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									                                                Communities 4 Families
                                                      Meeting Minutes
                                                     November 16, 2011

Present: Karen Baird, Kirby Borgardt, Deborah Clark, Monica Dinney, Cassandra Fines, Genny
Funk-Unrau, Karen Glugosh, Fernanda Hodgson, Cassandra Houle, Frank Liebzeit, Claire
Meiklejohn, Lisa Murdock, Karen Naumiuk, Debbie Nikiel, Sharon Taylor

Regrets: Dorota Blumczynska, Rosemarie Gjerek, Lea Neufeld La Rue, Janet Simpson, Dolores
Sousa, Jean Tinling

Staff Present: Alana Garcia, Ingrid Peters Derry

Chair: Claire Meiklejohn

Recorder: Ingrid Peters Derry

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Approval of Agenda. Moved by Deborah Clark that the Agenda be approved as distributed.
   Seconded by Karen Glugosh. Approved.

3. Approval of Minutes of October 19. Kirby Borgardt’s name is misspelled. Moved by Frank
   Liebzeit that the Minutes of October 19, 2011 be approved as corrected. Seconded by
   Genny Funk-Unrau. Approved.

4. Correspondence - none

5. Business Arising from Minutes

              Annual planning meeting update – agenda will include:

                  o     A quick review of the current strategic plan – Each Chair to have up to 3 minutes
                       to highlight achievements of their committee the past year.
                  o     The Coalition is 10 years old. What will unfold over the next 10 years? A look at
                       some of the bigger issues to support the great work of the Coalition.
                  o     Partnerships – Develop a framework for successful Coalition partnerships to give
                       direction to the Committees when working with other community organizations.
                  o     Coalition in an advocacy role – what does this entail?
                  o     Coalition as a developer of resources – what does this entail?
                  o     Revisit of the roles of Coalition members, committee chairs and staff, review of
                       the committee structure.
Coalition meeting minutes – November 16, 2011                                                       Page 1
                  o    Action Plan for the next year.

              Ingrid will send out a brief history of the Coalition before the Dec. meeting.

6. Financial Report

              October financial information was not available. It will be sent out as soon as it
               becomes available.

7. Committee updates

              WGM working group – WGM groups are running except for Victoria Albert (which will
               be starting next week). It was suggested that Tammy, from Victoria Albert, should be
               encouraged to come to C4F meetings.
              Literacy – no update.
              Grants – met to discuss the granting process further. Do the funding allocations match
               the priorities set in our family challenges report?
              Communities 4 Change – no update. Karen Naumiuk will contact Karin Seiler of
               WSD1 for update.
              Wellness – met last week and reviewed the Wellness Fair and talked about possible
               next sites. They will be talking with other committees about issues faced by families in
               the downtown.
              Executive – office space. Will be renting office space at DMSMCA, sharing office with
               Art from the Heart starting Dec. 1. We have money for this.
              Communications – new newsletter will be coming out by the end of November, with
               the theme of Dealing with Holiday/Winter Stress. We may begin to include a Recipe
               Corner – Claire will get copies of WRHA’s healthy menu.

8. New Business

               Office space – we will need to work out what having office space will mean for us.
               Perhaps this could be part of the discussion at our January meeting. Signage should
               also be considered.

9. Announcements

               Nov. 30 - RentNet discussion about housing and preventing eviction, geared to
               agencies. Cassandra will send something to Ingrid to forward to the membership.
              Sharon Taylor is receiving the Mary Wolf award. Congratulations!
              Wolseley Family Place has also received a provincial award for their addictions
               program, the New Realities program.
              Nostalgia Radio station (107.9 FM) – currently has their studio at River View. Then to
               Winnipeg Harvest.
              Klinic is hosting a Mindfulness/Stress reduction workshop for service providers.
Coalition meeting minutes – November 16, 2011                                                       Page 2
              Aboriginal Circle of Educators – conference in February (Diana Elliot will be speaking
               about an aboriginal infant development program in BC).
              Pregnancy and Family Support day care will be doing renovations that will increase the
               number of children they can have in the program.
              City of Winnipeg – newcomer literacy group put together a book of stories – the
               coalition now has a copy. Karen would also like copies of newsletters for ideas, etc.
               There are some excellent resources through the school division that can be shared with
               families. The new Leisure guides and Priceless Fun will soon be available. Handle with
               Care – mental health for pre-school children. Could we work with some of these groups
               as a coalition? WFP, PFSS, Dufferin school will be running it.
              113% increase in clients at PFSS. Many of the flood evacuees are settling into the
               downtown community.
              2012 - International Year of the Co-op.
              Tele learning session through WRHA – early childhood tooth decay. What is the issue,
               what are we seeing, what can we do? Deadline for booking the tele-learning session is
               Nov. 25. Speak to Claire know if you are interested. Claire has information that could
               be useful for families seeking dental care.
              Greenway school bake sale – Dec. 9, 9:00 to 2:30 p.m.
              MB housing is doing renovations at Day Nursery too.

10.    Deborah Clark moved that we adjourn.

11.   Next Meeting:

                                    Wednesday, December 7, 2011
                        12:00 noon at Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre
                                                 999 Sargent Ave.
                                                (Meeting for lunch)

Coalition meeting minutes – November 16, 2011                                                   Page 3

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