on an Executive Council for Alpha Lambda Delta for at least one (1)
                 office term.

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