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May 21, 2011

                            Sizzler Reopens in Oceanside, Calif.
           Popular Restaurant Given Extreme Makeover by New Owner

         Temecula, Calif. – Today’s reopening of the Sizzler restaurant at 3805 Plaza Dr. is another
symbol of economic recovery in Oceanside. Previously owned by a different franchisee, Temecula-
based BMW Management, Inc., took over operations believing the community will support the sit-
down restaurant following an extreme makeover. Nearly 1,000 people applied for jobs, with 85
being hired.
         Sizzler is one of the few sit-down restaurants thriving in this economy, with the chain’s sales
exceeding industry averages. “Conditions are right for expansion,” said BMW Management’s
President and CEO Gary Myers. “I think Oceanside guests will enjoy the changes we’ve made.”
         For months, workers have been transforming the location, which closed in April 2010, into a
contemporary, next-generation Sizzler. The new décor uses a combination of warm wood tones,
rock, colorful fabrics, Americana-themed lifestyle murals and multi-color lighting.
         “We want to immerse guests in a comfortable, yet energetic environment,” Myers said. “It’s
much more in step with today’s generation.”
         Long-time Sizzler fans will notice the old counter with cash registers has been replaced with
elliptical pods to engage guests in a friendlier and quicker ordering experience. Step-up booths will
add to the fun, while larger groups will appreciate the coziness of a new, distinctively curved, high-
back booth. Outside the front door, chefs grilling steaks over mesquite coals will greet guests.
         The décor is only one major change for guests. Over the past year, Sizzler updated its menu,
focusing on fresh ingredients and better value. Fresh USDA Choice tri-tip steaks are hand-cut in
the kitchen. Salads, dressings and soups are made from scratch. Salmon arrives fresh, not frozen,
and the hamburgers are crafted from fresh ground beef.
         The Oceanside Sizzler, 3805 Plaza Drive, opens at 11 a.m., serving lunch and dinner daily.
Sizzler information and artwork: http://pressroom.sizzler.com/

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