Updated on 10 Mar 2012

                                       JOB DESCRIPTION
                  Position                           ICT Manager
               Department                               ICT
                Report to                         Managing Director

                                      Overall Responsibility

The ICT Manager guides and manages the overall provision of IT services, policies, and
programs for the entire ITL Group including Office branches and member companies.

The ICT Manager serves Company’s business activities; and assists and advises company’s
executive management team ICT issues.

                                      Main Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

   Leading the ICT team to run company’s IT operation including ITL Group, Office Branches
    and member companies. Providing IT solutions to improve the operation.
   Managing ICT team to take responsibilities for:

ICT networking:
- Implements network security by Security Policy.
- Oversees the administration and maintenance of the company's infrastructure, and directs
   more junior innovators when necessary.
- Oversees the administration of the company's computer systems and telephone system.
- Development and maintenance the new system to connect the whole system in Vietnam and
   other country.
- Implement the Voip system for Vietnam and other side.
Asset Management:
- Builds and maintains vendor relationships and manages the purchase of hardware and
   software products as well as ICT related services.
- Manages the purchasing of all software, hardware and other IT supplies.
- Ensures that company assets are maintained responsibly.
- Planning for the budget and system investment of whole system
- Manage the day-to-day operations of ITL’s website including updates, maintenance, and
   ongoing development to improve the ITL’s internal communication and ITL’s
   communication to social network.
- Bring the ideas to maximum the effectiveness of Website role to social network.
- Ensure creating and maintaining the consistent Web site architectural structure and content to
   meet ITL’s business objectives.
                                                                         Updated on 10 Mar 2012
-   Manage the project of website construction for the development of ITL to internet.
-   Schedule for the development process of web portal for internal and external.

- Manage very well the hardware and software serving for e-commerce business.
- Work closely with suppliers to meet our requirement of quality.
- In charge of manage the project for development the ERP system in the future.
- Implement and manage the visualization of our brand name on the internet and advertising
   for the e-commerce.
- Knowledge about the mobile application on smartphone and implement for end user and

                                     Working Relationships

Maintain professional internal and external relationships that meet company core values.
Proactively establish and maintain effective working team relationships with Office branches,
member companies and all departments in ITL Group especially Operation team, Marketing
team, E-commerce team.
External partners such as software, hardware vendor, and services providers, .etc.

                                       Job Specifications

Education:        Diploma/Degree in IT/ System/ Programming
                  Diploma in cisco, Microsoft , …

Experience:       At least 3 years relevant working experience.
                  Proven basis experience of website management and e-commerce business.
Required          Knowledge of networking, system, security for middle size enterprise.
Skills:           Experiment in security device of cisco, juniper,…
                  Experiment in ERP, SAP is an advantage
                  Understand SEO/SEM, PPC
                  Experiment in implement project for online marketing is advantage
                  Familiar with smartphone and tablet apps.
                  Basis know .Net, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, javascript, CSS, MS SQL
                  Proven customer service mindset.
                  Good spoken and written English skills are essential
                  Ability in manage staff multi site and schedule time for project.
                  Excellent interpersonal skills, resourceful with positive working attitude
                  Possess a high level of responsibility and commitment
                  Able to work under pressure.

Special Skills:   Good knowledge of Forwarding & Logistics Field and implementation of e-
                                        commerce project is preferable.

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