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					W a r r a g u l       B u s i n e s s        G r o u p       E x e c u t i v e         M e e t i n g
A c t i o n       a n d    A g r e e m e n t         R e c o r d
Date                      19 November 2009          Start Time 0800             Finish Time 0900                Location              Shire Office, Civic Place

Meeting Purpose           To inform and consult within the WBG on matters affecting business in the town.
Attendees                 Hanna Wardell, Noel Pullen, Cr Ruth McGowan, Cr Tricia Jones, David Powell, Jyoti Ghosh
Apologies                 Cr Pauline Durnin, Cr Tony Wolfe, Cr Diane Blackwood
                                                                  Actions and Agreements

 No                                               What                                                       Who               When             Completed
1.     Parking:

       It was noted that the actions proposed from the previous meeting have been completed
       satisfactorily. Jyoti Ghosh and his staff were thanked for the work that they have done. It     Jyoti Ghosh to
       was also noted that arrangements will be made for copies of the plans that have been            arrange plans at    End December
       prepared to be available at Council offices.                                                    Council offices     2009
2.     Rubbish bins:

       The actions taken to date were noted, but it was also noted disappointingly that there has
       not been an apparent improvement in the behaviours of many shopkeepers in relation to
       leaving their bins on the street. It was agreed that a further round of letters would be sent
       to the shopkeepers in the Warragul CBD advising that sanctions will be taken if behaviour                           End December
       doesn’t change.                                                                                 Tim Frederico       2009
 No                                              What                                                       Who                When      Completed
3.    Smith Street traffic flows:

      It was noted that the action is complete in relation to this. That is, that the Council has
      completed the consultation with the community and has taken a decision to install
      pedestrian facilities in Smith Street. The meeting noted that those facilities are scheduled
      for installation in January 2010 to avoid conflict with the Christmas business period. At the
      request of the representatives of the Warragul Business Group, it is recorded that the
      decision by the Council to include pedestrian crossings within the roundabouts is not           No action
      consistent with the submission of the Warragul Business Group.                                  required
4.    Shaping the Future:
                                                                                                      BBSC (to
      There was general discussion in relation to this program of projects that are being             arrange for
      undertaken by the Shire and it was agreed that when the quarterly progress reports are          report to be sent
      commenced (the first one scheduled for the period ending December) that the Warragul            to WBG)
      Business Group will be linked into the circulation of those reports. It is noted that the
      Warragul Business Group may invite a speaker from Council to the 17 February meeting            WBG (to send        Prior to 17
      to update the group on the progress of Shaping the Future.                                      invitation)         February
5.    Tourist information centre:

      There was some discussion around the notes that had been prepared in response to this
      item at the last meeting, with the outcome that the Warragul Business Group would value
      a relevant member of staff being able to attend a WBG Executive Meeting to discuss these        WBG (to send        Prior to 20
      matters. That meeting is scheduled for 20 January 2010.                                         invitation)         January 2010
6.    Undeveloped sites, possibility of converting to parking:

      The meeting was advised that the possibilities of this are being investigated but that under
      current understanding the parking demand and the cost involved both in developing the
      undeveloped sites and securing access to them, that it is unlikely to be a viable proposal in
      the foreseeable future. It was noted by the meeting that there may be periods when the
      demand on parking is higher than that which has been identified in the surveys that have
      been undertaken. It was agreed that the Shire will continue to monitor car parking                                  End January
      occupancy rates.                                                                                Jyoti Ghosh         2010
7.    Warragul Park and Ride:

      The meeting discussed the progress of the Warragul Transit Precinct Plan and noted that         No action
      the plan is expected to be complete in March 2010.                                              required

      Next meeting 3 February 2010 at 0800 at Shire offices

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