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									                                        Simon W. Baker B.Ed MBA MILAM
                                                 Chief Executive

                   LICENSING SUB-COMMITTEE
                Friday 17th August 2012, 10.00 a.m.
             Council Chamber, Moorlands House, Leek

    MEMBERSHIP:               -    Councillors Mrs J Bull, Mrs E Fallows and H
                              -    Members unable to attend should arrange a
                                   substitute and then inform Democratic Services prior
                                   to the meeting (see list at end of agenda).

                              -    Members should also arrange a substitute if the
                                   application is within their Ward or have an interest to

    NOTE:           Procedure enclosed as Appendix A. Conditions as Appendix B
                    available for viewing at hearing if required.

    Contact Officer: Miss T. Cooper, Licensing / Land Charges Manager (01538)


  1.      Appointment of Chair (if required).

  2.      Apologies.

  3.      Urgent items of business, if any.

  4.      Declarations of interest, if any.

  5. Application for a premises licence for Old Sams, Congleton Road, Biddulph.
     (report enclosed). (10.00 a.m. approx.)

                     Available in an alternative format by prior request and
                    on the Council’s website:
                      Moorlands House, Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands, ST13 6HQ.
Tel: 01538 395468   Fax: 01538 395424   Web: EMail:
                 Licensing Sub-Committee - 17th August 2012

                            A G E N D A (Continued)

 6. Application for a variation to a premises licence for Foxfield Steam Railway,
    Caverswall Road, Blythe Bridge. (report enclosed). (11.00 a.m. approx.)

Councillors:   J. Hails       Mrs. M. Day
               B. Johnson     Mrs. M. M. Lovatt    D. Shaw
               T. McNicol     B. Williams          Mrs M. A. Lovatt
                                                   B. Cowie

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