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					                                                                                       ACTIA AGENDA ITEM #3
                                                                                       ACTA AGENDA ITEM #2
                                                                                           MEETING: 07/12/06


426 17th Street                TO:            Administration/Legislation/Finance Committee
Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94612              From:          Christine Monsen, Executive Director
                                              Tess Lengyel, Programs and Public Affairs Manager
                               DATE:          July 5, 2006
510/893-6489                   SUBJECT:       Approval of Shortlist for Media and Public Relations Services
Webpage:              Recommendation
                               Staff recommends approval of the consultant shortlist for Media and Public
                               Relations Services.
Henry Chang, Jr., Chair
Councilmember-At-Large,        Summary
City of Oakland                At its January 2006 meeting, the Board approved a Request for Proposal for
                               Media and Public Relations Services. An RFP was released on May 26th. ACTIA
Alice Lai-Bitker, Vice-Chair   staff held a pre-proposal meeting on June 12th which was attended by over 30
Supervisor, District 3
                               consulting firms.
Tom Bates
Mayor, City of Berkeley        The proposals were due to the Authority on June 26, 2006. Nine firms submitted
                               proposals including:
Keith Carson                      1. Consensus Planning Group
Supervisor, District 5
                                  2. Core Communications
Mark Green                        3. E-Agency
Mayor, City of Union City         4. HR Management
                                  5. MIG
Scott Haggerty
Supervisor, District 1
                                  6. MGH Consulting, LLC
                                  7. Pacific Municipal Consultants
Marshall Kamena                   8. VJTV
Mayor, City of Livermore          9. Williams-Wallace Management Consultants
Janet Lockhart
Mayor, City of Dublin          Background
                               ACTIA staff and a review panel evaluated every proposal using the criteria
Nate Miley                     outlined in the RFP and in Attachment A. The maximum possible weighted score
Supervisor, District 4         is 1,000. Staff recommends using 500 (50% of available points) as a cutoff for
                               interviewing consultants. Attachment B includes the average of weighted scores,
Gail Steele
Supervisor, District 2         the ranking and an “X” for firms recommended for interviews. Based on this
                               evaluation, staff recommends the following five consultant teams to be placed on
Shelia Young                   the shortlist and interviewed on July 19, 2006:
Mayor, City of San Leandro
                                  1.   MIG
                                  2.   Core Communications
Christine Monsen                  3.   E-Agency
Executive Director                4.   Consensus Planning Group
                                  5.   Pacific Municipal Consultants
ACTIA/ACTA Media and Public Relations Services Recommended Shortlist for Interviews
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The Proposal Review and Selection Committee consist of representatives from the CMA, the
Port of Oakland, and the Water Transit Authority. Mason Tillman Associates (MTA) is an ex-
officio member. As an ex-officio member, MTA evaluated and scored all proposals. Their
scores were not included in the final ranking; however, MTA ranking is independently the same
as the ranking of the review team.

Next Steps
Staff will bring the Selection Committee’s recommendation for the consultant team to the
Board’s July meeting
            Attachment A: Proposal Evaluation Criteria and Weights

   9-10        Excellent
    7-8        Good
    5-6        Average
    3-4        Fair
    1-2        Poor

Criterion 1: Responsiveness and Quality of Proposal (weight = 5%)
               Proposal adheres to format and content requested in the RFP and
               provides ALL requested info.
               Information is presented clearly and concisely.
               Writing demonstrates high quality and creativity, exemplifying the type
               of products that would be submitted as part of this contract.
Criterion 2: Project Understanding (weight = 5%)
               Demonstrates understanding of the ACTA/ACTIA Media and Public
               Relations requirements.
               Demonstrates understanding of ACTA/ACTIA projects, programs,
               Board and Advisory Committees
               Demonstrates understanding of issues and opportunities for outreach
               and good media relations.
               Proposal includes innovative and useful ideas.

Criterion 3: Project Approach (weight = 5%)
               Approach to the project is well-thought out.

               Schedule is realistic and well-thought out.

               Optional tasks are creative and appear useful.

               Proposed hours are appropriate to complete the tasks

Criterion 4: Management Approach (weight = 5%)
               Good approach to managing resources and providing quality products.

               Strong ability to manage budget and schedule.

               Ability to resolve complex issues.
               Team is organized with appropriately skilled staff for each project
               Team has had experience working together
            Attachment A: Proposal Evaluation Criteria and Weights

Criterion 5: Project Manager Qualifications (weight = 10%)
               PM has demonstrated expertise and experience with media AND
               public relations projects, managing a large contract, working with
               diverse media, public agencies and public members.
               PM has adequate time available to dedicate to project, given other
               PM will be responsible for key components of work (not just project
Criterion 6: Qualifications of Key Staff and Team Members (weight = 20%)
               All team members are well-qualified in their field, and have a clear
               understanding of working with the media cooperatively and effectively.
               Team demonstrates effective practices of media and public relations.
               Team is well-qualified in holding and facilitating public meetings where
               diverse opinions are expressed.
               Team is well organized and skilled.
               Team has demonstrated experience in conducting public events that
               include diverse stakeholders, public officials and community members.
               Key Staff will dedicate a substantial number of hours to project.

               Prime consultant is responsible for a substantial amount of the work.

               Subconsultants will be used efficiently.
Criterion 7: Previous experience with similar projects and project area (weight =
               Media and Public Relations experience, in particular with a public
               Experience in developing creative, interesting public information
               Experience working with government processes, staff and timelines.

               Work displays thoroughness, quality and creativity.

               Work experience in Alameda County.
               References include more than one comparable client and information
               under references demonstrates similar types of projects
Criterion 8: LBE/SLBE Goals (weight = 10%) Meets or exceeds ACTIA goals
               70% Local Business Enterprise; 30% Small Local Business Enterprise
                     Attachment B
Average Weight, Ranking and Recommendation of Shortlist

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