Orientation in AnSci Syllabus Fall 1996 by 4hRKVe0C


									    AnS 110 – Orientation in Animal
      Science and ISU - Fall 2012                                                       Major Things Guaranteed to
                 TR lectures (127 Curtiss Hall)
                                                                                         Annoy Your Instructor
Instructor:               Dr. Howard Tyler                                              Let your cell phone ring or text message your
                          123 Kildee Hall                                               friends.
                          htyler@iastate.edu                                            Worse yet, answer your phone or text in class.
                                                                                        Please turn it off when you come to class. If there
Co-Instructor:            Michaela Spring                                               is a potential emergency and you need to have it
                                                                                        on, set it to vibrate and sit near an exit. Leave the
                          mmspring@iastate.edu                                          room BEFORE you answer.

Peer Mentors/Teaching Assistants: Names of your TA’s and                                Play on your laptop or read the paper.
their contact information are provided on the Blackboard site.                          If you want to check e-mail, surf the web, or read
                                                                                        the ISU Daily, then leave the room. You may feel
                                                                                        you can multi-task effectively, but it is
Office hours: For Dr. Tyler, Ask for an appointment in person at                        disrespectful to the instructor and your fellow
front desk in 123 Kildee OR 119 Kildee or call 294-6021 OR 294-                         students to do so in the classroom.
3161 to make an appointment by phone. For Michaela Spring,
send her an e-mail to request an appointment.                                           Hold a side discussion with your friends.
                                                                                        Talk before class. Talk after class. Pay attention
                                                                                        and stay awake during class.
Required Materials: You MUST have a clicker for this class.
They can be purchased through the University Bookstore. This                            Ask for help without trying first.
class will also use Blackboard Learn as a means of managing the                         Use your own brain before wearing out ours.
course presentations, quizzes, and grades.                                              Yours works just fine - and it may just need the
Course objectives: Orientation to the university and Department                         Send or leave messages without identifying
of Animal Science. Challenges and opportunities available to the                        yourself.
professional animal agriculturalist. Professional goal setting,                         Use you full name in e-mails or voice messages.
portfolio development, and development of interpersonal skills in                       Your e-mail address does NOT always identify
the context of pursuing a career in animal science.                                     you effectively. Bonus points if you spell out
                                                                                        words completely and correctly and use proper
                                                                                        grammar and punctuation. You may need me for a
Student Outcomes:                                                                       reference someday; try to leave a professional
After completing this course, students will be able to:                                 impression with every interaction.
        1. register for classes.
        2. set personal goals and create a plan to achieve them.                        Ask me if we are doing anything important in
        3. develop the beginning of one’s own professional portfolio.                   class.
        4. identify degree requirements and those electives that serve their            Every word from my mouth is a pearl of wisdom,
        educational goals.                                                              so every lecture is important. You will someday
        5. interpret university, college and departmental guidelines and                look back on this class as the most important event
        regulations for progress towards a degree.                                      in your life, so learn to treasure it now.
        6. recognize the departmental academic advisors.
        7. describe the advising system employed by the college and the                 Be upset when spelling, grammar or
        department.                                                                     punctuation affects your grade?
        8. compare the requirements and opportunities of at least two                   Yes. If it affects our understanding of your
        alternative majors in the college.                                              answer, it affects your grade. If you don’t learn to
        9. interact with peers in the major.                                            use the jargon of the discipline you are studying
        10 characterize and initiate involvement in departmental, college and           effectively by the time you have finished this class,
        university student organizations that match their personal goals.               then one of us has failed at our jobs.
        11. characterize and the student services available to them.
        12. describe the structure and resources of the department.                     Why are you so mean?
        13. apply for scholarship opportunities.                                        Genetics. You should meet my family, they have
        14. apply basic study skills.                                                   taken mean to a new level of nastiness. Just be
        15. identify basic concepts of group dynamics.                                  happy I don’t bring out the full arsenal...
        16. identify basic interpersonal skills such as: networking, leadership, team
        building, and consensus building.
Grading: Grades will be based on a cumulative point score. Points will be earned from the following sources:
Quizzes (both on Blackboard Learn and in class), Homework, Bonus Points and a Cumulative Final Exam.
Attendance is CRUCIALLY important in this class -- every class that you miss will reduce your FINAL
grade by 3%. Your grade will be based on the following scoring system:

       93.3% or more = A               80% to 83.3% - B-              66.6% to 70% - D+
       90% to 93.3% = A-               76.6% to 80% - C+              63.3% to 66.6% - D
       86.6% to 90% = B+               73.3% to 76.6% - C             60% to 63.3% - D-
       83.3% to 86.6% = B              70% to 73.3% - C-              below 60% - F

Course Fee Policy: By university policy, if you drop this course after       How Can I Excel at ISU
the 10th day of classes, you will be responsible for the course fee.        While Expending The Least
Disability policy: Students with documented disabilities that affect        Amount of Effort Possible?
their ability to participate fully in this course or who require special
accommodations are encouraged to speak with the instructor so that          Show up to class.
appropriate accommodations can be arranged. Please address any              Students that show up do better on tests
special needs or special accommodations with me at the beginning of         and quizzes than those that don’t. Ask
the semester or as soon as you become aware of your needs. Those            questions if the material is unclear
seeking accommodations based on disabilities should obtain a Student        when it is presented. There are also
Academic Accommodation Request (SAAR) form from the Disability              bonus points available occasionally for
Resources office (515-294-6624). Disability Resources is located on         in-class assignments or quizzes.
the main floor of the Student Services Building, Room 1076
                                                                            Get to know your classmates.
Academic dishonesty policy: This class will follow the Iowa State           Find your peer mentor group in class or
University guidelines for academic dishonesty. Please see the               make some friends in class. Form
following website for more details.                                         study groups and especially help each
http://www.iastate.edu/~catalog/2001-03/acad-dishonest.html                 other when the material is difficult or
                                                                            when you have missed classes.
Basically, it says don’t plagiarize, cheat, or help others cheat or you
will suffer dire consequences. There are ALOT of TA’s for this class,       Use your TA’s.
and they are all watching you. All the time. Even when you are not          Most classes have TA’s - get to know
in class…                                                                   them as soon as possible. Find one that
                                                                            explains the concepts in a way that you
Animal Care and Use Compliance: The use of all animals within               understand. Use them when you are
the university is University Institutional Animal Care and Use              struggling to understand the material.
Committee. This class may involve the use of live cattle. None of
these animals will be euthanized as a result of class procedures.           Contact your instructor.
Through your exposure to these live animals, you may also be                If you are struggling with material,
exposed to pathogens that are carried by these animals. These may           come and talk to the instructor
include zoonotic pathogens such as cryptosporidia, E. coli, or              BEFORE you are failing quizzes and
salmonella. Please use appropriate sanitary procedures (hand-               exams. You can e-mail them or set up
washing, etc.) after any classes where you are working in the vicinity      an appointment.
of live animals. There are no non-animal alternatives available for
this class. Any problems or concerns related to animal care and use         Why are you so nice?
in this class should be discussed with the instructor. If a satisfactory    Genetics. Expression of DNA can be a
resolution cannot be reached, then please contact the departmental          mysterious and contradictory thing....
undergraduate coordinator (Dr. Sterle), the departmental executive
officer (Dr. Hogberg) or the University Institutional Committee for
Animal Care and Use.
Week No.      Date
   1        8/21&23      Syllabus/Class rules/expectations/peer mentors (their semester
                         Using your advisor/meet your advisor
   2        8/28&30      Peer mentors – ice breakers/demographics
                         Professionalism (Brad Skaar)
   3         9/4&6       Peer mentors (professionalism and connecting w/references)
                         Demographics – background, career goals
   4        9/11&13      Peer mentors
                         Counseling Center – (Jeff Ellens)
   5        9/18&20      Peer mentors (mental health care/career counseling)
                         Academic Success Center (Mary Jo Gonzales)
   6        9/25&27      Peer mentors – using tutors/ study skills/ SI sessions, etc.
                         Major Exploration Day
   7         10/2&4      Peer mentors (majors, etc.)
                         Resumes – (Curt Youngs)
   8        10/9&11      Peer mentors (registration procedures)
                         Careers – (Mike Gaul)
   9       10/16&18      Peer mentors (career fair/resumes)
                         Registration procedures and 4-year plans (me)
  10       10/23&25      Peer mentors (travel abroad)
                         Study Abroad
  11       10/30&11/1    Peer mentors (alcohol, personal safety)
                         Thielen Health
  12         11/6&8      Peer mentors
                         Financial Counseling (Doug B.)
  13       11/13&15      Peer mentors
                         Departmental History (Jodi Sterle)
  14       11/19-23      Thanksgiving recess
  15       11/27&29      Peer mentors
                         Womens Center
  16         12/4&6      Peer Mentors
                         Internship presentations
  17       12/10-12/14   Finals Week
Critical dates:        8/24        Last day to process changes without $10.00 fee and drop "counting"
                                   (note: freshmen record)/last day to change using AccessPlus
                                   Last day to change a course from “audit” to “credit”
                                   (note: Sat. 8/25 is last day to return textbooks for full refund)
                        9/21       Last day to drop a first-half semester course/change 1st ½ to P/NP
                       10/12       Midterm reports due
                       10/15       Second-half semester courses begin (don’t forget Lib160…)
                       10/17       Beginning of registration (Seniors first (more than 90 credits))
                       10/25       First day of assigned Spring 2013 registration dates for students
                                   projected as juniors (60-90 credits).
                       10/26       Last day to drop a full semester course
                                   Last day to change to/from P/NP in a full semester course
                       11/1        First day of assigned Spring 2013 registration dates for students
                       11/8        projected as sophomores (30-60 credits).
                                   First day of assigned Spring 2013 registration dates for students
                                   projected as freshmen (less than 30 credits).
                       11/16       Last day to drop a second-half semester course/change 2nd ½ to
                    11/19-11/23    Thanksgiving break
                    12/19-12/14    Finals week

        These and other critical dates: http://www.registrar.iastate.edu/calendar/cal-fall12.shtml

     Class folders for Animal Science: http://www.anslab.iastate.edu/Class/

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