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									“Tony” Trung Pham                                                            42563 Unbridleds Song Pl
(719)-237-6019                                                              Chantilly VA, 20152

Senior software engineer with development and architectural strategies in large scale distributed
systems. Extensive skill set in component development using Java Technologies and relational
databases to exceed customer requirements. Enabling customer relationship management to maintain
and attract customers.
     Strong knowledge and experience in n-tier client/server and web application development
     Demonstrated leadership with effective team building skills, as well as function effectively as a team
      player or work independently to accomplish the assignments
     Real hard worker with the unique ability to solve problems and make responsible decisions in timely
      manner, able to set and meet deadlines in high-pressure situations

Qualified Positions include: Technical Team Lead, Software Engineer, System Engineer, Enterprise
architect and Consulting.

Leadership; Self motivated; Dedication; Business and Technical Excellence.

Telecommunication, Airline, Banking, Food retailer and Distribution


Middleware Products                        Languages
WebLogic Application Server version 6.x    Java, C++/C,
to 10.x,                                   SQL, XML, UML,
WebLogic Integration (WLI) version 7.x     Perl. Shell Scripts,
to 9.x                                     JSP, Javascript, HTML,
ALSB, Tuxedo,                              Cobol, IMS-DB, IMS-DC
Oracle Fusion Middleware suite
Operating Systems                          Database
Microsoft windows, AIX, HPUX, Solaris,     Oracle,
Linux, MVS                                 DB2, Sybase, Informix, IMS-DB
Web Development                            Other
HTML, Javascript, XML                      SOA, Eclipse, Jdeveloper, Visual Café,
Java Servlet, JDBC,                        Rational Rose,
Java Server Page,                          HP OpenView, HP RUM,
Java Message System,                       HP Diagnostics, CA Introscope
Portal, Portlet, Web Services

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                                          “Tony” Trung Pham

Technical Manager / Sale Engineer                             TSC LLC
                                                              02/2011 to Present
Mentored the company to build a startup software consulting firm. Responsible for new business
development and company’s vision and strategy. Established clientele relationship for repeat
 Strategized the company technical skill set by recommending technology investment
  including: training sessions, application frameworks, open-source, COTS, and conferences.
 Initiated presale activities, developed proof-of-concept (POC), and developed proposals and
 Identified contract opportunities and technology trends, and anticipated clients’ needs.
Associate Vice President Maintenance and System               Tracfone Wireless Inc.
                                                              06/2009 to 08/2010
Managed a team of architects and developers to provide visions and architectural solutions to
meet new technology challenges. Taking a chief architect role to redesign Tracfone Billing
Platform using SOA technologies with Oracle Fusion middleware 11G as a pilot project for
Tracfone SOA initiative.
 Identify opportunities and risks related to delivery of company business applications and
  infrastructure platforms. Evaluate and identify appropriate technology platforms to support
  company business. Apply effective information assurance procedures and policies including
  change management, security policies, disaster recovery, release management and systems
 Automated the software release management process using Anthill and open source products
  to reduce human errors and uniform the development life cycle.
 Accounted for perform testing strategies relating to different channels, including Web, IVR,
  Over the Air (OTA), Safelink and Call center applications.
 Initiated SOA projects to migrate Clarify Business Object (CBO) application to a new SOA
  platform using Oracle fusion middleware including BPEL, OSB, BAM, OSR and IBM
 Engaged in hands-on, in-depth analysis, review and design of the software, including
  technical reviews.
 Provided a migration strategy and a three year technical roadmap to minimize interruption to
  the company business.
 Established a governance process to enabling SOA projects.
 Ensured technology standards and best practices were maintained across the organization.
 Created shared knowledge Wiki to mentor and educate management, staff with regard to the
  company technological vision, opportunities and challenges.

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                                         “Tony” Trung Pham

Solution Architect                                           InteliSolutions LLC.
                                                             10/2006 to 06/2009
Technical advisory role to the CIO and Sr. VP of IT Operation, filling the gaps to ensure a 24/7
goal for all applications supporting Tracfone business.
 Developed a Stress testing tool to simulate high volume application testing.
 Provided guidance in managing applications deployment on Weblogic platform
 Stabilized applications environments to support business activities during normal and peak
  operations for the past two years.
 Initiated operational management and monitoring project using HP tools.
 Prototyped various architectures design to promote best practices from application
  deployment to network infrastructures.
Sr. Principal Consultant                                     BEA Systems, Inc.
                                                             09/1997 to 10/2006
Architect Design, Integration specialist, Operation Administration and Management.
 Participated in a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pilot project to provide end to end
  product tracking from suppliers to retail stores.
 Implemented a SIA (“SAAFE” Information Access) system. SIA provides common
  interfaces for internal/external systems to access customer and operational data from various
  legacy systems. The project covers a broad range of technologies such as web service, J2EE,
  CORBA and IMS.
 Assisted internal sale staff in pre-sale engagements that provide technical presentation to
  upper management, proof of concept (POC) development.

BEA Consultant Engagement for Telecommunication Companies: Team lead, Project Manager
Served as an architect and designer to orchestra a common plugging framework to handle data
retrieval/manipulation from legacy host systems.
 Developed a proof of concept using web services framework within WLS to allow SOAP
  client to access CORBA services.
 Led a group of developers to develop the On-line Order Management and Fulfillment
  systems using Tuxedo and object oriented technologies. Reviewed and modified the
  architecture to improve application performance. Also, mentoring the development group on
  the Tuxedo administrative functions using MIB/TMIB and OO design.
 Led a team of consultants in developing the gateway adapters to convert the existing
  transaction processing infrastructure from Andersen FOUNDATION product to TUXEDO.

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                                         “Tony” Trung Pham

BEA Consultant Engagement for a Food and Beverage Industries: System Architect
 Provided use case scenarios and assisted off site development staff to integrate the final
  deliverable to internal and external systems.
 Trained and mentored the operational management group to implement an automated
  software deployment and case management work flow.
 Developed an RFID prototype to track shipment from manufactures to stores and close out
  the loop on item inventory.
BEA Consultant Engagement for a Banking and Financial Industries: System Architect
Provide technical expertise to perform architecture assessment, integration strategies, proof of
concept, trouble shooting and performance tuning.
 Developed an investment application to support private investor in a large bank environment.
 Prototyping to demonstrate the integration to various outside entities and messages exchange
  in a B2B environment using WLI.
BEA Consultant Engagement for a Software Company: System Architect
Trained/Mentored the development group in using Tuxedo and MQ-Series to develop the
software package for a major marketing company. The software package was designed to handle
On-line Order, Credit authorization, fulfillment and billing applications in a pyramid sale
network operation.
 Trained/Mentored the development group with Tuxedo and MQ-Series integration. This
  consultant group was responsible to develop the software package, system configuration for
  Big Planet, Inc. The software package was designed to handle On-line Order, Credit
  authorization, fulfillment and billing applications in pyramid sale network operations.
System Developer (1988), Team Lead (1994)                    Federal Express
                                                             04/1995 - 09/1997
 Took lead role and served as an architect in overseeing the COSMOS2 system/application
  architectures. This project was designed to diversify shipment tracking, analyzing and
  distributing systems from mainframe to client/server architecture. The system was designed
  using IBM SP/2, Oracle and Tuxedo to support both heavy transaction processing (20
  millions plus/day) and decision support query processing.
 Responsibilities included: Performance tuning; Coordinating/scheduling software upgrade;
  Identifying application changes to support third party software upgrade process; Reviewing
  application design; Proposing architectural changes to support overall company distributed
  computing models.
Technical Manager, Developer                                 MCI Corporation
                                                             09/1992 - 04/1995
Responsible for the development of the MOVER system that provides capabilities to maintain
lifetime client’s history. Interviewed users to determine requirements for the Strategic

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                                         “Tony” Trung Pham

Acquisition Marketing System (SAMS). This project provides a user driven environment that
enables MCI Consumer Market to increase the quantity and quality of sales through superior
target and relationship Marketing.
Key Accomplishments
 Wrote the functional and detail specifications; Managed a team of developers and Designed
  of the MOVER system. Responsible for quality assurance for the MOVER system that
  includes writing test plans and conducting formal walk-through.
 Redesigned the Lead Generation system to enhance performance to over 40 percent and be
  able to produce lead data to marketing representatives 7 days/week.
Sr. System Analyst                                              Federal Express
                                                                06/1988 - 09/1992
Responsible for transforming business requirements into flawless systems which improve daily
activities in package movement processes.
Key Accomplishments
 Analyzed, Designed and implemented MINI-SELCT to international customs clearance
  facilities. Conducted end user interviews, initial analyses and general feasibility studies.
  Provided cost/benefits analysis in selecting system components. Provided site roll-out plan,
  resource allocation and post implementation review to executive management.
 Developed Manifest Trade Network system (MTN) which provides shipment information to
  customs offices around the world.
 Project lead for the International Net Service Level system (INSL) project. This project
  provides functionalities to measure service accomplishment for international operations.
 Redesigned the URSA (Universal Routing and Sort Aid) system that provides a greater
  flexibility in handling multiple products and day-of-week package routing worldwide.
 Designed a data compression routine to store all the URSA data into hand held scanning

Kean University, Union, New Jersey
       B.S in Computer Science, 1988.
BEA Certification
       BEA Certified Enterprise Architect, 2004

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