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									                        The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
                          Executive Office of Public Safety
                                        Office of Grants & Research
                                         Ten Park Plaza, Suite 3720
                                        Boston, Massachusetts 02116                           Kevin M. Burke
 Deval L. Patrick                             Tel: 617-725-3301                                 Secretary
                                             Fax: 617-725-0260
                                                                                            Cynthia L. Duggan
Timothy P. Murray                                  617-725-0267
                                                                                            Executive Director
Lieutenant Governor                          www.mass.gov/eops

         MEMORANDUM TO:                  SFY 2007 Firefighting Equipment Grant Applicants

         COPY TO:                        Stephen Coan, State Fire Marshal
                                         Department of Fire Services

         FROM:                           Cynthia L. Duggan, Executive Director
                                         Office of Grants and Research

         SUBJECT:                        Change in SFY 2007 Firefighting Equipment Grant

         DATE:                           January 25, 2007

         The purpose of this memorandum is to notify you of a change in the State Fiscal Year
         2007 Firefighting Equipment Grant Program Application and accompanying Eligibility
         List. The reason for this change is due to an adjustment in the District allocations that
         resulted in a slight modification to all of the Tier allocations.

         In Page 2 of the application, the table should be replaced with:

                                                2007 Awards
                                 Tier       Population          Amount
                                  1           0-4,999           $3,900
                                  2        5,000-14,999         $5,300
                                  3        15,000-29,999        $7,800
                                  4        30,000-49,999        $11,000
                                  5        50,000-89,999        $15,800
                                  6       90,000-499,999        $28,400
                                  7        Over 500,000         $82,200
A population-based methodology was used to determine these new award amounts. The
seven tiers remain the same from previous years’ grant programs. U.S. Census 2000
statistics were utilized in applying the eligible award amounts to every city and town.1
Population numbers verified by the Department of Fire Services were used for the 21 fire
districts to determine the applicable Tier level.

The new application deadline is now February 23, 2007, and the waiver requests are
due by February 16, 2007. A copy of the revised application can be found on our website
at www.mass.gov/eopsfunding.

On behalf of the Executive Office of Public Safety, I apologize for any confusion this may
have caused. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christina Kara at
617.725.3340 or Christina.Kara@state.ma.us.

  In the process of revising this application, a few discrepancies were found in terms of the population
figures that were used to determine the Tier allocations in the December application. All population figures
have been rechecked and verified via www.census.gov, and should now reflect accurate numbers.


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