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									                                 Simon W. Baker B.Ed MBA MISPAL
                                          Chief Executive

                 Health & Community Overview
                        & Scrutiny Panel

Date:                27th June 2012

Day:                 Wednesday

Time:                2.00 p.m.

Venue:               Council Chamber, Moorlands House, Leek

Contact Officer:     Sally Hampton, Member Services Officer       Tel. (01538) 395429

 1.     Apologies.

 2.     Notification of substitute members, if any.
        (At least two clear days notice required, to the Proper Officer in accordance
        with the procedure approved by the Council).

 3.     Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st March 2012 and 1st May 2012.(attached)

 4.     Urgent Items of Business, if any.

 5.     Declarations of Interest, if any.
        (N.B. In accordance with Overview and Scrutiny Panels Procedure Rule 18.2,
        Members must declare whether they are subject to a Party Whip in relation to
        any item before the Panel and the detail of any whipping arrangements.)
 6.     Questions to Portfolio Holders, if any.
        (At least two clear days notice required, in writing, to the Proper Officer
        in accordance with Procedure Rule 15)

 7.     Councillors Community Initiative Fund 2011/12 Report. (attached)

 8.     Voluntary Sector Funding. (attached)

 9.     Enhanced Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Funding. (report attached)
        (Appendix available online and a hard copy will be available at the meeting)
           Health & Community Overview & Scrutiny Panel

                               27th June 2012

                         A G E N D A (Continued)

10.   Work Programme 2012/13 (attached)
       (a) Work Programme 2012/13
       (b) Any additional items be added to the Work Programme:-
           i)   Chairman’s items.
           ii)  Members items.

       (c) Working Groups:
      Health & Community Overview & Scrutiny Panel

                           27th June 2012

                     A G E N D A (Continued)

              Role of the Overview & Scrutiny Panels

 Overview & Scrutiny Panels                            Scope

          Resources                     Budget and policy framework, service
                                    improvement and performance monitoring;
   Membership: Cllrs; Alcock,            resource allocation; accessibility of
Atkins, Baddeley, Banks, Bowen,        services; co-ordination of scrutiny work
    Clowes, Davies, Fallows,             programme; Strategic Alliance and
 Hawkins, H Jebb, M.A. Lovatt,        efficiencies; overview and scrutiny of all
 Malyon, Martin, Plant, J Povey,     functional responsibilities of the portfolios
 Shaw, Whitehouse, Wilkinson,        covering finance and resources, customer
            C Wood.                   services and performance management.

       Service Delivery              The delivery of council services including
                                         environment, planning (including
Membership: Cllrs; Bull, Clowes,     development and property); housing and
Cooper, Cowie, Day, Elkin, Ellis,    regeneration; culture (arts, leisure, sport,
  Emery, Jackson, Johnson,          parks, countryside, tourism); overview and
 McNicol, Pearce, Podmore, J            scrutiny of the portfolio(s) covering
   Povey, Redfern, Roberts,         regeneration, environment, culture, leisure
   Sheldon, Trigger, Walley.         and planning, development and property.

    Health and Community            Health and Community - scrutiny of health
                                    service provision; community engagement;
 Membership: Cllrs; Ahmad,              community safety; locality working;
  Alcock, Baddeley, Banks,             councillor call for action; partnerships
Bowen, Hails, Harrison, Hopley,      (health, police, fire etc.), parish and town
   C Jebb, Jones, Locker,             councils; contributing to the work of the
 M M Lovatt, McNicol, Pearce,         County Council’s Health Scrutiny Panel
   Plant, Sheldon, Trigger,         (which has overall responsibility for health
     Wilkinson, P Wood.                scrutiny), overview and scrutiny of the
                                     portfolios covering community issues and

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